Fun Facts About the Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

Most popular in America

Labradors hold the first place for being the most popular breed in America. Right behind the labrador in popularity are the German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Bulldog.

Their popularity has to do with many different factors. One of these factors is how loyal the breed of dog is to its masters. They make for great guard dogs while still being great for families.

Labradors can be very protective when their masters and loved ones are in any kind of danger. Also, they can be extremely friendly and loving to anyone they know and trust. They are easy to train into knowing who is a friend and who is not.

3 Colors recognized

There are three different colors of labradors who are recognized by the American Kennel Club. These colors that are recognized by the club are chocolate, yellow, or black.

It is not uncommon to find a litter of labradors to have a mixed set of coloring. The coloring depends on how the DNA forms, so there is no way to control the coloring. All of them have the same mannerism and loyalty.

First to detect diabetic episodes

A labrador holds the Guinness World Record for being the first to detect a diabetic episode.

The dog went by the name of Armstrong, and he was honored with the record in 2015. He went through special training in 2003 to detect diabetic episodes.

Armstrong is the first to be able to successfully detect one, though, even with others having been trained as well. He was trained to be able to smell the changes in a person’s chemical makeup, smells when hypoglycemia happens.

Originates from Newfoundland

A lot of people think labradors come from Canada’s labrador, but they are wrong. They originate from Newfoundland, which dates back to the 1700s.

Newfoundlands were named for the capital city there were created in. One of the ancestors of the labrador is the St. John’s Water-Dog. They were created by breeding a smaller water dog with a Newfoundland.

Labradors were first called by their name by the Earl of Malmesbury. Afterward, the name caught on and quickly spread in popularity through North America.

English Kennel Club

The English Kennel Club is 1 of the most pristine and well-known clubs that exist. They are the club that everyone turns to when there is a new dog breed. If the English Kennel Club recognizes a new breed, then everyone else does as well.

The labrador was recognized by the English Kennel Club in 1903. Since this club recognized the breed, it quickly grew in popularity. It is now a very popular breed and highly sought after breed in America for many different reasons.

Largest single-breed dog walk

Labradors hold a World Record in the Guinness World Records. The record is for the largest single-breed dog walk ever to happen.

The dog walk took place in 2020 on August 29th. The walk was for 5 kilometers, and it took place in Warsaw, Poland. The walk involved 700 labradors in total, along with their masters. No breed has managed to have more dogs of the same breed participate.

Any more, a lot of the walks have mixed breeds who end up participating.

Common breed for rescue and therapy

With how loyal a labrador is to their owner, they make for the best rescue dogs. It makes them the best one to pick for rescue dogs.

They are extremely reliable because they are dedicated to their master. It means they will do whatever their master wants them to do with no problems. They also make for great therapy dogs because of their kind and friendly demeanor.

They can be very gentle even while they are driven to accomplish what they were told to accomplish.

High pain threshold

Labradors are the dog breed who has the highest pain threshold. It makes them the perfect breed of dog to use for rescue work. This means they are commonly used for search and rescuers all over the world. And also, it can be harder for a person to own one as a pet.

It is because it can be harder to detect if they are in pain or hurt. The owner has to know the dog to be able to tell if it is.

Longest walk home

Dogs are very loyal breeds, and Labrador is one of the most loyal breeds. A lot of loyal dogs had walked home to their owners when they were separated.

A labrador and boxer mixed are the one who is known to have walked the farthest. His name was Jimpa, and he lived in Australia. He ended up walking 3,218 kilometers across Australia to get back to his owner. He turned up at his old home in Pimpinio, Victoria, after he was separated and alone.

Mother of a first living cloned dog

There have been many attempts to clone a dog successfully. A lot of them have not been successful, though, but there was finally one that has been successful.

The first-ever successful clone of a dog was created using a female golden labrador’s egg cell. The clone is named Snuppy. Snubby is a cross between a golden labrador and an Afghan hound.

The hound’s DNA came from the ear and was joined to the female’s egg cell. It was then put in the female for development.

Most bottles recycled

A labrador by the name of Tubby holds the World Record for the most plastic bottles recycled. Tubby lives with his owner in the United Kingdom, where he enjoys long walks.

During these walks, Tubby picks up any plastic bottle he sees along the way. He then crushes the plastic bottles with his teeth before handing them to his owner.

has been recycling plastic bottles for over six years and does not appear to be stopping any time soon. He has collected over 26,000.

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