Fun Facts About the Pekingese Dog Breed

Pekingese are known as the Lion Dog or Chinese Spaniel. They trace their roots back to ancient China. DNA analysis proves that the Pekingese breed is a close modern relative to the wolf family.

When it comes to its family, the Chinese Spaniel has a loving and affectionate feeling and is always overprotective over its family.

Furthermore, they are very wary when it comes to strangers. The trait was relatively useful in protecting sacred and loyal places. When full-grown, the male has an average height of 9-inches and a 14 pounds weight.

The female, on the other hand, has a height of 6-inches and a weight of 7 pounds. Chinese royals and monks carried the Pekingese in their shirtsleeves due to their small size and lightweight; hence, they adopted the Sleeve Pekingese name.

Love staying indoors

They have a petite nature and limited workout needs. Their diminutive nature makes the dog a perfect breed to need minimal space in your apartment. Furthermore, unlike other dog breeds, Sleeve Pekingese loves spending most of their time on your couch with you.

However, if you want to put these little wanderers in pen, make sure that you place a sturdy fence to contain them.

Love short duration exercises

Even in the past, Chinese monks and royal men carried the Pekingese in their shirtsleeves. Because of the presence of a small nose that made it difficult for them to breathe after engaging in a tedious activity.

Until date, people use Pekingese for luxury and decadence. All they need is a regular short walk around your compound and a bit of playtime with their owners. When it comes to feeding the dog, do not overfeed it since it does not need that much energy in doing any activity.

They are loving and passionate to owners

Although they are passionate and loving, Lion Dogs are very selective. They only show love and passion to the immediate household members. When it comes to strangers, the dog is very wary and aggressive; thus, they will not dilly-dally to bark to any unknown person.

However, it’s advisable not to let your kid spend time with the dog without supervision. It is because they can’t be trusted and tend to be skittish around new environments and people.

They are very protective

Pekingese are always keen to listen and identify any burglar or intruder. In ancient China, monks and royal homes used Sleeve Pekingese as watchdogs of their households. Their ability to bark and be aggressive to strangers gave them the alarm system alarm.

Furthermore, the power of identifying new scent and unfamiliar faces was the key reason why they were perfect for the job.

Difficult to train

Most small dog breeds tend to be stubborn and proud; thus, making it difficult for the owner to train. Their pride cannot let them respond to any harsh conditions, but they can show obedience and intelligence to a method that is appealing and worth to them.

If you want to train your dog, it is better that you use positive methods in training the dogs. Besides that, ensure that the dog understands that you are in control.


Pekingese are all-weather dogs. However, they do well in cold weather conditions compared to warm and hot weather. They have a short snout and a slight frame, which makes them vulnerable to fringy weather conditions.

Due to this reason, you cannot live them out during snowy weather for an extended period. Furthermore, you must keep close attention to them if you are taking a walk for signs of difficulties n breathing.

They have a very sharp and loud bark

Pekingese have a loud and sharp bark that is very useful in making alarm alerts. It was a helpful tool in notifying monks or the presence of unwanted guests or assassins in the monasteries. However, they do not bark all day or unnecessarily.

They bark when there is a presence of undesirable persons or if they want something. It is good to note that these species are not the most welcoming dog for your extended family and guests.

They existed in ancient times

The Pekingese is among one of the ancient Chinese breeds that still exits. They trace their roots back in 700 A.D with the connection of Buddhists and the royal family in China. In China, another name for Pekingese is Lion dog.

Lions were symbols for Buddha; hence, since they fit the bill, people nicknamed the species, Lion dogs. However, experts claim that the Pekingese came after intercrossing Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu.

Essential dogs for luxury and they define royalty

In the ancient days, between 618 and 907 years, the only family with the permission of owning Pekingese was the royal family. During those days, a commoner would bow and show respect upon encountering the dog. In 1860, after the sacking of Peking, the emperor ordered the killing of all Sleeve Pekingese.

However, few of them were lucky to survive, and one was lucky enough to land in the hands of Queen Victoria. It was the turning point of the species as they resumed at their table of loyalty.

They perform well in dog shows

The Chinese breed has a lion-like image that portrays courage, boldness, dignity, and self-esteem. This trait plays a massive part in making the dog a perfect dog show.

However, the species has heart-shaped ears that lie on the head and a broad skull that makes it Is an ideal species for shows. Over the past decade, the Sleeve Pekingese has had the most wins in the Westminster competition, scooping four wins.

Their coats require maintenance

They have a very hairy fur that needs maintenance each now and then. You must wash and brush its coat three or two times a week, giving it occasional baths.

If you do not provide enough care for the species, it can have a matted fur. Furthermore, you also have to cut short the hair above the eyes to enhance its vision.

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