Fun Facts About Giant Schnauzers

Seven fun facts about the Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer is the largest dog in the Schnauzer family. The dog is powerful and strong and has natural territorial instincts.

If you need a guard dog, this big guy is perfect. Do not let their size be intimidating. The dogs are loyal and eager to please. The Giant Schnauzer can make for a great companion. Here are some facts about the Giant Schnauzer.

Giant Schnauzer’s long history

There are many opinions regarding the Giant Schnauzer’s original breeding. However, the dog was found in Germany sometime in the 1600s.

All Schnauzers come from the kingdoms of Bavaria and Wurtemmburg. The kingdoms’ people would use the larger dogs as a way to drive the cattle to market. This was the job of the Giant Schnauzer.

To reach their large size, the dogs were bred with several dogs. It is thought that the breeds were the German Shepard, Doberman, Rottweiler, and Great Dane. Once they no longer had a job as a cattle driver, they became guard dogs. Shop owners would use them to guard their shops against thieves.

Right before the onset of World War I, the Giant Schnauzer became police dogs. During both World Wars, the Giant Schnauzer had many jobs, such as guard and messenger dogs.

However, many of the Giant Schnauzers were lost during World War II. For some reason, many of the salt and pepper Giant Schnauzers were lost. The American Kennel Club gave recognition to the Giant Schnauzer in 1930.

The personality of the giant

The Giant Schnauzers are around 25 inches tall and easily weigh from 60 to 80 pounds. However, when standing next to other large dogs, the Giant Schnauzer is not that large.

They are loyal to family, composed, playful, courageous, watchful, and easy to train. The Giant Schnauzer has an even keel temperament. However, the gentle giant’s mischievous does come out when he has nothing to do.

To say that they need a lot of exercise is an understatement. If you are a runner, the Giant Schnauzer will love to be your running partner.

The gentle giant will also enjoy long walks and backyard playtime. If left to entertain themselves, they will decide to chase the children, scatter their toys, and be underfoot constantly.

Also, think twice about putting him outside alone. That is unless you would like him to do the landscaping.

Young Giant Schnauzers will help themselves to the garden, and they will decide to dig up shrubs and move them somewhere else. Though, if the kids are outside playing, your Giant Schnauzer will become their bodyguard. The Giant Schnauzer takes the job of guarding their family very seriously.

As of matter of fact, they have earned the nickname Velcro. Though the Giant Schnauzer is too big to be a lap dog, they will stick to you.

The dog of many coats

There seems to be some controversy when it comes to the Giant Schnauzer’s coat. Though most people think that the Giant Schnauzer’s coat does not shed, that is not exactly accurate.

The dog will blow his coat once a year. This means the old coat loosens up to make room for a brand new coat. Originally, the removal of the old coat was done by hand. Today, a stripping comb can help to speed the process along.

The coat of a Giant Schnauzer will need a lot of attention. Many people will clip the coats to make it easier. The giant is a cold-weather animal. In the warmer months, there may be a need to make extra trips to the groomer.

The only

Your Giant Schnauzer is going to want to be your one and only. Your giant does not want to share it with you. It is wise to have them as the only pet in the house. If there is a cat or other small pets in the house, do not allow the Giant Schnauzer to babysit. The Giant Schnauzer can be aggressive to other family pets.

They believe their job is to protect you. Those other pets are seen as a threat. Socialization is the key to being able to introduce your giant to other dogs. The earlier the socialization, the better. This way, the giant can take walks in the neighborhood or at the park and be on his best behavior.

Pool time

During the hot summer months, consider taking your Giant Schnauzer for a swim. Introduce the giant to the water slowly, but do not force the dog into the water.

A Giant Schnauzer is more than capable of learning to swim. Most actually enjoy it, and it is a fun way to spend a summer day.

Looking for a singing partner

Because the Giant Schnauzer is a guard dog, you can guarantee that he will bark. However, did you know he can sing? Singing may be a relatively loose description for howling.

The giant is known to suffer from separation anxiety and is known to howl if left alone for too long. This is why it is important to make sure that he has entertainment. He is also known to howl at sirens and other loud noises.

The Giant Schnauzer is also known to howl along to the music. So, if you are looking for a singing partner and have some patience, you can train the giant to howl along with you.

How much is the puppy in the window

The price of a Giant Schnauzer price can vary, but the price seems to average around $1200. The price depends on many different factors such as litter size, breeder’s location, the breed lines, training, and more. If the puppy does not have papers, the price will be considerably lower.

However, it is not recommended to purchase a Giant Schnauzer without his papers. The price of a Giant Schnauzer with papers but with no breeding rights will also be a little lower.

However, if you want to get a Giant Schnauzer with papers, breeding rights, and full lineage, you will easily be paying somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000.

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