Fun Facts About Swedish Lapphund

The Swedish Lapphund is one of the most popular dog breeds in Scandinavia. While the breed is quite common in Scandinavia, it is rare in other parts of the world.

As one of the more unique dog breeds, the Swedish Lapphund is one of the more appealing dog breeds for those who are interested in owning a dog.

This particular dog breed is distinguished by its pointed ears, foxes like looking face, and furry black coat. With these characteristics, the Swedish Lapphund is a dog that many pet owners will likely enjoy if they are fortunate enough to get one.

The breed comes from northern Scandinavia

Similar to many other breeds that have part of their name affiliated with a geographic location, the Swedish Lapphund originates from the countries of Scandinavia. Lapphunds are common in the nations of Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

They originate in the Lapland region of Scandinavia. Many consider the Swedish Lapphund to be the same breed as the Finnish and Norwegian Lapphund. However, the American Kennel Club says that they are all unique breeds. However, all of these dogs are fluffy fox herders from the Lapland region.

They were used to herd reindeer

A group of people known as the Sami people who are indigenous to northern Scandinavia was the first group that bred the Swedish Lapphund. These people used the breed to herd reindeer, which was their primary source of food.

Another group of semi-nomadic people would continue the trend of hunting reindeer and using the Swedish Lapphund to corral the reindeer. They were used to keep the reindeer safe from getting harmed.

Today, some Sami people continue to use the Lapphund to herd reindeer with a more modern process. While Lapphunds are still used for herding, they are gradually being phased out, and the Border collie is being groomed as its eventual replacement.

Their bark is unique

The Swedish Lapphund has an unusually high pitched bark. Their bark is high pitched due to rapidly pushing air through the diaphragms and restricting the vocal cords. As a result, they have a squeaky bark that is quite loud compared to other types of dogs.

Its bark is high pitched and loud but also unthreatening. This helps them more effectively herd reindeer.

Their high pitched bark allows reindeer to know that they need to move without getting scared of a predator is around. Most Swedish Lapphund puppies are raised along with reindeer calves, so they are familiar with working together when they are very young.

They are part of the spitz family

With physical characteristics such as a furry coat and pointy ears, the Swedish Lapphund is closely related to wolves.

The Swedish Lapphund is a spitz breed, which is a type of dog that has many characteristics similar to a wolf. These features include a long snout, pointed ears, and curled tails. Many other dogs are part of the spitz family. They include the Alaskan malamute, the Shiba Inu, and the Pomeranian.

The breed has existed for many years

Just like many of the other spitz breeds, the Swedish Lapphund has a very long history of existence. According to many scientists, the Swedish Lapphund has been in existence for more than 7,000 years.

They discovered a dog skeleton that resembled the Lapphund and made the estimation that it has been around for many years.

Their dark fur serves a purpose

The Lapphund has a very thick and fury coat for a reason. Its furry coat is present to protect it from the cold temperatures. With its coat, the Swedish Lapphund can easily handle the frigid temperatures that are quite common in Scandinavia.

The two most common colors of its coat are black and liver. Their dark coat is also able to help them stand out in snowy environments, which are very common in the region of Scandinavia.

They are rare

Swedish Lapphunds are very hard to find. This breed is not registered by the American Kennel Club. In 2009, they were allowed to compete in companion events. Many believe that there are only 1200 dogs of this breed in the entire world.

Most of these dogs are located in Sweden. The Finnish Lapphund is much more popular and widely known as it was declared as the eighth most popular breed in Finland.

The breed is making a comeback

Today, the Swedish Lapphund is reappearing in the dog world. With its nice appearance and charming personality, the Swedish Lapphund is becoming more common in many parts of Scandinavia.

While it is unlikely that you will find one in North America, one woman found one in Connecticut in 1999. The dog that was found didn’t understand any English, but it responded to commands in Swedish.

Work with a reputable breeder

If you are fortunate enough to find one of these dogs available for ownership, you must work with a trustworthy breeder. A reputable breeder will provide you with a purebred Swedish Lapphund and one that is completely healthy.

Working with a reputable breeder can also assure you that the dog is well behaved and one that will make a great pet.

Give it plenty of exercises

As a dog that is bred to find and corral deer, the Swedish Lapphund is quite active. Therefore, you will need to make sure that it gets a sufficient amount of exercise. You will want to take it out for walks every day.

It will also be important to make the dog perform a more rigorous physical activity, such as running and sprinting. With an adequate amount of exercise, the Swedish Lapphund will remain in peak physical condition.

Groom regularly

The Swedish Lapphund is a fluffy dog with a thick coat.

As a result, it needs to be well-groomed regularly. To groom this dog, brush the coat every day and also it is very important to trim its nails and bathe it once per month as well.

By grooming the dog regularly, it will be able to maintain its attractive appearance.

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