Fun Facts About Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo, also known as the Water Dog of Romagna, originated from Italy in the 17th century. It has a sympathetic and gentle nature that makes it a perfect exceptional dog.

Since the ancient era, Romagnol was useful in hunting truffles and served as gun dogs due to their strong sense of smell and remarkable learning ability.

A medium-sized adult dog has a height of approximately 18-inches and a weight of 32 pounds. They are the best species when it comes to serving as water retrievers in deep and shallow water.

Water Dogs have a life expectancy of 13 and 14 years.

They have a waterproof coat

The water dog coat has either a white coat with orange or brown colored patches and a brown-roan or orange-roan with or without white patches. The coat is built of light, small curls, and has a wooly texture.

The Romagnolo has two coats, the inner coat and the outer coat made of hair, giving them a waterproof ability. The hair present on the skin reduces the level of shedding of the dog; thus, making the species a hypoallergenic breed.

However, if not well-groomed, thick hair can grow near the ear and eyes making it hard for the dog to see.

Furthermore, if left like that for an extended period, it can lead to ear infections. Thus, it is advisable for owners to regularly clean and groom the dog to avoid such scenarios from happening.

Besides trimming the hair, you should always ensure that you visit the vet regularly and that you check on the dog’s ears at least once a week.

They are a fantastic pet for the family

Lagatto Romagnolo bonds very quickly with the owner and are very addictive. They are very playful and energetic. If you are planning to own a Lagatto, you should ensure that you start training and socializing the dog at its younger age.

They tend to be aggressive to strangers, but at times, they can decide to be silent and watch from a far distance. When it comes to family members, the dogs are very loyal, dedicated, and protective of their loved ones.

They love playing with children, but you must be careful since they can get rambunctious at shy children. If raised with other pets, they tend to have a good relationship with all types of pets, including cats.

It is good to note that the dogs are not comfortable in an apartment lifestyle; instead, they would prefer living in a home with a large backyard to play and run.

Initially, they were meant for hunting

In the 18th century, hunters in Italy used Lagotto as water dogs. They were very efficient when it came to hunting animals in the water.

All this changed in the 19th century after hunters found little use of the dogs. However, truffle hunters saw the benefits of Lagottos and began using them in their quest for mushrooms.

By the end of the world war two, almost all truffle hunters had turned to use Lagottos in their endeavors.

They are easy to train

The Romagna water dog is typically kind, intelligent, and easy to train. They have a very memorable mind and love to show off new tricks and commands.

Their remarkable sense of smell plays a vast part in making them perfect truffle dogs. Furthermore, they have a very high concentration trait; thus, it is challenging for the Lagotto to be enticed by prey while searching for truffles.

The Lagotto tends to be hostile when it comes to strangers

The Water Dog is very friendly and loving when it comes to family members. However, this trait makes it a very protective dog, increasing its hostility level among strangers. They will tend to bark to alert the owner of any guest but will tend to be protective if they sense that the stranger has bad intentions.

However, due to their friendly nature, they will become very welcoming to the stranger after the introduction. It is good to note that the Lagotto is even-tempered, hence, not that much aggressive.

They do not require that much attention

Unlike other medium breeds, the Lagotto always tends to be independent, although they get attached to owners easily. This is not to say that they will tolerate being alone for a long time.

However, they will only need a little bit of attention to feel satisfied. If you train them to be isolated from a young age, they will still be happy if left alone when they become adults.

Furthermore, if your dog is stubborn, it is good to go with it for a walk or a run and make sure it is exercised before leaving it alone.

Their need for exercising is very high

The Lagotto is always relaxed and calm while in the house. However, they are playful dogs and will still need some time to eradicate their energy to keep their mental and physical health in check. For this reason, you should always ensure that you take your dog for a varied and long walk daily.

The long walks will enhance their searching and retrieving skills, at the same time, help in strengthening the dog between you and the dog.

Their compatibility

If you have a cat in your household, then you should not be afraid of having the Lagotto Romagnolo. They have a very compatible relationship with cats and can live peacefully without fighting each other.

When it comes to other dog breeds, the Lagotto can easily live with different breeds provided that they respect each other. Because of the playful nature of kids, these species will always love to spend time with children than adults.

However, you should always check on the children while playing to avoid the occurrence of any injuries.

They are not prone to obesity

Lagotto Water Dogs loves spending most of their time playing and exercising. Hence, if well fed and left out to exercise, they can hardly put on more weight, thus, reducing their chances of having obesity.

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