Fun Facts About Great Danes

Immense sizes

Great Danes are known for their large stature, and in fact, they are one of the largest breeds of dogs. They can grow up to 32 inches tall for males and up to 30 inches for females.

Great Danes also grow incredibly fast and are almost fully grown by the time they are just half a year.

Males can also grow up to 120 lbs, and females can grow up to 100 lbs. This makes them approximately 40 times bigger chihuahuas, the smallest dog breed. Owners of Great Danes have to take into account their massive size regarding food and exercise space, which can get quite expensive.

Friendly personality

When looking at a Great Dane, it is easy to be intimidated by their large stature. Great Danes are known as the ‘gentle giants’ of the dog world. They are very fond of people and show their affection in a multitude of ways.

Great Danes may make gestures for you to pet them, such as leaning against you. They love getting hugs and will take the opportunity to cuddle with you in bed.

Great Danes are also notorious for making friends with other animals. In one such instance, Judy, the Great Dane, made friends with Minnelli, the local goat, and a three-legged lamb named Lucky.

They eventually became inseparable and were adopted by a willing couple: Norman and Sandy Williams. It is important to recognize that each dog is different and endure different situations that may affect their comfort level with people and other animals.


Great Danes have a much shorter lifespan than most dogs, usually living for 8-10 years. Their short lifespan can be accounted for by natural factors such as old age, as well as fatal conditions that Great Danes are more susceptible to. One such fatal condition is known as ‘bloat’.

Essentially, the dog’s stomach twists and cuts off blood supply to the rest of its body. Great Danes also suffer from a condition called cardiomyopathy, which leads to an enlargement of the heart and can sometimes be fatal if not diagnosed early enough.

Another illness that Great Danes are susceptible to is hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. This can result in a slow deterioration of joints and bones. To ensure a longer lifespan for your Great Dane, it is important to regularly visit the vet and seek medical attention if unusual symptoms occur.

Veterinarians also recommend feeding Great Danes small meals throughout the day rather than one big one to help with stomach problems and indigestion.


Many misconceptions occur with Great Danes, including their origin. Great Danes are native to Germany and not Denmark, as the Dane may suggest. The breed is thought to have originated 400 years ago, and they were bred for German nobility to protect property.

Interestingly enough, Great Danes are big enough to hunt wild boar, which is another reason German nobility would have them as pets.

Great Danes are thought to have originated from a combination of the Irish wolfhound and old English Mastiff. Today, it is quite common for people to own Great Danes to guard against criminals.

Significance of Scooby-Doo being a Great Dane?

Scooby-Doo, the infamous dog in the renowned mystery series, is extremely fitting as a Great Dane. For one, Great Danes were thought to ward away evil spirits and ghosts.

What better fit than a Great Dane to ward away criminals disguised as evil spirits? The large size and stature would surely intimidate any culprit caught!

Characteristics and traits

Great Danes come in six different colors and patterns. These can include golden with a black hue, brindle, glossy black, pure steel blue-gray, mantel, and harlequin, which are black patches over a white base.

The most common is seen with the golden color with a black hue, represented by scooby due. Their coat is usually thick and glossy. Their coat also only consists of one layer of hair, which is convenient for the owner resulting in less hair being shed.

These dogs are also pretty calm, although they do need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day. After exercise, they tend to lay around, making them perfect for people living in small spaces such as apartments or condos, ironically.

Naturally, Great Danes have floppy ears, but it is more common to see Great Danes with cropped pointed ears. As time goes on, however, people are starting to prefer the Great Danes with their natural floppy ears.

Great Danes in the media

It is not just in scooby doo that Great Danes are represented in the media.

Walt Disney’s ‘The Ugly Dachshund’ from 1966 represented an abandoned Great Dane puppy, Brutus, who is taken into a dachshund family where he imitates the Daschunds to try and fit it, eventually becoming the large, renowned Brutus, which the audience fell in love with.

This movie is what is thought to have propelled the popularity of Great Danes into the United States. It has gained so much popularity in Pennsylvania that the state dog is now a Great Dane.

Now, many celebrities own Great Danes, from Jon Bon Jovi, Fabio, Jim Carrey, Otto von Bismarck, Bruce Lee, and many more.

Need for affection

Despite the immense sizes that Great Danes can grow to, they are still considered lap dogs. They will want to sit on your lap despite being just as big, if not bigger than you. They are highly affectionate dogs and need hugs, and love to be pet and cuddled.

It is because of this that Great Danes make amazing family dogs. They are so affectionate and dependable. This breed has been given the reputation and would never intentionally hurt anyone.

It is important to take into account their large stature in which they may inadvertently knock a younger child over.

Often owners will teach their dog not to jump on people to ensure this doesn’t happen. This breed makes amazing family pets and can integrate remarkably well into anyone’s home.

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