Fun Facts About lhasa Apso Dogs

Lhasa Apso is a non-sporting dog that was very significant in serving as a watchdog in palaces thousands of years back. Globally, the dog is one of the oldest dog breeds as it has people trace its roots back from 800AD.

Initially, the dog was a watchdog for monasteries and palaces in Tibet 9 centuries ago. Currently, the dog is kept as a best friend and acts as a show dog in the United States and most parts of Europe.

Lhasa Apso has a maximum weight of 15pounds and a height of 9-11 inches. Its coat varies in color as it comes in white, black, gold, and red color. The dog also has a thick, long, and straight hairy skin that gives it an attractive and cute look.

It is an ancient breed

It is an ancient dog that has a long history in Tibet country. Kings and wealthy people in Tibet preferred using Lhasa Apso as their watchdogs in the 800A.D.They guarded the palaces against the inside and would alert the security personnel of any intruders by barking.

Thus, the name Apso originated from this point. Lhasa Apso’s original name in Tibet is Abso Seng Kye, meaning Bark Lion Sentinel Dog. Furthermore, Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet: hence, you can tell that the breed originated from Tibet capital city.

People believe that they are spiritual creatures

Tibetan Buddhists have a strong belief that when a priest dies, the soul moves to the body of Lhasa Apso. Hence, they believe that Lhasa Apso dogs are reincarnated by priests and other religious persons.

However, after the dog dies, its soul returns into human form. The constant cycle ensures that the breed maintains its religious significance in the Tibetan culture.

Cold-weather dogs

People anticipate that all small dogs duels in warm and hot weather conditions. However, though the Lhasa Apso has a slim body, the breed is typically comfortable in cold weather. The fact that it originated from the Himalayan Mountains is full of proof that the dog can quickly adapt to cold weather conditions.

Their bodies have a thick undercoat that enables them to adapt in cold weather without any struggle. However, frigid weather conditions can harm them: hence, you do not have to live them outside for long because they can survive the cold.

They can act as good watchdogs

Since the ancient days, Lhasa Apso were watchdogs for the kings, prominent people, and monks living in the Himalayan Mountains. Their sharp barking sound played a huge part in ensuring that they acted as watchdogs.

Currently, these dogs’ acts as an alarm system for many homes as nothing can go past them. However, training a Lhasa Apso can be a very challenging and tedious task, but you will appreciate the dogs barking once a stranger invades your apartment.

They are indoor dogs

Although Lhasa Apso can withstand cold weather for a long time, they are usually comfortable and prefer being inside your apartment. However, if you love taking a walk around the neighborhood, you can do so, but it must be a short distance and only once or twice a day.

While inside your apartment, Lhasa Apso will set up its base within your apartment that will allow it to see the whole house from one point. By so doing, they reduce the movement they cover, enhancing your home’s security at their comfort.

They are tenacious

Being stubborn is one of the many characteristics of the Lhasa Apso. Nevertheless, their stubborn nature tends to a joke and joy for some owners.

According to experts, the uncompromising nature played a significant role in ensuring that the breed survived until the date. Furthermore, the trait gives the owner experience in raising the dog. Besides that, it also creates a robust bond between the owner and the dog.

They are overprotective

Despite their small nature, Lhasa Apso is overprotective when it comes to safeguarding its territory. No stranger can go past the dog without the dog being aggressive.

Making Lhasa a family dog ensures that your family has a cover from intruders and strangers. Thus, your children will be safe from strangers once they are out playing in the streets.

However, if you have friends and you want to introduce them to your dog, it is better that you do it slowly and systematically. Overwhelming the dog with strangers may trigger its aggressive reactions even to your loved once.

They have an empathetic hearing

The reason the Lhasa Apso is very good at acting as a watchdog is its ability to have a sensitive hearing. Lhasa Apso can hear any change from a far distance and alert the owner in case of any burglary or doorbell.

However, if you have a hearing problem, you can opt to get a Lhasa Apso since they can act as a good assistant in hearing doorbells and also other alarms. However, training the Lhasa tends to be challenging, but they are the best breed when it comes to offering hearing services.

They have challenges in breathing

The dogs have a very short nose that plays a part in enhancing their difficulties in breathing. For this reason, you cannot take the Lhasa Apso for long walks or exercise it for many hours.

However, you must take your dog for a 15-minute walk two times a day. Besides going for a walk, you can opt to play a game of fetch with the dog or let it run around the backyard. It is good to note that you must be attentive to the dog while exercising to notice difficulties in breathings.

The dog is popular amongst famous, rich, and prominent people

Lhasa Apso is very loyal to their owners. For this reason, prominent people such as Queen Sofia of Spain, Gwen Stefani, Kurt Vonnegut, and Elle Denegeres all love the company that they offer. Furthermore, Dalai Lamas of Tibet are among the list of people who love owning Lhasa Apso.

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