Fun Facts About Perros De Presa Canario


The first indication of the Perros de Presa Canario was in the Roman Empire times. It was developed somewhere between 43 and 89 AD.

The Perro de Presa Canario dogs were seen fighting alongside the Romans during the Roman Conquest of Brittian. In the 15th century during the time, the Perros de Presa Canario was first brought to the Canary Islands by the Spanish conquistadors.

The Perros de Presa Canario became the animal symbol for the island of Gran Canaria.


There are a few different names for the Perros de Presa Canario. One of them is Presa Canario. Then there is the name Dogo Canario. Then you have the Canary Mastiff. Although the most common nickname for them is just Presa. It is used because it is short and easy.


The Perros de Presa Canario has an expected lifespan of between 8 years and 12 years. They can weigh anywhere between 80 pounds to 150 pounds.

Their height can be between 21 inches to 26 inches tall. There are some health issues they are susceptible to getting. Some are serious genetic diseases that could impair them or even shorten their lifespan.

Health issues

There are some serious health issues the Perros de Presa Canario dogs can develop.

The first one is not fatal it just affects their quality of life. It is Hip Dysplasia which is a joint deformity that makes it difficult for the dog to walk. It can lead to not being able to walk at all. Patellar Luxation is a problem that causes the kneecaps to dislocate.

Osteochondrodysplasic is a disease that affects the skeletal system. They can end up having epilepsy which is unexpected seizures.

Mast-cell Tumors can be cancerous which could be fatal for them.

The last one is Dilated Cardiomyopathy is a type of heart disease that weakens the blood pumping through the heart and can cause contractions.


If the Perros de Presa Canario is a purebred dog these are the features you should be looking for. The Perros de Presa Canario has the appearance of being very well muscled. They have thick skin and dense bones.

The head of the Perros de Presa Canario is massive and has a large jawline. These dogs are fearless and they are attentive to their surroundings. The Perros de Presa Canario is a large built dog that is powerfully strong.

They have a confident and commanding presence. Their owners love and respect them for being dependable working and as good guard dogs. Therefore, this dog would be great for guarding a house or business. They would be great protection.


There are several different colors that the Perros de Presa Canario can be found in. Their coloring can come in silver fawn, red fawn, or fawn. Their coloring can also come in red brindle, brown bring (similar to a boxer), and reverse brindle.

The other colors in which they can come in black and Verdino, which is a beautiful silver and charcoal grey color. They should have a black muzzle on their face that does not go up around their eyes. If the black goes up to around the eyes it is a sure sign it is not purebred.

There are times in which you will find different sizes of white markings. These markings are normally located on the chest and feet. The white markings can also be on the muzzle of the Perros de Presa Canario.


The Perros de Presa Canario are usually good swimmers due to the fact they love water. They can handle the heat easier than the average mastiff can partially due to the fact they do not have an undercoat.

The Perros de Presa Canario can also go swimming to cool off and have a lot of fun playing in the water at the same time.

The Perros de Presa Canario is a short-haired breed of dog. Since they are short-haired they do not shed much at all, if any. When it comes to grooming it means a weekly brushing is best to keep their coats healthy and shiny.

Part of Molosser family

The Molosser family breed is known for their large size and their brawn. The Perros de Presa Canario, part of the Molosser family, has some defining characteristics to them. These characteristics are a big, thick body that has a broad, square head.

It is a tradition to crop the ears of the Perros de Presa Canario so they will not interfere with their work. Another of the Perros de Presa Canario’s distinguishing features is their paws. The Perros de Presa Canario’s paws resemble those of a cat and their movement is described as cat-like.

Highly confident

The Perros de Presa Canario is a breed that has very strong working instincts. They assert their dominance over others and have the potential to show aggression. Originally, they were meant to guard and defend the owner’s livestock.

The Perros de Presa Canario dogs were taught to attack wild dogs and get rid of them.


The training for the Perros de Presa Canario should start no later than 8 weeks old. The training for the Perros de Presa Canario should begin with early socialization and obedience training. These need to be fully mastered at an early age and should be consistently taught.

The Perros de Presa Canario can be a well-behaved pet that will be loyal to their master. They are intelligent dogs and exudes confidence. It will be a very docile family member for their masters if the training is done properly.

The dog’s alpha nature can come out full force at times. If they feel their master or family is in danger it will be super strong.

You should be very wary about leaving them alone around other dogs as they may attack. When there are strangers around make sure the dog is unable to get to the stranger in any way. As for small children you should keep a close eye on them so they do not hurt them.

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