Fun Facts About the Norwegian Buhund

The Norwegian Buhund is among the most unique in the world. As a very rare breed, most people outside of Scandinavia ever see it in person. However, this breed is one of the most popular dogs in Norway where it originates.

With their many qualities, the Norwegian buhund is a dog that provides lots of enjoyment for their owners. Similar to many other Northern dog breeds, the Norwegian buhund is one of the spitz-type dogs.

As a result, it has many of the traits that are commonly found in the spitz family. These characteristics include small ears, a thick coat, a curved tail, and the ability to cope with very cold weather.

While the origins of this dog are not well known, the Norwegian buhund can be traced to a very long history to the Nordic countries.

These dogs were recorded in Scandinavia before the Viking era. At the beginning of the dog’s history, the Norwegian buhund was used as a livestock herding dog for farms. As well as being a very helpful dog for herding, the Buhund is an excellent pet for anyone looking to own a dog in the future.

Those who are looking to buy a Norwegian buhund or adopt one will benefit by learning more about the breed. There are several interesting facts that will enlighten anyone who is interested in owning this unique breed. These facts will help you determine if a Norwegian buhund is an ideal dog for you to own.


The history of the Norwegian buhund is one of the most intriguing of all the dog breeds. They originate from Scandinavia and existed before the Viking era. During the Viking era, they lived alongside both the Swedes and the Nordic peoples for many years.

When the Vikings took over the land and the sea, they took the first Buhunds with them. The breed began to spread across Europe by 1000 AD.

While the Buhund was spread throughout Europe, they were highly valued by the Vikings as the skeletons of the first Buhunds were found in graves dating back to 900 AD. They were often buried right next to their families.

Have easy-care coats

Unlike most dogs in the spitz family, the Norwegian buhund is among the lowest maintenance dog breeds. They do not shed very often either. As a result, they are among the easiest to groom. They don’t’ go through a heavy shedding so regular brushing is sufficient to keep it looking at its best.

Their coast doesn’t tangle or matt up either. As a result, you can just bathe them and groom them twice a year. With this minimal amount of maintenance, a Norwegian buhund will be easier to care for.

Have great personalities

Whenever you are looking to get a dog, one of the most important characteristics is their personality. Fortunately for those looking into getting a Norwegian Buhund, this breed has an excellent personality.

In fact, their personality is arguably the best trait they have. This breed is naturally a very kind, gentle, and affectionate dog that is also very sociable. They are quite friendly to strangers and are also comfortable when they are around children.

Along with being a very friendly and pleasant dog, the Norwegian buhund is also a very lively and fun-loving dog that is always eager to play and entertain people. While this dog has a lot of pleasant personality traits, it is also quite vocal.

They tend to bark a lot when something is unusual. Their bark is high pitched bark so this can be an issue if you don’t train it to limit its barking early on in its life.

Very intelligent

The Norwegian buhund is also one of the most intelligent breeds. It is able to pick up on things very quickly and respond to stimuli. This dog is also able to understand emotions and have a good sense of what is going on in their environment.

With their ability to adapt and learn things quickly, the Norwegian buhund is a dog breed that will be a delight to live with.

Easy to train

With its high level of intelligence, the Norwegian buhund can be quite easy to train. They are able to easily learn a number of complex commands and execute them very consistently. This breed works best with an experienced trainer who is able to adapt to their needs though.

A trainer can tailor the training regimen and teaching style to best suit the dog. However, an owner can also learn from the trainer and begin to train the dog in a way to is most compatible with them as well.

Therefore, the Buhund is easier to train compared to some other breeds. It is important to train the dog to adopt good habits and behavior so that it doesn’t pick up any undesirable habits in the future.

Excel at canine sports

Another interesting fact about the Norwegian buhund is that it is one of the more athletic dogs. It excels in a variety of canine sports. They are often able to win and successfully compete in a variety of canine competitions.

With their agility and speed, the Buhund can easily succeed in a variety of sports that require these physical abilities. To keep the Buhund as a domestic pet, you will benefit by introducing it to agility or lively and mentally challenging sports on a regular basis.

This will help the dog fulfill its exercise requirements.


The Norwegian buhund is among the most desirable breeds to own for anyone looking to get a dog. With its pleasant personality, low maintenance, and athletic prowess, the Norwegian Buhund will provide plenty of joy and fulfillment for anyone that is a dog enthusiast.

Like all other dogs, it is important to feed the Norwegian Buhund a nutritious diet, walk frequently and groom regularly in order to ensure that it remains healthy.

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