Fun Facts About Pointer

The Pointer is also known as the German shepherd Pointer, English Pointer, or the Gun Dog. A male Gun dog has an average height of 22-24 inches and a weight of 55-75 pounds. The female, on the other hand, has an equivalent size of 21-24 inches and a weight of 22-66 pounds.

Pointers have a life span of 12 to 14 years.

They have a long muzzle and a distinctive chisel appearance. Naturally, gun powders years are floppy and hang on the head.

Furthermore, their neck is sleek, graceful, and healthy. If you are looking for a right family pet, then you can opt to have the English Pointer. It will offer not only a best friend companionship but also security to your household.

However, below are nine facts about English Pointers.

Is a product of numerous cross-breed

Like many breeds, people still debate the origin of the Pointer. However, records prove that the dog came into existence in the 16th and 17th centuries.

It was after cross-breeding the heavy Spanish Pointer and the Hanoverian hound. According to historians, the cross-breeding was to improve the hunting abilities of the dog.

The new cross breed had the capabilities of tracking mammals, pointing birds, and killing wounded prey.

The first German Pointer came into existence in the 1800s after cross-breeding Nero and Treff. An ancient Egypt pointer and the English pointer breed. Dogs that took part in the breeding include the Spanish Pointer, the English Pointer, Weimaraner, Vizsla, the Tracking Hound, and the Dalmatian.

They were meant for hunting

It is still unclear who was the founding father of the Gun dogs, but it’s clear that there was a group responsible for the cross-breeding of the dogs in the 19th century. During those days, hunters were in search of a perfect hunting dog that would help them in their operations.

Furthermore, the dog had to be able to hunt both in the waters and land. For this reason, they came up with a fast and energetic dog that would help them catch squirrels and antelopes.

Besides that, the dog would also protect the hunters from larger wild animals that would be a threat to them.

Can be useful in both land and water infested areas

Besides being useful in the field of hunting, the English pointers are also helpful in offering security to home premises.

Furthermore, to date, military and other security departments use Pointers to act as sniff dogs for bombs and drugs. Their wide range of attributes makes them useful in both land and the waters.

They have a water-resistant coat body that helps repel debris when they swim. Also, their webbed spoon-shaped paws act as paddles while they swim.

Walking on rough terrain is easy for them as they have heavy nails that give them a good grip and traction.

The Air force has one Pointer

George C. Evans, a member of the American Legion, offered the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing with Haus. It is a German shorthaired pointer that helps in sniffing out explosives.

According to the staff at the army base, the dog is useful in sniffing packages and vehicles that enter the command.

However, the Army isn’t only the security unit that uses pointers in sniffing out explosives. The TSA uses Pina, an English pointer dog in sniffing out crates and boxes with suspicious odors in New York.

The name comes from how they stand

When finding something to haunt, they typically use their bodies to point at the direction of the prey. They lift one leg, lower their heads, and maintain a constant gaze at the target giving an arrow-like perspective.

It’s good to note that even young puppies who have never set to foot in the realm of hunting will also behave the same way.

Top performers in agility events and games

Agility is a well-known competition involving well-trained dogsled through a hitch course. The obstacles include jumps and tunnels; hence for your dog to qualify, it must be physically fit and healthy.

Furthermore, the relationship between the handler and the dog must be top-notch. The willingness to learn, speed, and grace make the English Pointer an ideal dog for agility competition.

Between 2011 and 2015, German pointers scooped eight titles in the Preferred Agility Champion. Thus, making them one of the best dog breeds ever.

They make a great companionship

If you are looking for a best friend who will offer protection, then you have to go with the English Pointer.

You won’t be insecure about your children’s safety once you have a German pointer. Besides offering security, the dog creates an excellent relationship between them and young ones compared to older people.

Pointers will play with your child all day without letting go of your child’s sight. However, it’s good that you be keen when your child is playing with these dogs. Because the dog can accidentally knock down your child or smack your child with its tail.

Furthermore, before letting your child interact with the dog, ensure that you teach your kids how to interact with the dog to avoid injuries.

It is a perfect dog for athletes

Athletes gain a lot from owning these dogs. The dogs are equipped with an energetic and fast character that makes them very essential in-field training.

Once you go with a pointer into the fields, you will notice that they will try to find birds and run so fast to hunt the bird. However, the ability to learn quickly and obedience makes them a unique gem in helping athletes train.

Furthermore, they are friendly and fun-loving dogs: hence, you will enjoy having them within your compound.

Hairs a lot

You will have to have a good vacuum cleaner if you have this dog on your premises. However, if you duel in a cold area, the dog will tend to keep its hair long.

If you live in hot spots, you will have to wash your carpet, sofa, and other parts of the house since you will find hair everywhere in your apartment.

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