Fun Facts About the Dogo Argentino Breed


Dogo Argentino is an amazingly large, energetic, powerful, and athletic dog breed. Initially, the breed was meant for hunting wild roar. The dog possesses strong instincts to protect its family and home. Dogo Argentino is cheerful and friendly despite being the best watchdog and a fearless hunter.

Dogo Argentino history

Gogo Argentino traces its origins in Cordoba, where it was created by Dr. Nores, who wanted to create a strong and powerful dog breed for hunting and big games. The breed results from a crossbreed of Great Dane, terrier, boxer, and Dogue Bordeaux.

This dog breed has all the characteristics of the breeds it was acquired from. Such features include height, hunting instincts, and speed.

This dog breed became common in 1928 when many hunters started using it. It received recognition in 1964 by the Federacion Cinologica Argentina. Further, this breed received recognition in the USA in 2020.

Currently, Dogo Argentino is active and used in various activities apart from hunting. This dog breed has been used as police dogs, military dogs, therapy dogs, and rescue and searches dogs.

The dog breed has also participated in tracking, Schutzhund, and obedience events. This implies that the dog is highly intelligent and energetic.

Dogo Argentino health

Just as human beings, dogs also have the potential to develop health problems. No breed provides a health guarantee. This is the sole reason as to why breeders always isolate puppies from other dogs. They also vaccinate them for health reasons.

When purchasing the Dogo Argentino breed, ensure that to ask the breeder about health issues and the incidence in which they occur.

This dog breed has been associated with health issues like deafness and hypothyroidism. They are also prone to laryngeal paralysis and glaucoma. Further, they have the potential of developing hip dysplasia.

To begin with, hip dysplasia in Dogo Argentino is a hereditary defect that affects the hip socket of the dog. It can be severe and cause pain and severe lameness. You can notice when your Dogo has dysplasia as it will tend to move slowly and hardly jumps.

This condition can lead to weight loss; therefore, you will need to take your Dogo to a vet immediately. A surgery or appropriate medication may help relieve the pain. Dogos with such conditions need to have their hips x-rayed and medical recommendations given by a veterinary orthopedic specialist.

When purchasing Dogo Argentino, ensure that the breeder offers you written documentation that the parents of the puppy were cleared with health problems that affect the breed. Reliable breeders always screen their dogs for breeding for genetic infection, and they choose to breed the healthiest specimens.

However, other puppies may develop complications that their parents do not have. Ensure that when purchasing Dogo Argentino, you ask about all the relevant information like the age of the puppy and the most common causes of death.

After purchasing a Dogo puppy, you have to try to protect it from health complications like obesity. Ensure that you keep your Dogo at an appropriate weight for it to live for long. Apply your care and defensive abilities to ensure that Dogo lives a healthier life.

Dogo Argentino size

The size of Dogos slightly differs between male and female. Males measure approximately 61-69 centimeters by height and weigh about 36-45 kilograms. The size of the female Dogo is relatively smaller than males. Dogo breed dogs have long bodies than their tallness. They have broad and large heads.

Dogo Argentino personality

This is the most loyal breed tending to be territorial hence excellent watchdogs. They are very active and fierce defenders of their owners and families. Dogos love the companion of children.

They hate the companion of other dogs or even cats due to their prey drive nature. Their prey drive nature makes them the best hunters that quickly take down wild boars with strength and ferocity.

Dogo Argentino dog breed tends to be independent, and they need experienced owners who can adequately handle their training needs. They also require owners who can train them on how to socialize as they tend to be less welcoming to strangers and other mammals.

This dog breed requires extensive training and exercise alongside mental stimulation. The implication, in this case, is Dogos are not ideal for apartment living. These are outdoor dogs that love being engaged and kept busy always. Ensure that you start training your Dogo when it is still a puppy.

Dogo Argentino grooming

The Dogo Argentino dog breed is beautiful as it possesses all-white and short coats; however, it might have black spots on the head. Their fur is easy to maintain, but due to its short hair, grooming can be difficult.

Ensure that you brush your Dogo Argentino once a week and bathe it once every three months. The length of their coat makes it hard to notice when your Dogo is dirty.

Dogo Argentino feeding

Dogo Argentino dog breed requires a formulated diet for large breed dogs with clean and plenty of water. Dogos are high energy dogs; therefore, they should eat well. Ensure that you change the eating habit of your Dogo as it grows.

The best way to establish the feeding habit for your Dogo is by seeking guidance from a vet professional nutritionist. The vet will offer the best option to feed your Dogo.

Dogo Argentino relationship with children and pets

Dogos tend to be very loyal to the family, including children. However, they need to be accustomed and introduced to the children. But the dog can be harsh to visiting children as it is not welcoming to visitors naturally.

When your Dogo is playing with children, ensure that you pay attention to its mood. You should also ensure that you train your child how to play with the Dogo.

For effective interaction and socialization, ensure that your Dogo gets training when it is still a puppy.

Further, train your Dogo on how to interact with strangers and other pets to avoid hurting them when you are not around. Dogos have high prey drive; therefore, they can easily hurt a stranger.

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