Fun Facts About Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro is also known as the Brazilian Mastiff, Cao de Fila, or the Brazillian Molosser. The Brazilian Mastiff is extremely powerful and robust but you have to be a true leader to be the master of the dog.

However, the dog is very obedient, intelligent, headstrong, and active in nature. Still, you cannot deny the fact that the dog is very stubborn.

Fila requires somebody who can be able to control the braveness courage and determination of the dog consistently and firmly. Therefore, it is exceedingly difficult for an inexperienced dog owner to have the dog on his premises.

The muscular species has very top-notch agility, with large and massive bones. It has a very long life expectancy of 9 to 11 years. A male has an average height of 27 inches, with an average weight of 180 pounds. The female stands at an average height of 25 inches and can weigh up to 160 pounds.

A brief history of the Cao de Fila

The dog derives its name from a Portuguese word, Filar, which means to hold, arrest, or grab. The dog is famous for catching its prey by the neck, driving the target to its owner, and waiting for the owner to come and kill the game.

Nevertheless, the term Cao de Fila means catching dog or bite and do not let go in a nonprofessional name.

However, different theories describe the existence of Fila. According to one theory, the breed is a crossbreed of a Bloodhound and an Old English Bulldog in the 15tth century. However, many people neglect this theory as there is no specific proof to match the idea.

The other theory claims that the species came into existence in the 16th and 17th centuries. This was after the merging of the Kingdom of Portugal and the Spanish Crown.

After both countries united, they also made sure that they combined their possession as well, resulting in interbreeding their dogs to form the Fila Brasileiro.

During the colonization of Brazil, the Portuguese brought with them the descendants of the modern-day Brazilian Molosser.

They included the Rafaerior do Alentejo, the Cao de Castro Laboreiro, the Cao de Gado Transmoto, and the Spanish Mastiff.

The primary purpose of breeding the species was to track slaves and act as guard dogs for plantations and livestock. Because of its bravery, aggressive, courageous, and robust nature, the dog was able to protect livestock from wild animals such as jaguars.

Furthermore, it had a superior tracking ability; thus, it became the pride of Portuguese slave-owners and hunters.

The species helped track slaves

During the period of colonization of Brazil by the Portuguese, Fila was very famous and an essential species among slave-owners. It had a remarkable scent trait that enabled the species to track escaped slaves.

Fila Brasileiro used to track escaped slaves and once it caught the fugitive, it would latch onto the slave’s leg and return him to the owner. It is good to note that slaves returned to their owners safely with only a scratch on the leg.

The Brazilian Mastiff is banned across the globe

Many countries across the globe restrict the use of Brazilian Mastiff, because of their remarkable nature. The countries include Spain, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Malta, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

However, the United Kennel Club categorizes the dog as a Guard dog while the Federation Cynologique Internationale classifies the dog as a Molossian dog type. Until today, the Kennel Club of the UK and the American Kennel Club, are yet to register with the Fila Brasileiro in their club.

They are challenging to train

It is good to note that Brazilian Molosser is one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. However, you must be a great leader with the virtue of patience, consistency, and firmness if you are to train the Fila Brasileiro.

The Fila only responds to masters who can stand firm with their commands and who use no force or cruelty during training sessions. A high level of determination and stubbornness will make the Fila impose its own will to its master. Therefore, you must be equally vital to be called its master.

Training works best when it is still a puppy. You must always ensure that you observe perseverance, patience, and never punish the dog. However, always teach them that nothings come free and satisfactory work deserves a reasonable payment and vice versa.

They require raw dog food to survive

They are high activity dogs; hence, they require a high amount of calories ranging from 260 to 2800 to keep up with their fitness and health.

Therefore, you must always ensure that you feed these dogs with raw dog food that includes bones and meat fresh. This will help offer the dog with the required minerals it needs, such as calcium and phosphorous.

However, since not everybody can be able to offer such food daily, you can opt to give them the best dog food available. Never opt to provide them with grains and plant proteins.

Always remember dogs were never meant to eat wheat, cons, or soy but were destined to eat fresh. However, you should always ensure that you give the dog food three to four times a day.

They require much exercise to be healthy and fit

Naturally, the Brazilian Molosser seems like a lazy dog from its look. However, just like the ancient time, the dog will roam around your compound, patrolling and protecting them from intruders. Fila’s are never idle, and they will always find something to make them busy.

Always ensure that you offer them a one-hour session walk twice a day. This will help nurture its behavior, health, and ensure that it is calm.

If you are living in an apartment, then forget about owning the Cao de Fila since they require a large yard to roam about. However, Fila Brasileiro never craves for attention, but you must always ensure that you give it the attention it needs.

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