Fun Facts About Puggle Dogs

The cute Puggle is not a pure breed. Instead, he is a mix between a Pug and Beagle. Puggle’s fun-loving nature has made him a popular dog to own.

He is great with children and is a loyal family companion. He is loving and intelligent, but he can be very stubborn. Let’s explore other fun facts about the Puggle.

Mom is usually a Beagle

A Puggle’s mom is more times than not a Beagle. Though a Puggle can have a pug mom, it is rare.

Breeders have discovered that if mom is a Pug, it tends to lead to mom’s death as well as her puppies. So, just about all Puggles today have a Beagle mom.

A new breed

In terms of breeds, a Puggle is relatively young. The first Puggle made his introduction into the world in the 1980s. Wallace Haven, a Wisconsin breeder, is the person who made the introduction and is responsible for the nickname Puggle.

More importantly, Haven is the first breeder to register the dog with the American Canine Hybrid Club. Dog associations, which include the American Kennel Club, do not recognize the Puggle as a formal breed.

It will take the Puggle to go through several more generations before the dog gets their recognition as a purebred. Thanks to the little dog’s popularity, they will one day get the recognition they deserve.

There Are No Two Alike

Just like with humans, all Puggles are different, and how they turn out will be a surprise. Puggles are all different in temperament and looks.

The Puggle can be tan and favor the looks of a Pug. They can also have the coloring and looks of a Beagle. They can be a great mix of the two. Puggles have been known to be all black or even have the white markers of the Beagle.

Regardless of their markings, Puggles all have short coats. They are highly praised for their good nature personality.

They are not cat lovers

Though the fun-loving dogs get along with other dogs and children, they do not mix well with cats. If your home is already filled with cats, you may not want to introduce a Puggle into the home. It is important to remember that the Puggle is part Beagle.

Beagles are hunters who enjoy the chase, and the Puggle does love a good game of chase. The Puggle is going to look at the cat as something to hunt and chase. This is not going to be enjoyable for kitty.

A Puggle and kitty raised together may coexist peacefully. However, it is not recommended. Remember, Puggles are hunters.

They love everyone else

Even though Puggles do not fancy cats, they love everyone else. They are not a one-person dog. Thanks to their outgoing nature, they demand attention from everyone in their path. This is why they make great family dogs.

They are going to want everyone to make a fuss over them, including the children. They also enjoy the companionship of other dogs. Though it is important to start socializing them from an early age. Make sure to not come home with the smell of another animal on you. You will be the one in the dog house.

Puggles tend to get jealous when their people cheat on them. Make sure to go on walks with your Puggle and bond as much as possible. This will make for one happy Puggle.

Puggles are never late for dinner

Most dogs love to eat, Puggles, however, really love to eat. They are not too particular when or what they eat. They just love to eat. Also, they do not care if it is dog food or human food. If they can get to it, they will eat it.

While it is good that they are not picky eaters, they tend to overeat. Owners need to be aware of the Puggle’s strong appetites and know how to provide them a balanced meal. Otherwise, Puggles tend to be overweight, which can lead to health problems.

Puggles need to be brushed

Even though Puggles are short coat dogs, they shed a lot. That even may be an understatement. Thanks to their Beagle parent, Puggles have a double coat.

Puggle’s undercoat is short and dense. Their topcoat is shiny and smooth. To keep their coats healthy, they should be brushed a couple of times a week. A soft bristle brush will do the trick. Keep a broom nearby. You will be surprised how much hair ends up on the floor.

The best facial expressions

Puggles have the best facial expressions. Most people associate their facial expressions as being child-like. Puggle’s big eyes can make your heart melt. They can scrunch up their face and look as if they are angry.

They can raise their eyebrows and stick out their tongue to reveal a goofy grin. The facial expressions just add to their fun-loving personalities. There is no wonder that they are often the subject of cartoon artists.

Intelligent but stubborn

Puggles are very intelligent dogs. They can be trained to learn the basic obedience tricks such as sit, lay down, come, shake, and more.

They love to play chase because hunting is their nature. Puggles even love puzzle games. However, with that being said, they do have a strong, stubborn streak.

So, the question is not whether they can learn a new trick; it is, will they let you teach them? The key to training and playing with Puggles is, of course, food.

They love nothing more than food. Using healthy treats as incentives are one way to get your Puggle to listen. Also, start to train them young. Keep their training sessions short and keep it fun. They love to play.

Loved by Hollywood

The loveable Puggles are often seen walking the red carpet. Thanks to celebrity Puggle owners that include Kelly Osborne, Sylvester Stallone, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Uma Thurman, Puggles keep growing in popularity. Many of the celebrity Puggles even carry hefty insurance policies.