Fun Facts About Glen Of Imaal Terrier

When was the Glen of Imaal Terrier inducted into the AKC?

This breed was inducted into the American Kennel Club in 2004. The Glen of Imaal Terrier Club was formed in 1986. It worked extremely hard to get this relatively unknown breed admitted into the AKC.

However, This breed is much older than that. It was admitted into the Irish Kennel Club in 1934. The breed is also called Wicklow Terrier after the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland, where this breed originates.

One last nickname for the dog is The Glen Terrier, named after the Glenn of Imaal near the Wicklow Mountains. The Glen Terrier is the rarest of Irish Terrier breeds.

The Glen Terrier was thought the enter the US in the 1930s. The first official litter was recorded in the 1960s. Finally, the breed was given full status in 1980 in England.

How did the Glen of Imaal Terrier come to exist?

This terrier breed originates back to the late 1500s under Queen Elizabeth I. During this period, the English Monarchy was having difficultly with the Irish trying to separate from England. She hired Flemish and Lowland soldiers to help quell these uprisings and restore order.

These people reportedly brought their dogs for hunting. At that time, The Crown had no money, so The Queen paid these soldiers with tracts of land in the Glen of Imaal, located in the Wicklow Mountains. The dogs of these soldiers bred with dogs in this area.

Eventually, the breed evolved to what it is today. The location gave them their name. Today, this breed is relatively rare and is the least popular and least known of the Irish Terrier Breeds.

What is the purpose of the Glen of Imaal Terrier?

The Wicklow Terrier, originally breed near the Wicklow Mountains and Ireland were bred to hunt fox, Badger, and other vermin.

This breed also makes an excellent watchdog; however, his bark is bigger than his bite. Also, the breed makes an excellent family dog or companion. Still, it does require training so as not to drive the owner crazy with its bark.

It is quite happy out in the wild or sitting on the couch. During the early days of the breed, they had jobs in addition to hunting. They would be used to turn spits to roast meat and also used to turn butter churns.

What size is the Wicklow Terrier?

Know as the third terrier in the family of four. This breed stands around 14 inches high. This rather odd-looking little dog has a sturdy frame with stubby legs. The average weight is approximately 34 pounds.

The Wicklow Terrier has two coats of fur. The outer is harsh and course. The undercoat is soft and smooth. This smooth coat is present on the legs and around and on the head.

Colorwise, the breed is seen in several colors, Wheaton, Brindle, and Blue. The head is large, and the ears are half-pricked, and its strong black muzzle. The breed’s large brown eyes close out the features of this rather odd-looking breed.

What is the temperament of the Glen Terrier?

This hearty little breed is feisty and loves to have a job to do. The breed’s duties include digging, hunting, and enjoying the family with its big heart. The Glen Terrier is devoted, patient, and brave. It is happy and content to be on the couch with its owner.

Additionally, it does love to run and play when outside. The breed is friendly and loving to humans. It will take time for this breed to become friends with cats and even longer with other dogs. This dog makes an excellent companion, is easily trained, and will be obedient in a short time.

It is a superior breed for the family and children. Just be sure that young children are not harsh to the dog. Cruel treatment could negatively affect The Wicklow Terrier’s temperament.

The Glen of Imaal Terrier is comfortable in the woods or in an apartment

Initially bred for hunting, this mid-sized breed that has lots of energy and is very happy playing and running. For this reason, it is satisfied on a farm or in large open spaces.

However, this breed has another side. It loves to be a couch potato. Sitting for long periods and cozying up to its owner and master.

With this in mind, it is well suited to apartment life. Small spaces are not an issue as The Glen Terrier loves its downtime. A simple trip to the park will allow the dog to use the energy and keep the dog happy and content. It does love to stay indoors as it can be sensitive to extreme hot and cold.

What is the lifecycle of the Glen Terrier?

This mid-sized breed needs good quality nutrient food and clean water to be healthy truly. The dog is not prone to any significant health issues. Occasionally and very rarely, the breed may contact retinal atrophy and flea allergies.

Regular checkups and or treatments will solve any of these issues. The dog should typically weigh around 34 pounds. You need to pay attention to the amount of food and exercise given to the dog. An insufficient amount of exercise will cause the breed to become obese.

A dependable schedule will help in this area. Daily walks with the owner and family activities are essential to the health of the dog. Heavy exercise is not required, just a routine is all you need to keep The Wicklow Terrier healthy and happy.

With this daily routine and proper feeding, you can expect the breed to live between 12 to 14 years. This amount of time is an excellent lifespan for a mid-sized breed. Also, this is an estimate. With proper care, exercise, and feeding, the breed can live even longer.

As for breeding of the dog, you can expect one to four litters from this dog.

How much does a Glen Terrier puppy cost?

This loving and reliable breed is the least known of all the Irish Terrier breeds. For this reason, you will pay more money for a puppy. The average cost for a puppy in this breed is between $800 and $2000.

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