Fun Facts About Papillon

A great dog option

Dog lovers everywhere understand the importance of finding the perfect breed and personality that will match up with them individually and their lifestyles.

Every dog breed is different in various ways, and all canines have very specific personalities.

The Papillon breed is known for being a great dog that is small to medium in size and requires a significant amount of attention from its owner.

Used to be ratters

This adorable dog breed was not always bred for its small size and lovable nature. Originally, they were used to rid factories and homes of some nasty pests. They were previously utilized around various locations to track down rats.

The dogs would not be able to kill the rat outright necessarily, but instead, they would taunt the rodents for several moments until the pests were too exhausted to move, and the fight had left them. Papillons would then make their final move to rid the place of these vermin.

The meaning behind the name

The name Papillon is an eccentric word that means “butterfly” in the French language. The breed was given this name due to its unique canine ears that appear to fan out similar to that of a butterfly’s wing.

This quirky feature gives the Papillon a very distinct appearance along with its beautiful name. The butterfly dog breed did go by different names before the transition over to the Papillon name.

These various names included Monikers, Belgian Toy Spaniel, Dwarf Spaniels, Continental Toy Spaniel, Squirrel Spaniels, Squirrel dogs, and many more.

Two different ear styles

Many people do not realize this unique characteristic, but two different types of ears occur in the Papillon breed. The first ear type is the signature butterfly, one that is most commonly seen in these dogs. The second type of ear that some Papillons have is the floppier “moth” type one.

The breed originally possessed only the traits for the floppier ears. Over time, though, it has become more popular for people to breed these dogs with the more erect ear trait.

The different ear traits aside, the canines are still classified as the same Papillon breed by some professionals. Some do consider dogs with the dropped ears to be Phalenes verses Papillon.

Regardless of the technical breed attached to these dogs, they are still in the same family, and various ear traits can even be seen within the same litter!

Are they really a lapdog?

Contrary to popular belief, pet lovers should not always view these little spitfires as the traditional lapdog. While Papillons can be a great quiet lap dog at times, they can also have quite a lot of energy.

They can be loud, energetic, and obnoxious when they feel the desire. However, many owners have found that if you offer them plenty of activity and exercise, then they can be relatively low maintenance.

Excellent performers

The Papillon breed is one canine group that is known to excel in canine agility courses. This is, of course, dependent on the amount of time is invested in their training.

Their dedication to exercise is a great exhibit of how much they enjoy physical activity and running out their abundance of energy.

They may be a smaller dog breed; however, they have great body proportions that allow them to take quick laps around agility courses successfully. The Papillon has also been awarded many prizes in various dog shows.

Socialize them young

It is key to ensure that any Papillon is socialized from a young age to prevent unwanted behaviors later in life.

Owners of small dogs can commonly see them overcompensate for their small statues and establish bad behaviors with time.

To prevent these negative behaviors, owners are encouraged to socialize their Papillons and to get them into training at a young age. By taking these appropriate measures, owners will be able to take a step in the right direction and possibly even to prevent small dog syndrome.

Versatile pet

Papillons can be relatively low maintenance when offered the proper care, and this makes them an ideal breed for a variety of individuals.

These canines tend to thrive in both cold and hot weather, so they are the perfect option for any climate.

They also thrive in apartments as well as single-family homes. Also, they make great pets for individuals who are young and old. With the proper care and maintenance, a Papillon will be a good companion for years and years.

Loved for centuries

These furry little ones have been loved for centuries. Though they have been featured in paintings dating back to the 16th century, the Papillon was not popular until the end of the 19th century. At this time, the breed became an icon for European royal families.

They acted as a symbol of weather and prestigious status. Also, the Papillon breed was painted by many famous artists due to its distinguished features.

Simple care

These wonderful animals do not require a whole lot of care. They do typically need regular grooming visits to keep up with their fine hair.

The ears and tail will need to be shaped properly at each visit. Other than regular grooming, the Papillon requires only a small amount of food since it is a smaller breed. They also are known for not having an overly pungent dog odor.

A picture-perfect pet

The Papillon is one breed of canine that has been loved for centuries. Even though the Papillon is a smaller dog, they have a large personality to offer to their owners.

They can be very sweet and loving, but they are also known to have feisty fires inside of them. The Papillon requires much love and attention and will need to go on regular walks.

However, they are wonderful pets for a large family or a family of one.

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