Fun Facts About Pugapoo Dogs

A Pugapoo is a mix of the best traits of two distinctly different breeds. A Pugapoo normally has the size of a Pug and the Poodle’s temperament and intelligence.

A Pugapoo is great for kids and those who prefer a smaller dog. The fun-loving breed is easy to train and loves being around people. Let’s explore more fun facts about the Pugapoo.

Origins unknown

Pugapoo’s popularity has risen greatly in the last twenty years. However, the exact origins of this mixed breed are unknown. No breeder or kennel club has been given credit for creating the Pugapoo.

The Poodle came from German and was bred to be a water dog. The Poodle breed can be traced back to the 1400s.

The Chinese Pug, however, made the journey to Europe in the 1500s, and his job was to be a companion pet. So, at some point, someone put the two together to get the cute Pugapoo.

The American Kennel Club does not recognize the Pugapoo because it is a mixed breed. However, several other kennel clubs do, and they include the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Breed Registry, the American Canine Hybrid Club, and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club.

Curly or straight

The Pugapoo can have two different types of coats, which are curly from a Poodle parent or straight from the Pug parent.

The Pugapoo does not shed, making them nice dogs for people with allergies. However, the dog does require regular cuts and trimmings to keep their coats from getting out of control.

Pugapoos can come with a variety of different color coats. The colors can include black, white, gray, gold, cream, brown, and a variety of color combinations.

Pugapoos are anything but boring

It will take some time to understand the temperament of a Pugapoo truly. A Pugapoo puppy loves to play but tends to get into trouble. The puppy will be fun-loving and loyal but will be ready to pounce on any intruders.

The Pugapoo is a very smart dog and will need toys that will keep him busy, or your shoes may pay the price. He loves to pretend he is a big watchdog and will bark to let you know when someone is coming, though is little size keeps him from being a threat.

The Pugapoo is fun-loving but may not tolerate small children pulling on him. A Pugapoo may suffer from separation anxiety.

Playtime is a must

A Pugapoo can be a small ball of energy but does not need an aggressive amount of exercise. A nice walk around the neighborhood or some time at the park is just enough for the little dog. However, playtime is a must.

He is a smart little guy, and he needs something or someone to challenge and stimulate him. He needs at least an hour of playtime.

It does not need to be all at once. Challenge your little guy with puzzle games and other toys that he can play by himself. Squeaky toys and balls can give Pugapoo plenty to do. Good chew toys are also a must. He will not think twice about chewing your shoes.

Big bark for a little dog

A Pugapoo loves to bark, and he can bark very loudly for his small size. He will bark at intruders, creatures in his back yard, and he’ll bark when playing.

Thankfully, however, he can be taught not to bark. It is important to do this while he is still a puppy. You may regret it later.

Easy to train

Luckily, the Pugapoo is easy to train because they love being with people. The dog is naughty by nature. Not only is it important to get his bark under control, but he needs the training to help keep his behavior in check.

It is important to start with positive behavior training early in the puppy’s life. The Pugapoo will easily learn the basic commands; after all, he is a very smart puppy.

When giving treats, the treats must provide nutritional value and are not just a cookie.

Pugapoos do not mind friends

Not much bothers a Pugapoo. He is not going to jump at loud noises, and household commotion will not bother him.

The Pugapoo will get along with other dogs in the house. He is even willing to try to get along with the family kitty. It is important to socialize the Pugapoo at a young age, however.

This will make it easier to introduce him to new friends at the park.

Some like it hot but not a Pugapoo

Thanks to their short snout, a Pugapoo can have some problems breathing. This is known as Brachycephalic syndrome.

It can be hard for them to breathe in the hot summer heat. Make sure to give the little guy breaks and water during playtime. A nice cool place to take a nap or lounge around will make the Pugapoo happy. Consider buying a baby pool. The Pugapoo loves the water.


In general, a Pugapoo is a healthy dog. Mix breeds tend to be healthier than purebreds because the gene pool is larger.

A Pugapoo will live a long and happy life with a life expectancy to be between 12-15 years or longer. This, however, does not mean that they do not have some health issues to watch out for. Some of the general problems include breathing problems, eye issues, allergies, and hip dysplasia.

Regular vet checkups and a healthy diet are essential for a Pugapoo. Pugapoos do not need too much food, thanks to their small size. Normally, a cup of good dog food will be efficient. Treats are fine too.

Big price tag

The Pugapoo can come with a big price tag. Whether it is due to its growing popularity, or because of their great personality, a puppy Pugapoo can be an expensive purchase.

Just make sure to purchase the little guy from a reputable breeder. If possible, make arrangements to meet mom and dad. You will get some idea about what type of temperament the Pugapoo will have.

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