Fun Facts About Petit Basset Griffon Vendees

You find yourself racking up a list of qualities of the perfect companion in your head. You have a steady schedule and room for a furry friend to add some excitement to your life. Of the endless breed options, many have no idea where to start looking for the ‘perfect’ addition to their family.

If this describes you, then here is a list of facts to consider one of the most loved dog breeds. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (which we’ll refer to throughout as the Petit Basset) is the best companion to have.

As the name states, they are Petit (small), Basset (low), Griffon (rough-coated), Vendeen (from the Vendee region of France).

They are referred to as the ‘Happy Breed’

Petit Bassets have a lively, upbeat demeanor, which causes them to be known as the ‘Happy Breed’. Their outgoing personality causes them to get along with virtually any person or dog they meet. These perfect family dogs are also active and ideal for a child’s companion.

These dogs are comfortable swimming, running, and doing almost anything as long as they can be with people. The ‘happy-go-lucky’ demeanor is one you cannot get enough of.

Due to their much-deserved nickname, this happy breed longs to be around others. Petit Bassets are the dogs you can do anything with instead of having a couch potato. Their constant positive mood will give you every motivation to be happy and uplifted yourself; after all, happiness is contagious.

They are very vocal dogs

Dogs find ways to communicate with the world around them each day. Whether it be the swing of the tail, excited body language, or vocal tones, our animals always find ways to express themselves. Their howl can likely be loud and possibly long-lasting, but lovers of Petit Bassets can never get enough.

Particularly for the hunter, these dogs are perfect for pinpointing and alerting their owners when the game has been found.

Also notable about their unique howls is they almost always express themselves like this. They are often too quick to sound at every new sight or sound, mainly when they are bored. As the owner, you have to be bold enough to stop them because if not, they may carry on.

They are seasonal shedders

While probably not too exciting for you, the Petit Basset dog breed does shed at times. The good news is, yes, they shed, but only a little. This is a natural process for dogs, and luckily for their owners, it can be manageable. During the shedding season, briefly brushing them will be the quickest way to manage this.

Additional recommendations include keeping your dog’s hair cut short to avoid excess shedding. In combination with regular brushing, this minor reality will be no problem!

Bred to hunt rabbits on the west coast of France

This fact is especially exciting for those of us who are hunters. Petit bassets are bred to be rabbit catchers. With their vocal demeanor, they fit the perfect companion role, in more ways than one. Their innate hunting instincts cause them to be the best at tracking down and locating prey.

They typically chase squirrels and rabbits and originally began as hunters on the west coast of France.

Because of the amount of energy these dogs have, it is recommended to have a fenced-in yard. Also recommended are frequent walks so they can stay active and rid of excess energy. As aforementioned, this breed does not prefer sitting around most days but instead choose to be mobile.

Stubborn and independent

Petit Bassets are also well-known for their stubborn and independent nature. Knowing the fact, it is essential to be patient with these dogs and be understanding of their nature. Consistent obedience training from a young age and early socialization is key to keeping stubbornness under control.

Robust, bold, and curious are three strong words to describe them. The independent nature of the Petit Bassets is also evident in everything they do.

They listen and are trainable, but they move and do as they please. They march to their drum.

With this strong-willed mind of their own, a confident owner who can take charge is essential. Keep in mind, you are the leader, and your dog is the follower. Patience and understanding are also vital to properly taking care of these breeds of dogs.

They have a high affection level

Especially if you are one for humor, these dogs are for you. They are entertaining and guaranteed to make you laugh. Outdoor partner by day and bed-stealer by night!

Their level of affection is higher than most dog breeds, and owners report this affection is never-ending.

So, if you are looking for something to lift your mood, here is the dog to have. They also give you motivation to be happy every day, no matter what. Your love for these dogs will increase more and more each passing day.

They are easy to travel with

One of the most exciting ideas for owners is the potential to take their furry friends with them places. It is challenging to take a big dog on car rides, to the pet store, or on the boat.

The Petit (small) Bassets are typically about 30 to 45 pounds and have relatively short, stocky legs. Their stature ensures they are easy to take places.

They are extroverted, lively, and always ready to socialize and meet new people or animals. These travel companions make it easy in all situations and places. So, if you have dreamed of having a pet to take with you everywhere, here is a highly ideal breed!

By now, we are hoping you have found the right fit for your next companion. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens are not only good companions, but they are one of the very best ones.

For all the unique and defining qualities they have, these dogs are special to each family in every way.

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