Fun Facts About the Chinese Crested Dog Breed

Descendants from African hairless

The Chinese Crested came from African hairless dogs and were bred to be smaller. The African hairless dog was considered to have healing powers and highly sought after. People would use these dogs to stay warm at night because their hairless bodies emitted heat.

They also used to heat from them to help with aches in the body. When the Chinese heard about them, they instantly wanted some of their own. The problem was the Chinese did not like how large they were. It led to the Chinese breeding them to be much smaller in size.

Loved by Chinese sailors

During the 14th century, it was not uncommon to see a Chinese Crested accompanying Chinese sailors. These dogs were used on the ships to help keep the rat problem down.

These dogs would hunt down any rats which were on the ships. It means any ship which had a Chinese Crested would not be a part of the spread of Black Death. There was no worry which the Chinese Cresteds would help spread the disease. It is because they do not have fur for fleas.

Two different sub-breeds

A lot of dog breeds only come in one type, but there are a few who have sub-breeds. A Chinese Crested is one of these breeds which come in more than one type.

The two different kinds of Chinese Crested can be gotten in are hairless and powderpuff. Hairless is the most common form of a Chinese Crested can be gotten in. A powderpuff has a very thick coat of fur all over their bodies. It happens because of a recessive gene forms.

Feet are completely different

Most dog breeds have the same shape and look to their feet, such as the pads of their feet. A Chinese Crested, on the other hand, have differently shaped feet from these other breeds.

The feet of a Chinese Crested is more elongated than the average dog’s feet. The feet of a Chinese Crested more closely resemble the feet of a hare than of a dog. It is just another of those quirks which make the dog breed stand out from other breeds.

Variety of color options

It seems odd to say these dogs can be gotten in a range of different colors, but it is true. They can come in several different colors, though, and different elements can affect their color. Some of the colors which a Chinese Crested can come in are slate, chocolate, or pink.

There are also some which can have splotchy spots on their body all over. The color of the dog seems to be what makes them popular. For example, palomino coloring was popular in the 80s.

Prone to skin problems

Chinese Cresteds are incredibly prone to having skin problems. The hairless Chinese Crested is the most prone and has to be watched closely. It also means that they have to be washed frequently though carefully.

There are a lot of minor problems a Chinese Crested can develop. All of these minor problems are the same problems humans can suffer from on their skin. These minor problems are acne, rashes, and even sunburns. They have to be covered when they go outdoors to prevent these problems.

Became famous because of a burlesque dancer

When the Chinese Crested first became popular, it was because of a Burlesque dancer. The performer went by the name of Gypsy Rose Lee. She was given a Chinese Crested from her sister June Havoc. She instantly fell in love with the dog’s appearance and attitude.

The Chinese Crested went by the name of Fu Man Chu. With her love of the breed, she quickly became a breeder and advocate. A lot of the Chinese Cresteds that exist today can be traced to Fu Man Chu.

Never cover in wool

Chinese Cresteds have very little to no hair, which means they get cold very quickly. With them getting cold easily, they have to be bundled up during the cold seasons. Sometimes they even have to be bundled up during the warm seasons.

Now, when a Chinese Crested gets bundled up, it is important to stay away from wool. Many Chinese Cresteds are allergic to both wool and lanolin. Whenever exposing them, watch for any rashes or irritations which might appear. Their skin is allergy-prone.

Popular in Hollywood

Hollywood has loved Chinese Cresteds for a long time. They love them due to their unique look, which makes them stand out from other dogs. In the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, a Chinese Crested made an appearance.

The Chinese Crested could be seen riding around in Kate Hudson’s purse. A Chinese Crested got to hang out with the Olsen twins in the movie New York Minute. 102 Dalmatians and Cats and Dogs also showed a Chinese Crested at different points in the movies.


Most dog breeds are born without sweat glands, which means they do not sweat. A Chinese Crested, on the other hand, do have sweat glands. This means they can sweat to cool themselves off. With them having these sweat glands to cool off, they do not have to pant to cool themselves off.

It does mean though that they will have to be washed more frequently. It is to prevent them from developing any kind of skin problem, which they are prone to develop.

Champs of ugly dog competitions

Chinese Cresteds, which are of the hairless variety, can be beautiful and elegant. They can also come out looking like one of the ugliest dogs ever seen. Now, their ugly looks have come in handy over the years. One such occasion is they won the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest above other breeds.

The most famous Chinese Crested who won a competition was a dog named Sam. Sam is a blind dog and has won the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest for three years in a row.

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