Fun Facts About Polish Lowland Sheepdogs

Polish Lowland Sheepdogs are one of the rarest popular breeds on the planet. During the Second World War, people eliminated the dogs living only three species alive. Thanks to Dr. Dabuta Hryniewicz, species survived the extinction as she used her dog Smok to give birth to other species.

It’s good to note that Smok, gave birth to the first ten litters of the species; thus, making her the mother of all Pons on the planet.

However, her strength, endurance, agility, and attractive character made her an excellent example of the breed until date. The male Pon has a maximum weight of 50 pounds and a height of 20-inch. While the female pon has a maximum weight of 40 pounds and an average height of 19-inches.

Its native origin is Poland

Just as the name suggests, the dog traces its roots back to Poland, thus, the name Polish Lowland Sheepdog. However, its initial name was the Polish Owczarek Nizinny or the Pon. Historians claim that the dog was a breed of different herding dogs and the Puli.

In Eastern Europe, Pons was helpful in herding and guarding flocks of sheep. Their extreme skills in herding made them a perfect species for the job.

The first time Pons set foot on Scotland soil was in 1514 after Kazimierz Grabski, a polish businessperson, exported a flock of sheep together with six Pons into the land.

Scottish shepherds fell in love with the incredible herding skills possessed by the dogs, ending up trading two ewes and one ram for three dogs. The three dogs ended up breeding with other local dogs producing excellent herding dogs such as the Bearded Collie.

One of the luckiest dogs ever

During the Second World War, German soldiers played a huge role in ruining the efforts of Pons breeders. It was after the invasion of Poland by Germans that the German soldiers abandoned the dogs living them on the verge of extinction.

However, thanks to the efforts of breeders such as Dr. Danuta, the Pons breed was brought back to life in 1957. After that, the Poland government registered the species with the Polish Kennel Club.

The dogs are very protective

They are one of the best species, if you are in search of a friendly, protective, and devoted dog breed. The PON has a very loyal trait that makes it a loving companion for family and close members.

Nevertheless, PONs tends to be aggressive and wary of strangers or outsiders. This characteristic makes it a perfect breed for guard and herd dog. The species tends to be friendlier to animals and people they are grown up with.

The PON needs much maintenance

PONs have long and dense topcoat and a thick and soft undercoat. The top coat comes in various colors such as black, white, gray with white patches, or gray with sandy patches.

Apart from white puppies, other puppies are born with darker coats, which tend to brighten when they become adults. Although Pons tends to be non-shedding specie, they also need constant grooming monthly.

Regular grooming keeps these species safe from tangles and illness. It is appropriate that you wash your dog twice a week with detergent soap or spray and finish with giving it a thorough brushing or combing.

Besides combing and bathing your dog, you also supposed to trim your dog’s nails once or twice a month. Furthermore, checking its ears for redness, dirt, and foul odor can help identify infections.

Nevertheless, you should get a dog specialist that can help you maintain the dog as they require skillful attention.

The species are smart

They are one of the breeds that are well-known for having a very powerful and good memory. The trait makes them perfect and easy to train.

However, the attribute enables them to make their own decision; thus, they can either listen to the owner or opt to follow their instructions. For this reason, owners need to ensure that they have full control over the Pons.

If you are the owner of the PON, you have to ensure that you facilitate early training when the dog is still young. Furthermore, training and educating the dog must be consistent, thus, enhancing their knowledge and making them understand what they need to do.

When training the Pon, you must ensure that the training is enjoyable and short to avoid repetition and prevent the dog from losing focus. It is good to note that high intelligence may play a part in equipping the dog with bad habits and getting bored faster.

Hence, it is useful if you check on how you train the dog.

PONs love water

When the weather is hot, Pons loves spending their time cooling their bodies in large masses of water. Nevertheless, not all PONs love swimming, and for this reason, you shouldn’t go forcing your dog to swim as you may end up scaring it.

Once you are taking a walk with your dog, you should pay more attention to your dog in case it decides to dive into the water.

The breed is a good watchdog

The braveness, strength, and intelligence make them excellent watchdogs. However, they are not good when it comes to alerting the owner in case of any intruders or burglars since they are not aggressive at barking.

However, with adequate training, the Pon is capable of barking aggressively to strangers and unknown people only.

They are active

In the past, people used Pons in guarding their flocks due to their activeness, courage, and strength. The trail is still useful in the modern world as Pons are suited for people who are active and love spending their time outside.

However, if you love spending your time in your apartment, then you might consider changing your routine as these species love being out. The only advantage you will have is when they become tired, as they will rest calmly at the comfort of your home.

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