Fun Facts About the Chug Dog Breed

Are you ready to add a special edition to your family? For the most part, finding the right dog is an integral part of the process. Knowing about the dogs you’re interested in is essential.

Learn all about the Chug breed with these interesting facts!

They are a mixture of two breeds

Chugs are a combination of two different pedigrees. A chug is part Chihuahua and part Pug. They are both small breeds and have only been around for a little over a decade. They won the hearts of several people around the world with their adorable charm.

They are friendly

Chugs’ temperament can defer depending on their parents, but most of them are said to be good dogs. Chugs are friendly and affectionate dogs with a whole lot of love to give.

The important part is to be sure your Chug socializes at a young age, so they’re friendly with others. The significant part about a Chug is that none of them are the same.

Can be aggressive with other dogs

Due to the chihuahua in them, Pugs are known to be aggressive with other dogs. This is why it’s so important to make sure your Chug socializes with other dogs at an early age.

Both breeds are known for their barking, which is a trait most Chugs carry. Though they bark a lot, they are very sensitive dogs and don’t like being left alone. Some Chugs even have separation anxiety from their owners. They’re very loyal dogs.

Easy to train

Chugs are brilliant dogs and housetrain reasonably well. It’s essential to be consistent in house training, so they understand the process.

And though Chugs are small and cute, it’s important to train them just as you would a large dog. If you let them get away with everything, they might run into some behavioral issues.

Not the best choice for kids

Chugs are a petite dog breed, which might be hard to handle with small kids. Chugs are an excellent companion choice for older children.

Older children are more experienced with pets and know how to handle smaller dogs. These dogs should always be supervised with young children around.

Different look traits

Chugs can inherit several different traits. They are a form of two different dog breeds, so many of them look different. Some inherit more of the chihuahua look as to where others inherit the Pug look. Most of them tend to have straight and fine coats, while others can inherit long hair if the parent is a long-haired chihuahua.

A Chug could have long or short hair, depending on the parent’s pedigree. They also typically weigh 10-20 pounds by the time they’re fully grown.

Baby Chugs

There is no set litter size for the Chug dog breed. Some litters have two puppies that inherit the chihuahua features, while the other puppies inherit the Pugs. Two pups from the same litter can look different, which makes them unique.

Their activity level varies

Chugs aren’t typically active dogs, but it all depends on the owner. Chugs abide by their owner’s activity schedule. They enjoy long walks and playtime. Some are even good for being therapy dogs because they train very well. Chugs are also good dogs for dog shows as well due to their ability to learn.

How to keep a Chug groomed

The grooming of a Chug can also depend on the parents. If the Chugs parent is a long-haired chihuahua, then it might need to groom more.

Pugs and chihuahuas are known for shedding. It is important to brush your Chugs fur daily to keep away the unwanted hair. Brushing your Chug keeps it’s coat shiny and removes all of the extra hair so it won’t end up around your house.

They are typically healthy dogs

The Chugs are, most of the time, a healthy dog breed. Most crossbreed dogs are less likely to end up with heart conditions or health complications. The gene pool is much larger in crossbreeds. This doesn’t mean that Chugs are unable to develop these conditions, but it’s less likely.

Some of the health conditions that Chugs are known for are respiratory problems, eye problems, patellar luxation, and hypoglycemia. You also have to watch because they are prone to breathing problems and joint pain.

Chugs are mysterious

Chugs are an exciting dog breed because you never know what you’re going to get. Being a crossbreed, Chugs can develop several different characteristics you’ll learn in time. Some believe that they’ll inherit all of the right genes, but it doesn’t work that way.

Each Chug is different and can develop any of the chihuahua or Pug traits. You should always look for the good and bad traits. Some Pugs tend to overeat, and they end up overweight, which is terrible for your dog.

Excess weight can lead to health problems, so watch your pug closely. Be sure to feed them the appropriate amount because some Chugs will eat when you let them.

They are good with cats

This is the question that several people want to know when looking into a dog breed. Are Chugs good with cats? And the answer is, yes. Chugs get along great with cats, which is a benefit for cat lovers. Chugs have an excellent tolerance for cats and a low prey drive.

Chugs overall make wonderful pets. They are loyal, affectionate, and friendly. They are a mysterious breed, which makes having a Chug enjoyable. You never know the traits they will develop, or what they’ll look like in time.

They are smart and effortless to train. They are lovely companions and love their people. They are sensitive dogs like love to live indoors. Chugs are not suitable for the outdoors; they love being inside with their families.

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