11 Fun Facts About the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Do not scare easily

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a breed who was bred with careful precision to make the best dogs. They were bred to not be afraid, meaning it is impossible to find one who can be scared. Most dog breeds are bothered by certain objects, such as certain sounds or strangers.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is not scared by such objects though, making them great guard dogs. Their breeding makes them very strong and able to handle their own. It means they can stand up to any threat and not be scared off.

Very muscular

The build of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is all pure muscles, making them seem like a tough breed.

They are one of the most muscular breeds found today, and some can look like a bodybuilder. With all of these muscles, the dog is extremely powerful even when they are not trying to be.

If the dog wanted to get somewhere, no one would be strong enough to stop them. They can be trained to watch their power though it can be hard to train. Always keep in mind they can knock an adult male over easily.

Appearance is deceiving

The appearance of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is very deceiving to anyone first seeing them. Due to their large muscular build, a lot of people jump to conclusions about their personality.

They can appear to be a mean dog, but it is not true in the slightest. The only way they would be mean is if they are trained to act the way by their owner. The fact their eyes can appear to be looking into the soul helps with the tough look.

Nickname is Staffy

The name Staffordshire Bull Terrier is not one people want to continuously repeat. It has led to the breed getting a nickname which is recognized by everyone.

It did not take the breed long to gain a much shorter and easier to say nickname, Staffy. The nickname had to be unique because there are so many other bull terrier breeds. It is the one which seems to have stuck and continues to be used every day.

Live long lives

A lot of people often state the dog breed has a rather short life span of nine to eleven years. It is wrong though because the breed tends to live longer lives than the average breed.

The average lifespan for a Staffy is twelve to fourteen years. Now the lifespan will depend on the health and living conditions of the dog, just like other breeds. It is always important to research before getting a new breed of dog to know these facts.

Very resilient

The resilience of a Staffy is one of the reasons they have such a long lifespan. It is rare to see the breed develop any kind of health issue. A lot of other breeds tend to have some common health problems, but not a Staffy.

The breed is great for someone who does not want to deal with health problems. The breed even tends to stay healthy and active as it ages. They are great dogs for someone active but also someone who just wants to sit and snuggle.

Stocky appearance

Since the Staffy is a medium-sized, muscular dog, they tend to be very stocky. It is a good thing because they were bred to be strong dogs. It means they have to have the muscles to be powerful even while being smaller in size.

A lot of people often get confused when their Staffy ends up so much shorter than they intended. Most people think they will be largely due to their power and muscle mass. It is nowhere near true though because some might not even get to medium size.

Mistaken for Pitbulls

Due to the dog’s build, it is often mistaken for a pit bull, and it is easy to see why. Both the Staffy and the pitbull have some similar features making them appear similar.

The main difference that can be seen between these two breeds is their height. A Staffy tends to be much shorter than what a pitbull is in height. They have completely different temperaments from each other. They require different kinds of food due to their metabolism.

Extremely loyal

The dog has cornered the market when it comes to a breed that is very loyal. They will stick by their masters and protect them from any kind of harm. They are very affectionate to their family, making them great family dogs.

Now, it is advised to meet the dog before bringing it home to see its temperament. This breed loves giving affection though to anyone it holds dear. This is a sign of the deep bond this breed tends to form with its masters. The bond is usually stronger with one person over the others though.

Calm personality

The personality of this dog breed is extremely calm and friendly. It may sound odd due to the way they look, but it is the truth. The calm level a Staffy can get too far outshines all other breeds of dogs. They tend to not turn to mean even if they are being abused and mistreated.

The breed is great for families because of the personality. Another fact making them perfect is their love of relaxing. Yes, they can be a very active breed, but they also love to just relax with their master. They just like to have a balance between relaxing and playing.


The breed is extremely happy when they are given a job to do. They need to feel like their master depends on them to complete some kind of task. It can be as simple as having them be the guard dog.

They can also be taught to fetch their master’s socks and be happy. They prefer to accomplish something before relaxing for the day. One task they used to have was to help with bullfighting. They no longer are used for these though because of the cruelty it showed.

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