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Leonberger is a stubborn, calm, and amiable dog that offers excellent companionship. If you love hiking, swimming, and exercising, then you can opt to get the Leonberger.

The male species has a weight of 15o pounds and a height of 310-inches, while the female has a size of 27-inches and a weight of 140 pounds. Also, the equipped with naturally floppy ears that fall down their skull.

The Leonberger can live for a maximum of ten years. However, they are well-groomed for cold weather conditions, although they can still live in hot and dry conditions.

First appeared in Germany

In 1846, Herr Heinrich, a German breeder, and politician wanted to create an animal that had the same appearance as the lion.

Therefore, he made a new dog by crossing Saint Bernard, Landseer Newfoundland, and the Pyrenean mountain dog and named the breed Leonberger after his hometown. Initially, Herr wanted an all-white dog for general preference.

However, after his demise, his nephew took over his roles and created a tawny coat and black mask species in 1889.

The Leonberger nearly went extinct

During the world war, Leonberg almost went extinct, just like another ancient breed. Karl Stadelmann and Otto Josenhans searched all over Germany for the remaining species, which were less than 25 in number.

However, only 5 of the remaining dogs were able to breed: thus, Karl and Otto started producing the remaining species until they were able to raise more than 50 dogs. Later a group of 7 people took over breeding the dogs, and within four years, they were able to raise more than 400 dogs.

You can easily differentiate between the male and the female

Compared to the female, male Leonbergers have a majestic look. Most of the dogs usually have yellow-brown hair and other reddish-brown hair. Their coat always has different color patches, and it’s usually a water-resistant jacket.

When it comes to the face, the male Leonbergers typically have a black mask or over their face giving them a unique appearance. The tip of their hairs and the ears are usually covered with black hairs, unlike the female that have none.

On reaching four years old, the male tends to grow long hair on the chest and the neck known as the mane. However, females also tend to have the mane but are usually not visible. An adult male can weigh up to 175 pounds while a female can weigh up to 130 pounds.

The Leonberger requires massive training

An adult Leonberger may tend aggressive, not family-friendly, and challenging to handle if not appropriately trained when young.

Furthermore, training the dog when it is an adult may be challenging, and for this reason, owners should train the dog when they are young. Finding Leonbergers that are aggressive, it’s sporadic; however, if the dog is not socialized or provoked, it can turn up aggressive.

Gentle and consistent training is essential to Leos in their tender age. Its good to note that, Leos don’t do well in harsh training conditions. Therefore, you should always ensure that your dog attends training classes and still expose it to public places and parks.

The Leonberger does not deserve many workouts

Despite the large size, Leos require little exercise to keep hem fit. In a day, you should always make sure that they go for a short walk for them to be fit. Taking a Leonberger for a walk ensures that it socializes with people and, at the same time, exposing the dog to people.

The cuteness of the dog makes it a curious breed, as people always want to ask questions concerning the breed. Leonbergers love to play with water, get muddy, and to swim. If you are in search of the best water-rescuing dog, then you should opt for this dog.

However, they are not natural retrievers, you should not expect to throw them a stick, and they return it. Nevertheless, if appropriately trained or it is in a good mood, you can easily catch and fetch with the dog.

When they are two and a half-month-old, you can teach them how to pull carts since they have a robust physical appearance at this age. Leos are very efficient when it comes to tracking people and can make good herders.

However, some Leo owners usually find them efficient dogs in agility events as they are fast and obedient.

The Leonberger loves spending time in the house

Although they have a large size, Leos love spending most of their time in the place. A small apartment cannot be useful for the dog; hence, if you want to purchase this dog, you should always ensure that you have a spacious house with a backyard.

As they are family dogs, they love receiving affection and attention. Leaving the dog alone for a long time would make it misbehave, or it will get bored. Furthermore, the species loves being part of family events and activities like playing.

The Leonbergers require grooming each now and then

Leonberger undergoes heavier molt twice a year due to seasonal changes; hence, they always shed their coat. Thus, they are still in need of regular brushing.

Although grooming is not a physical requirement, it can be essential when it comes to creating a good relationship between you and the dog. They always have a lion-like appearance that is created by a thick double coat. The skin comes in various colors, brown, sand, yellow, and black.

The breed is susceptible

They are one of the sensitive species. When the family members argue, they can tend to be visibly distressed or express sadness or anger. They love the company of their owners, and they are bred to offer companions for their owners.

The Leonberger is powerful

They are elegant dogs and have powerful muscles. Although they are not aggressive, they tend to have very calm confidence and a balanced body. However, males are powerful compared to females and are relatively significant.

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