Fun Facts About Pharaoh Hounds

Unexpected origins

A lot of people think the Pharaoh Hound originates from Egypt. They think this because of the name of the dogs but for other reasons too. One of the main reasons is because of the way they look.

They very closely resemble what the Egyptians have depicted their God Anubis as. In truth, they came from the small island of Malta and were brought to Egypt by traders.

There have been some claims, though, that it was the other way around. No one knows which one of these is complete truth, but Malta gets the credit. Malta gets the credit because they have claimed them as their national dog.

Hunting dogs

The Pharaoh Hound makes for a great dog to use while hunting. This breed was used in Malta to hunt rabbits and other small game. They work the best as a team, better yet a pair of them. They work by cornering their prey into an area and blocking the animal’s escape route.

These dogs love to work in rocky terrains, meaning farming fields that are divided by stone walls. Once the dogs locate prey, they chase them into a hole within the wall and pin them in. They also pin them into holes in the ground.

Unique appearance

The appearance of a Pharaoh Hound is like nothing that has ever been seen. The statues of the Egyptian god, Anubis, is the best way to describe the look of these dogs.

The features of the Pharaoh Hound are very similar to those of a greyhound. These features are long, slender legs, narrow-body, small, tucked waist, arched loin, and a long tail.

The thing, though, is that these features are more extreme than those of a greyhound. The build of the Pharaoh hound is meant for speed and long-lasting stamina on the dog.

Can blush

A lot of dogs cannot blush in any way because of their coats of fur. A Pharaoh Hound, on the other hand, can blush when they are excited. The blush is rather noticeable when it happens on the hound.

The ears, as well as the nose of a Pharaoh Hound, get tinged pink when they blush. The blush is possible because the dogs have a special pigment in their bodies. Their bodies do not have any kind of black pigment at all. Not even the toenails of a Pharaoh Hound are black like most breed’s toenails.

Prone to chasing

The Pharaoh Hound is a chasing breed, meaning they will chase anything and everything. As long as they see something that is moving, they will chase after it. This means they have to be let outdoors in only the most secure and inclosed locations.

Otherwise, their owner has to be with them, and they have to be on a leash. They tend to not listen to their masters or anyone when they get into a chase. Meaning, they can be very hard to handle, making them great for people who have time to dedicate to them.

Need a lot of exercise

A Pharaoh Hound has to be allowed to run and exercise at least once a day. They cannot skip their exercise for even one day without there being consequences.

The thing about letting these dogs exercise is it has to be a controlled exercise. In other words, they have to be in an enclosed space. If they are not in an enclosed space, they will disappear in the blink of an eye. They tend to chase anything and everything that moves.

They can also go for a run with their master when on a durable leash.

Very independent temperament

The Pharaoh Hound is a sighthound breed, which makes them very different from other breeds. The thing that makes them stand out the most is their temperament.

They tend to be very independent thinkers and are not concerned with pleasing their masters. They tend to be passive resistant and have to be shown who the boss is. When they refuse to move, they will brace their legs, refusing to move.

You have to be consistent, though, in who is the boss and who is not. They have to know who is the alpha in the relationship.

Do not make good watchdogs

Pharaoh Hounds are by no means meant to be a guard dog for someone. Yes, they are great at alerting to a new presence within the area. But they do not make for a guard dog at all, though.

They tend to be very cautious while letting their curiosity explore the new presence. They can be very skittish, though, if not properly trained, which can be hard.

However, they can be trained not to be too suspicious and to be confident in their surroundings. Just do not be surprised by them exploring new people, sights, places, and sounds.

Excellent indoor dogs

Pharaoh Hounds prefer to live with the finer things in life, a comfortable place to lay in a warm place. They can adapt to far less, though, which does not mean you force that on this breed.

The ancestors of this breed have lived in luxury with coursers who were esteemed. They have also lived with poor people where they hunted to feed their masters.

There are things that this breed considers a must in their life, though. These things include a comfortable bed to lay on, a warm area to sleep in, and daily running.

Indoor habitat best

Pharaoh Hounds do their best when they get to live indoors. They are very calm, clean, and quiet dogs, making them great for house dogs.

They are a breed of dog that loves to relax on the couch and sleep after a daily run. This means they need to have the chance to get energy out. They can still be great companions, though for people to relax with.

They are cuddle bugs, but they do not lay on their masters, just beside. The breed is great with a family that has children or other dogs around.

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