Fun Facts About Maltipoos

The perfect furry friend

The Malta Poodle, better known as a Maltipoo, is a dog breed that was specifically produced by mixing two purebreds. By combining genetics from purebred Maltese and Poodles, the Maltipoo was born to create a unique furry friend.

They are small in stature and a very affectionate breed. Their unique personal characteristic in combination with their adorable features makes this breed very popular with a variety of individuals.

They do require a high level of emotional care but overall are very low maintenance when it comes to dog breeds. They are small, affectional, and overall an adorable family pet.

Bred to be the greatest companion

The statement “a man’s best friend” might have been made for this breed. The Maltipoo is guaranteed to be very attached to particular family members.

They are well known for the large amount of affection they show and their playfulness. This characteristic can make it challenging if owners plan to be away from their homes for long periods.

Due to their affection, these dogs are best suited for homes with large families or individuals who do not intend to leave their homes for extended time frames.

As a result of the Maltipoo being a very sensitive pet, they usually require a significant amount of emotional attention. By providing them with the proper emotional love and support, these dogs will not just survive but will thrive in their living conditions.

Created with size in mind

The Malta Poodle, our Maltipoo, is a hybrid dog that originated from an island in Malta, hence the name.

This breed was produced with size and hair in mind. There was a desire for a smaller dog that did not shed as much as traditional poodles. Now, the Maltipoo is a very popular pet and highly sought after an animal.

Easy to train and fun

These pups are traditionally very easy to train and eager to work for rewards. Of course, it all depends on their personalities as to how much they are willing to train. However, with this in mind, people will find that the majority of Maltipoo’s are eager to perform well for their owners.

This breed also tends to hold a high level of intelligence. With this characteristic, the breed is typically much easier to train and is willing to work hard for their rewards. Because they are more of an emotional breed, they will usually work for treats as well as simple pets and snuggles from their owners.

Similar to most dogs, training sessions should be kept fun, short, and frequent as not to lose the dog’s interest. The Maltipoo also has quite a high energy level at times.

Therefore, they can be very playful when they desire more affection. They do not require a whole lot of exercise but may often get small bursts of energy that they need to release.

Very low maintenance

Aside from their emotional needs, the Maltipoo breed does not require much else from its owner. Due to their little to no maintenance needs, these puppies an ideal pet for most homes.

They do not shed very much, they have almost no drooling, and they hold fairly steady weight throughout their lifetime.

Thrive inside

An interesting fact about the Maltipoo is that they tend not to handle the sun very well. Therefore, these pups need to have a close watchful eye if they are ever outside in the warm sun.

Special care is required for these precious Maltipoo’s when it comes to the warm sun. They should not be let out in the yard for extended periods with no access to shade or water. They also do not typically care for longer walks.

Although they do enjoy other people and dogs, they still should not be taken on extended strolls, or their owners will end up needing to carry them home. Because of their low tolerance to heat, this characteristic makes them ideal for indoors.

The Maltipoo is a very easy breed to potty train. It is in their nature to catch on quickly, and they are always eager to please their owners.

Loves other people and dogs

The Maltipoo breed is also well known for its love for other people and animals.

Traditionally, they do very well when in the presence of strangers as well as other dogs. Now, Maltipoo does not always love other people and dogs, so that it may depend on the individual dog’s personality.

The hybrid pet is also famous for having quite the bark for such a small-statured animal.

A small dog with a big life span

Because these dogs are crossbred, they tend to have a much longer lifespan than full-bred dogs. They are a hybrid dog that has been created to be small in size with a weight that typically ranges from 5 to 20 pounds.

Furthermore, they have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. This means that adding a Maltipoo to a family will be a longer commitment than a purebred dog or a larger dog. However, because they are a hybrid, they do not usually have all of the major health issues seen in full purebred dogs.

A Maltipoo may be for you

This is one breed that should seriously be considered for families, a couple, or even a single individual to have as a pet. The Maltipoo will be affectionate and show loyalty to their owners until the very end of their lifetime.

They are sure to show a strong emotional connection to those that surround them daily. The Maltipoo has been bred to be a small and adorable bundle of joy. This furry friend is sure to be a great addition to any family willing to show them all of the care and love they deserve.

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