Fun Facts About Smooth and Wire Fox Terrier

There are countless breeds of dogs in the dog market, each with its unique abilities and its history. We want to know about dogs. That’s why we have prepared this article shining a spotlight on the Smooth and Wire Fox terrier breed. Check them out.

First Fox Terrier was registered by the American Kennel Club

The fox terrier made its first entry to the American Kennel Club, popularly known as AKC in the year 1885. This was barely a year after the club as founded. AKC named the first fox terrier registered with them as Cricket.

Separation into Smooth and Wire Fox

Since its entry in the AKC, fox terriers, which included; smooth fox and wire-haired fox terriers, were considered as to varieties but of a similar breed. AKC made a distinction to these types as to different species. It happened in 1984, 99 years later.

The Fox Terriers have won most show titles than other breeds

Best-in-shows in Westminster is linked to the terrier group. The winning group, according to the statistics made by AKC, is the wire fox terrier.

Eighteen victories can be attributed to these two breeds while Scottish breeds come as first runners up with eight wins. Wire-haired fox terriers boast of at least 14 triumphs of the 18 best-in-shows.

World’s famous naturalist, Charles Darwin owned a Fox Terrier

Charles Darwin was a dog lover. As he was growing up in the 19th century, Darwin owned several dogs with terriers being on the list.

Darwin later owned a Polly which is a wire-haired fox terrier. The dog had belonged to his daughter. He loved the dog so much that it appears in Darwin’s last book, Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals.

King Edward owned a Fox Terrier

King Edward VII ruled England for nine years. He ruled from 1901 to 1910. One of the king’s most beloved companion was Caesar, a fox terrier.

The dog was highly esteem and respect that after King Edward died in 1910, Caesar led the funeral procession. The dead came as a blow to Caesar.

He refused to eat and was visibly depressed. Queen Alexandra, however, restored his joy and health for four years, until he died in 1914.

Smooth Fox Terrier has unique hunting instincts

The smooth fox terrier has a keen sense of smell. It has excellent eyesight to complement its remarkable staying power during hunting.

It can hold the breath for a long time at high speed to get hold of its prey. The dog exposes these skills in daily interactions. It’s a drive they show when playing a game, digging in the yard, or other engagements in the home.

Smooth fox can be trained easily. His desire for hunting glows within him; thus, he might need a firm hand to tame. This breed is always active and is happiest when on the go.

Fox Terrier is the best dog to live with

Anyone homeowner who leads an active lifestyle is suited to this breed. It finds fun outdoors, especially if you like your dog along.

It is an energetic and very outgoing dog. You will love his company. Fox terrier never tires of any games. It’s the best dog companion for your kids.

Smooth fox terrier as the name suggests has smooth skin that is easy to keep neat. With daily brushing, you avoid excessive shedding.

Smooth Fox is a show pet

Other than being considered a sporting terrier, the smooth dog is more of a show dog than a pet.

The dog’s high aptitude as a trick dog has been noted globally. It has been performed in circuses and troupes. Francis Barraud showcases fox terrier as in, “His Master’s Voice” painting. The painting shows a black and white terrier peering into the horn of a phonograph.

Smooth Fox has roots in England

The smooth fox terrier can be traced back to England in the 18th Century. Back in the days, any dog that was fast enough and agile would be termed as a fox terrier.

This was if it would bolt out a fox from its hole. If a fox hid into its hole, a terrier would be brought to flush it off. The dog has been successful in hunting, retrieving birds, and tracking deer.

Wire Fox Terriers thrive when there’s a job to do

The wire fox terrier has an active and lively personality. They will not survive best in the calm environment of your home. They find fun when given a job to do by their owners. The dog loves digging.

They mainly do this when bored. A wire fox is a perfect choice for a family that engages in active play or movement.

This dog has a keen sense of smell

It will alert you of an incoming stranger. On top of being an obedient dog, it is a fast learner. The dog, therefore, ought to be submitted to stringent classes with the aim of curbing the hunting instincts.

Fox terriers get along quickly with other pets in the home. Male’s terriers, however, will be a bit aggressive towards other males.

My dog skip’ movie features a Fox Terrier

Have you watched the famous movie, “My Dog Skip” which is based on Willie Morris’s autobiographical memoir? A dog featured in this movie, going by the name Ceasar Skip was a fox terrier. The film popularized this dog a lot.

Smooth Fox Terrier is adaptable

Smooth fox terrier is a very adaptable and outgoing dog. They do well provided there are lots of playtime and social interactions. The breeds do well regardless of the climatic conditions.

It is a very robust and athletic dog. A fox terrier can be easily accommodated in different living conditions.

Fox Terrier is prone to cardiac diseases

Being a smooth fox or wire fox terrier, be aware of the Patellar luxation and heart problems that affect the breed. To detect and treat these diseases, a regular check is essential.

The fox terrier breed will also need you to brush their teeth regularly. Dog-safe toothpaste is ideal for preventing gum disease.


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