Fun Facts About Otterhound Dogs

The Otterhound is a hunting dog that traces its roots back to England. The dog was originally designed for hunting since it had long striding steps and a large body that enabled them to perform hard work.

Thanks to its unique design, the species was able to hunt both in water bodies and land for long hours without straining. Female Otterhounds have a maximum weight of 80 pounds and a height of 25-inches.

Males, on the other hand, have a maximum weight of 120 pounds and full size of 24-inches. Otter dogs have a life expectancy of a maximum of 13 years.

Otterhounds originated from Europe

It’s not yet clear on which state the Otter dog originated from. Nevertheless, in the 12 century, anglers used this species to help hunt for otters that were killing their fish in the rivers. However, with abundant food supply, hunting otters using Otterhound became a renowned sport.

Royal and wealthy men enjoyed playing the sport the most. After some years, hunting otters became an illegal activity due to the decrease in numbers of otters in Britain. People switched to hunting minks and coypu with Otterhounds for leisure and as sporting activities.

Historians believed that Otterhound originated from wales and Devonshire as they bred from the Southern Hound and Welsh Harrier.

According to other historians, the species was the offspring of the Old Water Spaniel and the English bulldog. The first species of Otterhounds step foot in the US in the 1900s. Currently, the species is on the verge of extinction, with less than 600 species left globally.

The species are even-tempered

Affectionate and friendly trait incorporated in Otterhounds brings out a lovely picture of the species. Nevertheless, although they are beautiful, they may tend to be stubborn and boisterous while puppies and growing up.

Otterhounds loves being part of the family as they create a solid bond with the family members.

Generally, they are friendly among children and family members, although they may tend to scare away or knockdown young children. For this reason, you must always pay keen attention to them when they are playing with your child.

Loves spending time doing outdoor activities

Since the ancient era, Otterhounds helped participate in hunting activities and sporting events. Although the trend is no longer the same in the modern world, the species remains an outdoor dweller.

If you are an apartment dweller without a backyard, then the chances of you maintain these dogs are minimal. The dog is perfect for families who participate in outdoor activities such as jogging, swimming, and playing.

Furthermore, you can decide to take the dog to shopping malls that accept pet dogs as a way of exercising and exposing them to the worldly environment. If exercised properly, the dog tends to be inactive while at home and can’t cause any commotion.

If you have a backyard, you can build a kennel for the dog, and it can live in it in both hot and cold weather conditions.

Nevertheless, since it is a family dog, it may tend to bark, try to escape, dig if bored or left alone for a long time. It’s good to note that the dogs can jump up to a height of 5 ft.; hence, you should not install any electric fell around your compound.

Training and socialization

Otterhounds are easy species to train, as they are knowledgeable. Being an all-rounder makes it easy for the dog to obey commands and be agile. However, owners should train their dogs starting from a tender age as they can learn commands faster compared to when they are adults.

Socializing the dog with a sophisticated environment is an essential part of building the dog’s confidence. Therefore, if you own the species, you must learn to take it with you to any pet yard store, parks, outdoor events, and places with many people.

However, you should pay keen attention to the dog as it is susceptible to scent. For this reason, the dog may end up following an exciting scent ending up damaging other people’s property.

Otterhound dogs are not perfect dogs for watchdogs

Although they are strong, the aggressiveness reaction of these species tends to be very low. Therefore, in case any stranger or intruder enters your compound, the dog will tend to lie back from a distance and watch.

Furthermore, the dogs are not very protective about their territory, so if anything happens, they will hesitate to alert you. When it comes to barking, the Otterhound will bark depending on what they are trying to communicate; hence, you won’t find them barking unnecessarily.

The only time that they may bark is when they are seeking attention, bored, protection, separation, anxiety, and alarm.

They are good swimmers

The dog comes in with two coats, an outer coat, and an undercoat. It has a maximum of 6-inch long, thick, and rough outer skin, while the undercoat is oily ad woolly; thus, making the dog a perfect breed for all weather conditions.

These traits also make the dog adaptable to both large water bodies such as lakes and streams. Furthermore, they have webbed feet that ease their ability to swim and hunt in large water masses.

The Otterhound is prone to obesity

These species are always at a higher risk of gaining weight or obesity. To prevent such scenarios from happening, the owner has to come up with scheduled daily walks to keep the dog fit.

Furthermore, feeding the dog properly with quality foods and keeping it fit boosts the efficiency of the dog and helps maintain its dynamic nature.

They cannot act as service dogs

Service dogs refer to dogs trained by governmental or private institutions to help people with disabilities such as mental disorders, visually impaired, mobility impairment, and hearing impairment.

Although they can be easily trained, they are not the best breed when it comes to offering services. However, they are the best dogs if you are in search of any scent.

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