Fun Facts About Kerry Blue Terrier

If you are interested in finding out some fun facts about the Kerry Blue Terrier, here they are! Below I have seven separate facts, which makes out to be an excellent read!


The Kerry Blue Terrier has a unique appearance. They are born black, and later on, in age, they turn the color blue. It is said the age of the change of color is around eight-teen months.

Their average weight is about up to forty pounds. Even now, the Kerry Blue Terrier does turn blue; you can see them as silver as well.

The breed is known for its strength, having very strong shoulders and upper body. You can’t help to notice the unique hair on them. It is very soft to the touch but can get tangled quite easily.

Along the face of the Kerry Blue Terrier is very distinctive. Long wavy hairs fall along the jawline, making it easy to spot this dog right away. The female is usually smaller than the male, both with wide nostrils. Distinctive hair on them feels close to human hair, at the same time wool.

The Kelly Blue Terrier has hair that is dense and requires constant cutting. Nail clipping is also essential, for their comfort and also handling of them. Shades of blue vary from other dogs, so no dog is the same.


When it comes to training the Kerry Blue Terrier, it’s not hard work. They are natural people-pleasers and a great companion. Following the leadership of its owner, results are favorable if proper training is consistent.

Daily walks and regular exercise are key to the Kerry Blue Terrier. Having this in mind, as an owner, it is key to be open always to be outdoors. They also tend to be kind, and only are on defense when threatened.

So having the Kelly Blue Terrier would be a good choice as a family pet.

The breed will be ready for exercise as long as the owner is willing as well. Being versatile is a great asset to have as an entertaining dog inside the home. Outside activity is great to teach them to stalk if hunting is your goal. An owner that doesn’t enjoy working out might not be a good fit for the Kerry Blue Terrier.


The breed of the Kelly Blue Terrier, are mostly known for their loyalty. From even being a puppy, they recognize submission early. The early stages of learning make it easy for them to trust.

When an owner is operating at a calm state, the Kelly Blue Terrier will do likewise. They are also intelligent beyond measure, showing devotion to its owner. Playing constantly is exactly what they love to do if you love the same.

When they are on the same page as its owner, the Kelly Blue Terrier can sense it. Good vibes are contagious, and they run with that! Being very affectionate and kind to children can be said, while on guard to other animals.

As an owner, you will naturally feel respected by them. Small children are, for the most part, safe and sound with the Kerry Blue Terrier.

Show dog

When it comes to showing off, the Kelly Blue Terrier does exactly that! Over many years, they have been able to leave an audience in aw.

Most importantly, when it comes to judging, they always seem to stand out. Having the ability to be very attentive allows them easier results to carry out a task. Whether it’s jumping through a hoop, or prancing elegantly, the Kelly Blue Terrier scores high.

The Kelly Blue Terrier was known in Ireland to represent the public going against an undesirable government. History is very fond of them, and are still making an impression during shows. They are known to do epic tricks, with firm training and consistency.


The temperament of the Kelly Blue Terrier is unique as well. Being used as a police dog proves it’s potential for aggression, but it’s not usually common. Their obedience is also a keen sense that they display, making them easy to hold pets.

If you own a cat, the Kelly Blue Terrier most likely will chase it away. Depending on their tolerance from their environment, they can be protective right away. Following commands is an easy task for the breed, noticed hundreds of years ago.

They would act as shepherds guiding sheep to their destination of the owner. Bad behavior is usually performed when their needs are not met properly. Also, if boredom sets in, you can find these dogs chewing up things for attention.


When it comes to the diet of the Kelly Blue Terrier, it is said to be a normal dog’s diet. A balanced diet can consist of broth mixed with dry dog food. Nothing spectacular has to be done here, and table food is not on the list.

The Kelly Blue Terrier should not consume foods like eggs and meat. If you choose to do so, only ten percent of their diet is acceptable. Moderation is key when feeding them; their size is usually maintained with exercise.


Prep work for grooming a Kerry Blue Terrier is not that difficult. As long as you have a pair of trimmers and clippers, you should be in good shape. Be careful not to use the blade on trimmers to touch the tips of the ear. A pair of scissors might even be used to get a closer cut.

The cleaner your Kerry Blue Terrier looks, the happier you will be as an owner and proud family. To be able to cut the long hairs falling around the mouth, you must be aware. This is a sensitive area that can’t be seen unless you cut under the jawline.

Cutting the direction the way the hair grows, leaves a professional look. Both sides of the Kelly Blue Terrier should be cut the same way. Every month or so, is a good time frame for grooming, depending on your lifestyle.

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