Fun Facts About Large Munsterlander

All around Europe, the Large Munsterlander is well-known for its hunting skills. The species has a strong instinct, tracking, retrieving, and pointing ability that makes it a perfect dog for hunting.

However, if you are planning to own the Large Munsterlander, then you must be an outdoor person. The species will only be comfortable in a place where there is a large backyard and plenty of daily workouts.

If you are in search of a cheerful best friend, then you can opt to own the Large Munsterlander.
The male and the female Munsterland weigh a maximum equivalent weight of 32kg.

However, they have different heights of 65cm for the male and 63cm for the female.

They all hail from Germany

Large Munsterlander traces its root back to Germany after the crossbreeding of white coats and the German Longhaired Pointers. In the ancient days, Germans only accepted species with white and liver color.

The rest, that is, black and white dogs, were offered to local German farmers and hunters. However, with time, black and white coats puppies were regarded to be of the same type as the other Munsterlander.

Nevertheless, after some years, German authorities refused to register black and white coats species. For this reason, the owners and breeders of the breed formed an alliance calling their dogs the Large Munsterlader.

The Large Musnterlander has a very charming appearance

The species is well-proportioned, with beautiful, striking coats, and is relatively handsome. Their ability to be alert, attentive, and always keen to what is around them, makes them the perfect species for hunting.

They have a little doomed skull and a head that is comparative to the rest of the body. Their hunting capabilities are enhanced by the presence of strong jaws and a strong muscular neck. Their upper teeth slightly overlap the lower teeth to offer the dog a scissor bite.

The Large Munsterlander is a good watchdog

Although they are less aggressive to strangers, Munsters tends to be one of the best watchdogs. Their ability to be attentive to their surroundings plays a huge part in making them a perfect watchdog.

However, if not trained well, they will tend to stand their ground and watch the intruder from a distance without making any move. For this reason, owners should train their dogs when they are young to avoid such scenarios from happening.

They do not bark excessively

All Munsters love their barking sound increasing their rate for barking. However, you can protect yourself from the loud noise by training your dog while still young. Offering them enough and adequate training will help limit their rate of barking and will only bark in various circumstances.

For instance, a well-trained dog will only bark if it needs attention. Besides that, Munster can also bark if there is any change in its surroundings or the presence of a stranger.

They love attention

The Munsters form a powerful bond between them, the family members, and other animals around them. Therefore, if left alone for an extended period, they tend to be unhappy and can cause havoc around the compound.

Hence, if you want to own this dog, you must have a person staying at home, or you must work from home to make sure that it never feels lonely. This will help prevent the dog from suffering from separation anxiety and reducing the destructive nature of the dog.

They are very playful

Munsters love living an outdoor and active life; thus, they cannot adapt to living in apartments or homes with no compounds. Munsters tend to live comfortably in places with extensive gardens or back yard to be able to roam and play around.

They have a very playful trait and love spending time with their owners. If left to roam around, they always find their way to play with the environment as they have a brilliant mind. Furthermore, they can quickly learn how to entertain their owners because of their mischievous and creative nature.

They love the company of children’s and other pets

Large Munsterlander love to spend time playing and enjoying the attention of others. If left with playful children, the Munster can enjoy playing around with the kids. Munsters always have a very protective and careful instinct when around kids; thus, acting as good protectors.

Nevertheless, owners should always make sure that they supervise any interaction between the dog and the kids to avoid accidental injuries.

When it comes to other pets, the Munster can easily socialize with any pet if they grew up together. However, they might chase off other animals due to their hunting nature; hence, owners are required to pay keen attention to the species when they are out for a walk.

The Large Munsters are very intelligent

Large Munsters love to please and entertain their owners. Furthermore, they also have a very intellectual ability and usually pick instructions faster.

The downside of this fact is that they can easily pick up destructive behaviors and habits. Hence, you should always consider training the dog in its tender age, and the training must be fair and consistent.

For the training to be effective, you must always make sure that the training sessions are enjoyable.

Besides that, always make sure that you engage the dog in retrieving things and not preventing it from doing activities that they are not meant to perform. It is good to note that the species are susceptible in nature; thus, it is difficult for them to respond to harsh training.

They are loyal, reliable, and affectionate

Since the ancient era, Munsters had a great desire to finish their hunting activities. For this reason, hunters found them very reliable and loyal and depended on them for their hunting duties. Their social nature makes them perfect family pets and watchdogs.

Their love to entertain and be entertained enables them to create a powerful and loving bond with their owners and love greetings and gifts when you get back home.

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