Fun Facts About Doxiepoo

Doxiepoos are a wonderful breed of dog. They are small, cute, and doll-like. If you are looking into owning a Doxiepoo or you already own one, this article is for you. Bred for modern-day living, a

Doxiepoo could be your new best friend. Test what you know today with these five fun facts about the Doxiepoo dog breed.

A modern-day breed

Anyone who knows dog breeds knows many breeds are old. Several genera are over 100 years old. Doberman Pinschers, Weimaraners, Poodles, and even Daschunds are over 100 years old. The Doxiepoo is approximately a half-century old. Records state Doxiepoos are a breed from the mid to late 1900s.

There is not a lot of information on them yet. Their ancestors, the Standard Poodle and the Daschund are over 100 years old. The two aged dogs come together to create the Doxiepoo. Fun-loving and affectionate, the Doxiepoo breathes new life into modern-day dog varieties.

The Doxiepoo is also known as “Doxie Poo,” “Doodle,” and sometimes even “Doodle Dog,” per personal preference. The name variations come from the combination of Poodle and Daschund. The Doxiepoo has only recently made it into the Americal Kennel Club book as a registered breed.

Comes in a teacup to teapot sizes

When it comes to Doxiepoo height, you get the best of both worlds. Their parents, the Poodle and Daschund, vary widely in height and weight. The friendly and trendy Daschund stands 8 to 9 inches high. Miniature Daschunds stand 5 to 6 inches tall.

Between Miniature and Standard Daschunds, they weigh anywhere within 9 and 32 pounds. The intelligent and proud poodle stands over 15 inches tall on average.

Their weight varies between gender. Standard male poodles are between 60 to 70 pounds. Standard female poodles are between 40 to 50 pounds. The Doxiepoo has the best of both worlds when it comes to height and weight.

They vary from litter to litter. Sometimes a Doxiepoo can be born with more traits from one parent than the other.

Your Doxiepoo puppy might stay 8 inches tall, or grow to 20 inches. Doxiepoos can weigh between 10 to 20 pounds or more. It is a matter of which parent they inherit more traits.

They are beauty kings and queens

The Doxiepoo is labeled a designer dog. A designer dog is a cross mix between two purebreds. A purebred is when you breed the same breeds together for multiple generations. A mutt is when you crossbreed between many different types of parent breeds.

Designer dogs come from only two purebred parents. The Doxiepoo is high maintenance for its size. They require brushing and grooming and trimming every other day to every week.

The fur texture from their Poodle parent makes their medium fur length curly and wavy. Their fur grows long enough to obstruct their vision and requires more regular trimming.

Their nails and teeth need a lot of attention also. The personality from both parents makes them want to dig around in the yard often.

Dirty nails are soon sure to follow. Curiously chewing on unusual objects means their teeth need more attention compared to other dogs, too. For people who are mild to moderately allergic to dogs, they are a low threat. A Doxiepoo does not shed much, thanks to their shorter coat length.

Personality made of gold

In the past, dogs have been bred for military and working use to suit the needs at the time. Big dogs and small dogs alike originate from more distant times. The era in which they came called for different traits.

Nowadays, we do not need so many working dogs. We have apps and devices made to guard our home from intruders. Also, we have high tech seeking, transporting, and scouting equipment in our military bases.

We have greater access to motors to pull us around. We do not need to use dogs as much anymore but for therapy and companionship reasons.

The Doxiepoo is a breed that caters to just that. They make outstanding therapy and companionship dogs. They are small and sweet with their hearts of gold.

Doxiepoos make the perfect pet for anyone looking for a lapdog. They show characteristics of loyalty, affection, energy, and curiousness. They are curious about any and everything.

Many Doxiepoo owners note their puppies love to dig around their yard and get into slippers. If there is a stranger nearby, they are quick to befriend, but only after examining them. They are pleasant around children and befriend young kids effortlessly.

The Doxiepoo is an all-around family dog. They also make very good company for single-person households.

Not very sporty

The small, sweet Doxiepoo is best suited for a life at home. They love to exercise in the front yard or the park, but they do not need much space to run around.

Modern times call for modern dogs that fit into modern homes. Homes are no longer on big plots of land. Modern housing means compact living.

Although housing spaces change, basic human needs do not change. People still crave companionship and friendship with others or pets. Not many people have time to go to the park anymore. A modern-day breed like the Doxiepoo is perfect for today’s style of living.

Doxiepoos can be left alone in an apartment, and as long as they are trained well, they are well-behaved.

Doxiepoo’s small to the mid-sized body makes an apartment seem more spacious to them. They are not bred for sports of any kind and are just bred to stay at home.

Most dogs are bred for sports and competitions but not the Doxiepoo. Cozying up to their owner is all they need to feel safe, happy, and like one of the family. A little bit of space for running around is optimal, of course. Otherwise, a Doxiepoo is not meant to be a sport dog.

Depending on which parent they take more personality from, they can be easy or hard to train. Poodles are smart and easy to train.

Daschunds are pretty stubborn and harder to train than Poodles. If a Doxiepoo takes more after one parent than the other, it could mean a world of difference. Either way, they stay cute and loving for a long time.

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