Fun Facts About English Foxhound Dogs

The English foxhound was originally bred to trail fox for hunting purposes. English foxhounds have unique features for a dog breed. Having a thick skull and muscular legs give this canine the advantage of the hunting and chasing prey.

The English foxhound breed is straight boned with rounded paws. These rounded paws are extremely cat-like and are often comparable to feline paws. The English foxhound breed has various colors, and most often, they are multicolored.

These colors include red, brown, tan, black, along with a white base. Paws on this animal are generally white. However, this is not always the case. English foxhounds are generally 19 to 27 inches tall. They are the perfect sized companion for an individual searching for a medium-sized dog.

The female English foxhounds are generally smaller than their male counterparts. Males can weigh up to 60 to 80 pounds. Female English foxhounds can weight up to 50 to 75 pounds.

Life expectancy

Whether or not these dogs are male or female, they have the same life expectancy. English foxhounds have a life expectancy that ranges 10 to 13 years.

These incredible dogs are naturally social, friendly, and tolerant. In addition to being compassionate and gentle. As a result, any dog owner who owns an English foxhound is guaranteed 10 to 13 years of an incredible companion to stay by their side.

Low amount of drool

An English foxhound’s tendency to drool is fairly low compared to other dog breeds. Depending on the dog breed, some dogs may slobber more.

These animals may drool more because they have trouble holding saliva in their mouths. Oddly because several dog breeds are known for their looser skin near their mouths. Another reason might be that their jowls are huge.

In addition to a dog breed’s short snout, which could cause potential excess drooling. As a result, the shape and size of a dog breed’s snout can dictate whether or not the animal will potentially drool more or not.

If an individual owns a particular dog breed who drools excessively, they must be aware their animal may drool for life.

However, if an individual isn’t a fan of a dog’s wet kisses, it is wise to adopt an English foxhound as a loyal companion. The shape and size of this dog breed’s mouth and face shape prevents too much drool.

Standard behavior of an English foxhound

English foxhounds are known to be gentle and friendly creatures.

These animals are bred to be intelligent, sporting animals who listen to their owners. As a result, good behavior comes with the package. Some individuals who own a dog of some kind have trouble with the animal consistently digging in the yard.

English foxhounds have a low need to dig only because it does not interest them. English foxhounds are also known as a scent hound. These dogs were bred to be obedient and behave well. The English foxhound is generally friendly to people.

These incredible animals are excellent with children. English foxhounds are good for children due to their patient and gentle nature. More So than children, English foxhounds enjoy their company with dogs much better.

These social animals strive to be social. English foxhounds are naturally athletic and active. These animals are perfect companions for individuals who enjoy the outdoors and a good hike every so often.

English foxhounds are energetic and kind. As a result, can be an excellent companion for a child. This is because children are generally active and will keep the dog happy and energized.

However, English foxhounds do not enjoy small spaces and can develop dangerous anxiety. For example, it is not a good idea to live in a small apartment with an English foxhound.

Endurance and energy

English foxhounds are more than meets the eye. These floppy-eared cuties are also extremely hyperactive as well as energetic. These animals are bred to assist hunters for their sport. As a result, English foxhounds can naturally hike across the countryside for hours of the day.

These animals can trot without stopping for long periods. The dog breed English foxhounds are bred for fieldwork and hunting dogs. This is why these hyper animals do not do well in an environment that is mostly indoors.

Keeping an English foxhound indoors for too long can give the dog anxiety.
Furthermore, cause the poor animal to get confused and antsy. The English foxhounds are perfect for regularly active individuals. Or for individuals who have tons of land for the dog to run around in.

Regular exercise is important when keeping English foxhounds healthy. Without the proper exercise, their hyperactive natural energy will be converted elsewhere. As a result, the individual may come home to a half ate couch and pillows.

The perfect protector

English foxhounds naturally have a loud bark. Loud barks can annoy the neighbors every so often, but the home will be protected. These loud barks can get loud and aggressive. As a result, this can steer away from unwanted guests and potential dangers to the home.

English foxhounds are gentle to their loved ones. However, English foxhounds can be aggressive if need be. English foxhounds are only aggressive when there is danger. Danger such as a break-in or an ill-willed individual being aggressive towards the dog’s owner.

The loyal companion will protect their human from ensuring their safety. English foxhounds are man’s best friend. While hiking or hunting, these animals are bred to have a loud bark. In addition to their incredibly strong bodies.

English foxhounds will fend off any enemies and dangers from their owners. Keeping their humans safe from potential harm. English foxhounds have a natural loud bark. As a result, can steer away from any potential threatening harm.

Dog hair

Most individuals, before adopting a dog companion, would ask about the animal’s coat. They would ask how often the dog will shed compared to other breeds. The question asked is an important factor to understand when adopting a dog of any breed.

Some individuals may have allergies towards a particular dog breed due to their excessive shedding. English foxhounds surprisingly have minimal shedding. Of course, this is only possible if the dog owner is actively brushing their coat daily as well as regularly.

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