Fun Facts About Italian Greyhound

Where Italian Greyhounds originated from

It is not a surprising fact to understand Italian greyhounds originated from Italy. Of course, it is in the name. However, Italian greyhounds have existed surprisingly far back since the middle ages. As a result, the Italian greyhound can be rooted back in Italy over 2,000 years ago.

Being way back when the breeders in Italy were breeding smaller seized greyhound dogs. The smaller breeding resulted in Italian greyhound dogs individuals all know today.

These beautiful dogs were bred to be incredible companions. Back then, the Italian greyhounds were a popular choice among the English nobility and the Romans.


It is fairly easy to spot an Italian greyhound from a group of dogs. Their unique features are highly noticeable and cannot be missed by the human eye. The Italian greyhound has a naturally small and slender frame.

In addition to having a graceful build and narrow head. The Italian greyhound unique prick ears that are usually erect with a slight bend. The bend is generally bent forward towards the top of the ear.

Italian greyhound tails are long and skinny. Which is perfect for happy wagging. Long and skinny legs are another feature of the Italian greyhound that cannot be missed.

Furthermore, these dogs have a naturally tucked abdomen and a deep upper chest. As a result, it is what gives the Italian greyhound their elegant looks. These beautiful dogs have a very short coat.

Additionally, these coats are very slick compared to other dog breeds. Coat colors can vary depending on the dog and which breeder the individual adopted the dog from.

Italian greyhounds can be seen with the colors black, pigeon-grey, tan, beige, white, and red. It is not uncommon to see these dogs with a white chest. The feature is fairly common Italian greyhounds.


Italian greyhounds have a general moderate temperament and personality. Fairly being comparable to standard dog breeds. These excellent companions are extremely loving towards their families and are very loyal.

This breed is great for families who plan on being outdoors and stay regularly active. The Italian greyhound breed has to stay active daily to keep their health in check.

However, Italian greyhounds are naturally nervous and do not do too well with strangers or unfamiliar people. Nervous behavior may occur with other animals they are unfamiliar with. Nervousness and uncertainty are due to the Italian greyhounds’ small frame and fragile body.

These dogs can easily be harmed by misbehaved children and larger dogs if unattended. However, when Italian greyhounds are introduced to children at a young age, they can grow confident being around them.

Being confident is important for a dog. Especially for a dog whose stature is small than the average dog breed. Be aware of introducing an Italian greyhound to a new person or animal. When an Italian greyhound gets too nervous, he or she could vomit out of nervousness.

Further stress can potentially cause diarrhea that could last for days. Vomiting and diarrhea are a result of stress. Since the Italian greyhound is small and frail, its confidence isn’t as strong. Slowly introducing the dog to a new animal or person is ideal for any Italian greyhound owner.

Living situation

Italian greyhounds can live in various types of housing situations. Due to its small frame, the small breed of dogs can easily adapt to many different styles of homes and living conditions. They can live in the city and in the countryside.

On the other hand, these dogs do better with warmer climates. Italian greyhound fun is thin, and their frames are small. As a result, these tiny dogs can get cold and uncomfortable quickly.

It is wise to care for an Italian greyhound when living in an area that does not snow or get too chilly. Several dog owners who live in Northern and snowy climates will give their Italian greyhounds a dog sweater.

Furthermore, they would keep the animal indoors. Unless the dog would have to attend a vet visit, of course. Italian greyhounds wear clothes for a purpose rather than just for fun and show. Dog clothes on Italian greyhounds can keep the animal warm.

In addition to keeping the dog warm, clothes are known to reduce anxiety and calm the dog down. Doing so would increase the dog’s confidence when going out in public or meeting new people.


These small dogs are known to have bloating issues. Bloating is frequent when it comes to deep-chested dog breeds. Bloating is highly reported in Italian greyhounds.

The medical condition is a term describing a gastric dilation. Gastric dilation can become a serious health risk for Italian greyhounds when unchecked.

Most dog owners wouldn’t know what to look out for. Which is why most vets recommend regular check-ups for dog breeds of any kind. Dental disease is another health factor when owning an Italian greyhound.

Most dog owners can understand why dental is important for their canine companion. It is very easy to notice dental disease since one of the first signs is a dog’s bad breath.

If an individual notices bad breath coming from their dog, it is wise to make an appointment as soon as possible. Since the Italian greyhound is small and fragile bones can be fractured with ease.

Fractured bones can be devastating to a dog since they are naturally active and energetic. Not being able to run around and play could be terrible for the animal’s mental health. Fracture bones could cause mental as well as physical harm to their Italian greyhounds if not careful.

Anesthesia sensitivity is another health factor to look out for.

When choosing a vet for an Italian greyhound, be sure the vet office has the experience with small, fragile dogs. Reading up on reviews and asking the proper questions can ensure safety for the anima’s doctor visit.

Last but not least, stress-induced diarrhea. It is not pretty because it can cause dehydration and anemia in dogs. In other words, diarrhea is highly dangerous for a small dog like the Italian greyhound.

Stress-induced vomiting could be another factor to keep an eye out for. Vomiting could cause the same result as diarrhea.

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