Fun Facts About Swedish Vallhund

If you are familiar with the concept of a dog breed, you may be interested to know about one of the newest breeds around. While The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed is fairly new to be recognized, this particular breed has been around since the time of the Vikings.

This particular breed is called the Swedish Vallhund, and it was officially recognized by the American kennel club 2007 just 13 years ago. Let’s take a closer look at the specific details of this breed, its history, and any particular requirements The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed need to live healthy lives.

What is the history of the Swedish Vallhund?

It is assumed that this particular breed is one of the closest living dog breeds to wolves. The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed are hurting dogs and seem to be distantly related to the corgi.

The breed first came into existence whenever Vikings from Scandinavia started to invade Britain. During this time, the Scandinavian people would take these cattle dogs on their longships across the ocean.

Ever since that time, this breed has been seen working on the land as a cattle dog with Swedish farmers for centuries. Thanks to the fact that The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed is a working dog, The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed was known for having good health and being incredibly obedient as well.

Most important information regarding owning a Swedish Vallhund

if you are interested in getting one of the songs, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind about owning them. All dog breeds require special care.

The care that certain razor wire is different from the care that others require. Here are five of the most important considerations to keep in mind whenever you are considering getting a Swedish Vallhund.

What kind of nutritional requirements does the Swedish Vallhund need?

The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed does not have a special new crucial requirement and should be fine on just about any.

You can buy yours at the store, or you can make it at home. The one thing that you do need to keep an eye out for is how much food you get them.

The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed is known for begging for food all of the time and for the fact that they easily gain weight even whenever they are highly active. You should not allow them to free-feed because The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed will almost certainly become obese.

The chances are the Swedish Vallhund is going to require less food than you would first suspect.

Are there any specific grooming requirements for the Swedish Vallhund

This breed of dog has two coats of fur. One of them is an overcoat, and the other one is an undercoat.

During the summer months of the year, The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed will shed their undercoat, which can release a lot of hair around the home, especially if you are not regularly brushing.

You can help speed this process up by giving them a warm bath and brushing them afterward. You will not need to bath them every day and can get by with giving them baths whenever The Swedish Vallhund has gotten dirty.

How active is the Swedish Vallhund?

This breed is a working dog. This means that The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed has a high activity level requirements. This free will not be appropriate for people that have incredibly tight schedules and will have difficulty making time to take their dogs out.

This breed will be perfect for people that want in a companion that can keep up with them on long hikes without tiring out. You can play fetch with them or perform other games with them.

Unlike some other dogs, this breed also requires mental exercise; otherwise, The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed will become listless and may start to run around the house, destroying things.

Are there any special training to use on a Swedish Vallhund

As a working dog, you can expect the Swedish Vallhund to desire to work with you strongly. The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed is going to respond very quickly to positive reinforcement.

Once you give them a job, The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed is known for going to work happily for as long as you need them to work for. In short, The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed is both friendly and eager to please.

This is perfect for someone that is looking for a dog that The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed can teach tricks to or work on the farm.

Does the Swedish Vallhund have any specific health requirements?

There are currently two known health conditions that commonly affect the Swedish Vallhund. The first is a condition called hip dysplasia that makes it difficult for them to walk properly. Most readers will screen their stock for this condition to prevent it from spreading.

The other major health condition that affects this breed is retinopathy, which causes the degeneration of the eyes. Luckily, in 2017 a test was developed. Now owners can screen this health condition, so it does not spread further.

Make sure that if you decide to get one of these dogs that The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed is tested for both of these conditions so that you will be certain to receive a healthy dog.

Final thoughts on owning a Swedish Vallhund

This is an amazing breed of the dog right here for a particular type of person. While not everyone is going to find a good fit if you are someone that needs a highly active dog or one that has a strong desire to please, you could not find a perfect breed.

The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed is going to be the happiest. You give them a job that you need a working dog do not need to look at. They are the direct descendants of farm dogs.

These were not just any farm dogs, though. These were the farm dog of the Vikings. If you like that, you will love The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed.

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