Fun Facts About Leonberger

The Leonberger is from Germany

The Leonberger is a dog breed that is originally from Germany. It was actually created by a politician by the name of Heinrich Essig in 1846. He wanted to create a dog that looks like a lion, but it was a domestic breed.

His niece ended up taking over breeding this dog as he was marketing the dog to sell it. He crossed the Newfoundland with Saint Bernard. This was then crossed with the Pyrenean mountain dog according to him, though many believe that more dogs than these three would have been used.

The Leonberger is a noble dog

The Leonberger is a very noble dog worldwide. The marketing skills of Essig allowed for the dog to enter the homes of some of the richest and most noble people throughout Germany. He even reached celebrities and wealthy individuals worldwide.

There were many famous individuals that have owned a Leonberger. He used the connection between the name of the dog and the name of his hometown in order to build an interest in this breed. The prince of Wales, the king of Italy, and the Czar of Russia all owned one of these dogs.

The Leonberger almost went extinct

World War I saw a large drop in the number of Leonbergers worldwide. They actually almost went extinct during this first World War. There were only 25 of these dogs left by the end of the period.

There were two breeders who sought out to use these 25 to keep the breed alive though. Only 5 of the dogs were able to be bred, but it happened. By the year 1926, there were over 360 of these dogs worldwide through the efforts of Karl Stadelmann and Otto Josenhans.

The male Leonberger is completely different from the female Leonberger

The male and female Leonbergers look completely different. They are actually considered to be dimorphic. This means that they are able to be told apart by gender simply by looking at them without close inspection.

The male Leonberger actually looks masculine. It is much more muscular and weighs much more with an average weight of 132 pounds. The female Leonberger actually looks more feminine. It weighs about 30 pounds less than the make at 105 pounds, and it is significantly less muscular looking than the males.

The Leonberger usually has a small litter

Typically, the Leonberger only has about six puppies when it gives birth. This is relatively small to the average-sized litter for a dog. It is rare that a litter size gets much larger than this when considering this breed.

In 2009 there was one litter of 18 puppies for this breed though. It was very difficult to see beforehand how many puppies were going to come for the sheer number of puppies that were in the womb. The owners simply knew that there were more than 10, so they were busy when 18 came.

The Leonberger is very emotionally sensitive

The Leonberger is extremely in tune with emotions. This includes being in tune with their owner’s emotions on a personal level. They visibly sympathize with their owners when they are going through strong emotions or very emotional moments.

The Leonberger is known for becoming upset when its owners are upset. It will become visibly distressed and upset if it notices strong emotions like depression or anger among its owners. They want to be with their owners at all times, and they often become anxious themselves if they are left alone.

The Leonberger is a great therapy dog

The Leonberger, as one can imagine, makes a great therapy dog. It is actually one of the best therapy dogs due to their emotional sensitivity. They are extremely gentle despite what their size may suggest.

Also, the Leonberger could even make a great therapy dog for children as it is even patient and gentle with children.

The Leonberger has actually been awarded by the Leonberger Club of America for its therapeutic attributes that are great for all. It is even great as a hospital visitor to assist those with the company in the hospital.

The Leonberger is a shedder

In order for a dog to look like a lion, it has to have a lot of furs. The Leonberger actually has a double coat of fur. Their fur is easily visible when it sheds as well as it is available in a variety of colors like yellow, brown, red, and black.

It is important to try to brush your Leonberger every day. This will get rid of a lot of the shedding hair to prevent the cleaning you have to do in your home. It will keep you and your household free of excessive hair.

The Leonberger is a great search and rescue dog

Search and rescue dogs have to have an incredibly strong sense of smell. That is one of the many great things about the Leonberger. They are also very agile and strong dogs that want to make their owners happy.

Leonbergers are commonly used as search and rescue dogs for these qualities. They are specially used for this in Europe and Canada. They are even able to swim as they have webbed feet to allow them to work well while in water.

The Leonberger is messy

If you are someone who enjoys keeping a pristinely clean home, the Leonberger is probably not for you. It has been mentioned that these dogs shed excessively. They are also incredibly messy, however, and they enjoy being that way.

It is a nickname that these dogs are supposed to look damp and to have leaves and sticks stuck to them. They love to be wet, so they are known for playing in mud or for playing in their water bowls. When excited, these dogs may even drool excessively. It is important to be prepared.

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