Fun Facts About Gordon Setter

Have you been considering a new dog for a pet, and already has this dog in mind?

Below are six fun facts about the unique dog breed, the Gordon Setter. Here, you can find a way to have a better understanding of the specifics of this breed.


The Gordon Setter is a breed that is well known for hunting. These dogs were trained and originated in Scotland for their keen sense of smell. The main animals that the Gordon Setter is known for hunting are birds.

However, the list does not stop there. Rabbits, along with hares, are also easily tracked by the dogs among hunting trails. Being a good versatile breed, the Gordon Setter makes the task of hunting a breeze. Pointing out prey has been essential for owners and hunters, in and outside the United States.

For over one hundred years, they have been delightful pets in the home as well. They are a dog that is bred for the game and figuring out hunting tactics. Introducing birds that can be tracked in hunting is a major aspect of hunting.

The Gordon Setter has to be able to distinguish what needs to found while hunting. The sound of a gun is also essential to keeping the dog aware of when to hunt.

Praising the dog while in training, works out best for the owner and hunting experience in the long run. A leash is not necessary during the training process.

During the hunt, the Gordon Setter has to be free of constraints enabling the dog to have better results. Since the 1600’s they have been a key component in family life and hunting for food.


The Gordon Setter is a dog that can be easily noticed. You don’t have to be a dog expert to point out their distinctive traits. With an elongated snout and robust size, these dogs are hard to miss. Dark eyes and the long hair of the Gordon Setter sets it apart from other breeds in an instance.

With so much of a red or brown tone, along with its dark hair, reminds people of the Doberman. Even the Rottweiler has similar coloring compared to the Gordon Setter as well.

They can reach a height a little over two feet and normally weigh around 50 to 80 pounds. It depends on which breed of a Gordon Setter is preferred. Because of their long hair, the texture can be even compared to feathers.

They are easy to pull out but seem to have an appearance of curly head hairs. From even a long distance, it is easy to spot one of these dogs.

Celebrity owners

They are not considered a top dog to have amongst families, but there are noticeable owners on record. Some celebrities you might recognize are Diane Sawyer and Ed McMahon. Diane Sawyer is known for starring on ABC news, and Ed for Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show.


Grooming the Gordon Setter is essential to keep them looking up to par. Another key element to grooming is making sure the hair is combed straight. Combining them will allow any tangled hairs to fall off naturally, leaving a shiny coat.

Bathing weekly is also important to keep their coat clean because of their unique makeup. Clipping nails are also essential, and finding a professional groomer might be key.

The Gordon Setter also sheds their long and wavy hair periodically. Maintenance should be kept up to keep the cleaning under control. Each side of the dog might be uneven and will need a proper cut.

The thigh area and also the shoulder area are the main areas where unevenness can be found. The neck and back should go hand in hand, being the same length on the Gordon Setter. The tails are usually long and wavy to go along with the rest of their body.

By just about ten years old, the feathers on their body can look rather scruffy. Head and ear trimming can be a big help to their appearance, keeping them elegant. Everything that looks too thick on the Gordon Setter should be stripped off professionally.

A specific combing tool can be a huge help to grooming these dogs nicely.


The temperament of the Gordon Setter is known mostly for its loyalty. Compassion and being protective is one of their most amazing traits. When trained properly in a household, they find it their duty to guard children.

The Gordon Setter also loves fun like most dogs. They are known for keeping their owners in shape, being resilient when it comes to running. Getting enough exercise is key to their temperament, needing a lot of space.

Being confined in a small area can agitate the Gordon Setter, especially because of their stubborn nature. Being out in the open is more ideal for you and the dog to have a better experience.

For the most part, they are very happy dogs and willing to serve if you have the time. These are a patient breed of dogs, whether in the house or out in the field.


Dog competitions have been popular for ages, and the Gordon Setter has been a top performer. There are many reasons why they do so well at competitions. Overall, when it comes to paying attention, the Gordon Setter is very attentive.

They know how to hold their head up high and position themselves very well. These competitions require a specific showing of the dog. Carrying out tricks, as well as commands, are what set them apart from the rest.

They can move with dignity, class, and finesse. Being ranked high and even winning entire competitions are not out of the norm. In today’s world, there are my owners that use these distinctive traits to their advantage. Field training has been an effective way to assist these dogs for centuries.

The agility of the Gordon Setter is second to none. While encouraging the breed during training activities, they will go above and beyond. These animals are very intelligent, ideal for competitions, and excelling in them.

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