7 Fun Facts About the Sloughi Dog Breed

The sighthound of the ancient lineage created the Sloughi. The breed was created for bred works, including various games like the jackal, fox, gazelle, and hare.

Sloughi is a one-family dog breed with affectionate. However, it is very aggressive to strangers. Just like other hounds, the dog is very stubborn, which can make it hard for you if you are a first-time dog owner.


The size of this dog breed varies between males and females. Male Sloughi stands about 29 inches at the shoulder, whereas females stand 27 inches. Male Sloughi weighs around 50-63 pounds while the female weighs 40-50 pounds.


The dog has long legs, which are slightly higher than tall. It has a topline that runs along the neck to the back. It has withers that are not easily visible.

The dog breed has a slight curve on the loin. Its croup has a lot of bones as its brisket does not reach the elbow.

Sloughi has a solid coat color with no white markings. However, it has a white mark on the chest and other few white hairs in the toes. The dog is well-colored, having black ears, black overlay, and black mantle. Most Sloughi dogs are sand with black masks colored.

Sloughi has a unique facial expression, and it is melancholy and gentle and almost sad. The dog has a floating and smooth gait, its tail is held low and the head at a moderate angle.

Its front paws do not reach the tip of the nose. Such a pace in the Sloughi dog allows it to hound to cover long distances without getting tired.

When racing, the style of Sloughi resembles that of Greyhound but looks more composed because of its squarish structure.


Sloughi dog breed does well with high-quality food. The food can be home-made or commercially manufactured. However, you should ensure that the food you give your dog is under the supervision of the veterinarian.

You should always contact your vet for the best food recommendations for your dog. The diet given to your dog will depend on its age, size, and exercise.

Sloughi dogs can be prone to getting overweight; this, therefore, implies that you must monitor the calorie intake by your dog.

A lot of calories might cause obesity. Ensure that you regularly treat your dog when it has health issues. It is also essential for you to learn about human food that is safe or unsafe for your dog.

Often, consult with your vet when you have any concerns with the diet of your dog and its weight. Ensure that in your dog’s diet, there is plenty of clean water.


This dog breed is medium-sized and has a short coat, just like the desert type. The dog breed was initially used for hunting wild game like foxes, jackals, and gazelles. Sloughi was also used for offering protection for livestock and homesteads.

Sloughi is a muscular dog breed; therefore, it has an impression of rustic elegance and strength. The dog is efficient for hunting as it has excellent speed endurance. Sloughi is an intelligent, curious, and independent dog.

This dog breed loves spending most of its time indoors and always calm. It loves sleeping on soft blankets and rugs. Sloughi has a unique sleeping style as it rests on its back and legs in the air, and its head twisted in an impossible angle.

Sloughi is always aggressive to strangers but loves greeting family members with enthusiasm. The dog makes the best obedience dog but responds best to gentle and fair training methods. It gets along with children and other pets in case it is raised with them.

Slough is a hunting hound possessing the chasing instinct; therefore, it is recommended that you should monitor its movement when it’s outside with other pets.

Small animals like the cat might trigger the dog’s hunting instincts hence might chase and hurt it. You should ensure that Sloughi is the consistent pack leader.


The dog has a smooth, short, and elegant coat that needs less maintenance. Ensure that you brush your Sloughi weekly using a soft bristle brush to keep it sleek and smooth.

The occasional bath is also vital for your dog to keep odor away. When grooming your Sloughi to ensure that you check its ears for wax buildup which can cause ear infections, further, trim the nails of your dog because when they are long, the make your dog feel uncomfortable.

The grooming frequency for your dog should be once a week.


Sloughi dog loves running daily for exercise. It can make the best jogging partner if you love daily runs and walks. Always allow your Sloughi to run off the leash as this makes it happy.

Given that the dog has strong hunting instincts, you should never let it loose in unsafe areas. Putting an ordinary fence in place won’t stop Sloughi from chasing a squirrel. Sloughi does not like separation from the flock as it likes being around with family.

If you own Sloughi, you should understand that this is a dog that is very athletic and elegant. This, therefore, implies that it requires ample exercise daily. Ensure that you give your dog the opportunity to run outdoors for forty minutes a day to keep it healthy and active.


Sloughi dog breed is generally healthy. Most reputable and responsible breeders check for health conditions, including retinal atrophy. You should always take your time to inspect your dog for any infections.

Check your dog’s ears for any signs of infection. Brush its teeth regularly using a toothpaste tailored for dogs. You should also take your dog to the vet regularly for medical checkups and disease control.

You should also take your dog to the vet for parasite control-all these aims at making your dog live a healthy and long life.

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