Fun Facts About the English Springer Spaniel Dog Breed


The English springer spaniel has a unique personality compared to other breeds. These beautiful dogs are known or their active and attentive personalities.

Furthermore, English springer spaniels are further known to be well aware of their surroundings. Making these alert and cheerful dogs the perfect household companion. English springer spaniels are the perfect dogs to welcome to the family.

Most would believe since the English springer spaniel is a spaniel, they are lazy. English springer spaniels are the opposite of lazy. Yes, they do enjoy cuddles with their owners every so often.

However, these dogs are fairly active and affectionate animals who are devoted to their families. English springer spaniels need regular exercise and play. Regular exercise is just as important as their daily cuddles.

Exercise and cuddles are excellent for the English springer spaniel’s mental stimulation. Not enough cuddles and daily runs can alter the English springer spaniel’s personality. Their personality can go from being calm and collected to antsy and scared.


These gentle looking dogs pack a big bark. English springer spaniels are known for their alarming loud barks and obedience. Surprisingly the English springer spaniel is a dog breed fit for home protection.

These dogs can inform their owners instantly when there is danger approaching or near. English springer spaniels are generally known to be competitive hunters.

Furthermore, English springer spaniels are well known for their excellence when it comes to agility tests.

This makes these dogs overall excellent for chasing down unwanted people or animals from their loved ones. Furthermore, doing their best to keep their living space safe from bad energies and ill-will individuals.


English springer spaniels can be good with children. However, it is only possible if they are introduced at an early age in their lives. Introducing an English springer spaniel to a small child when it is only a puppy is good for them.

When these dogs grow up alongside a small child, they can become secure and more used to the energies a small child may have. Most would say it is not wise to leave an English springer spaniel alone with children for long periods.

English springer spaniels may be active watchdogs. However, they do have their limits when it comes to hyperactive play. Especially when children are involved.

A small child might make the English springer spaniel nervous and may snip or bite back out of fear. Children are unpredictable. English springer spaniels are not good for children. On the flip-side, the English springer spaniel is perfect for adults who love to cuddle.

At the same time, be active daily and provide a calming environment. Since these dogs are well known to be excellent watchdogs, it is wise not to stress them out.

As an English springer spaniel owner, it is their responsibility to provide a calm environment. A stressed dog with bad anxiety can cause bad energy for the home. However, when the dog is calm and confident, they are excellent companions and cuddle pals.


The English springer spaniel breed was originally thought to have originated in Spain. However, to some, this is not the case. Others believe these dogs have been introduced to the Britons by the ancient Roman legions. They were theorized to have been introduced as early as 300 A.D.

There have been famous old paintings from the 16th century featuring English springer spaniels. The English springer spaniel was originally used to start hunting games. These dogs would start hunting down birds and foxes.

Various animals were hunted as well. English springer spaniels were excellent flushers. Flushers are fetchers. When a hunter shoots a bird, the dog would generally fetch the animals to their owners.

The English springer spaniel is excellent hunting companions due to their years of success. Which is why anyone could find them in many paintings dated back from the early 16th century.

The English springer spaniel did not make their North American appearance until much later. These dogs were originally imported from England to Canada around 1913. In 1924 the English springer spaniel was introduced to the United States, and breeding of these animals was a norm.

Originally in the United States, people would use English springer spaniels to assist with farm work. These dogs would explore the fields and attack rodents.

Furthermore, steer away from unwanted pests and various animals away from the farm. As a result, these dogs protect livestock as well as vegetable gardens in the early day.


The cost of a purebred English springer spaniel can vary depending on the location. For example, the cost of the breed can be different, whether they are from Nebraska or California. Freckled cost amounts for these dogs vary depending on the quality of the breed.

It may also vary depending on what the potential dog owner is looking for in a companion. Some English springer spaniel breeders may have certain coats and fur markings. As a result, making that breeder rare and much more expensive.

The factor of fur markings is important for individuals who plan to attend dog shows. The rarity of the animal can bring value to the dog. The quality of the English springer spaniel breed can dictate the cost.

However, if the individual is a fan of English springer spaniels in general, then adopting from a standard breeder is best. Not only will the individual save money, but they will get an intelligent and cuddly companion.

Be sure to shop around for breeders before making the final purchase. Be sure the breeder is reliable as well as legally licensed. It is wise to understand what dogs are being bred.

If there was a color or pattern that an individual would want, it is a good idea to shop around. Choices may become broader if the individual is willing to travel to pick up their furry companion. Do not be scared to reach out to breeders outside of a person’s city or home.

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