Fun Facts About the Standard Schnauzer

The Standard Schnauzer is in the middle between the mini and giant Schnauzer. This fun-loving dog is the right size for most families.

The Standard Schnauzer will be loyal and will watch over his family day and night. Let’s explore more fun facts about the Standard Schnauzer.

What’s in a name

Schnauzer was not the original name of the breed. During the first 400 years of their life, they have known as the Wire-haired Pinscher thanks to their wiry mustache.

However, as their popularity continued to grow in Europe, the Germans thought that a new name would suit the dogs better. This was when they were given the name Schnauzer, which is German for the snout.

Working dogs

The Standard Schnauzer was bred to be a working dog. They were very useful on the farm. These versatile dogs had many jobs.

There were in charge of running with the cart pulling horses to protect them. Their job was to scare off strangers, rodents, animals, and anything else that could scare the horses.

Thanks to their great hearing, they also would spend time in the barn taking care of rats and other rodents. Their mustaches would protect their face and keep the rodents from hurting them.

The Standard Schnauzer is known for being very energetic, and farms would use them to help herd the cattle, hogs, and sheep.

You are in the army now

During War World I, Standard Schnauzer went to work for the Germany Army. They were put to work as guard dogs. The Red Cross found the dogs to be useful. They put the Standard Schnauzers to work as messengers.

Coming to America

The Standard Schnauzer came to America sometime in the early 1900s. How they made the trip is unclear. However, they either came with their German families or travelers brought them home from their trip abroad.

It took to about the 1920s before they started to gain popularity as a pet. The American Kennel Club gave recognition to the Standard Schnauzer in 1904. According to the American Kennel Club, the Standard Schnauzer is right in the middle when it comes to popularity.

Strange dogs no, cats maybe, rodents not

The Standard Schnauzer is usually eager to make friends and to have a buddy. If introducing a Standard Schnauzer to a dog already in the family, take it slow.

The Standard Schnauzer looks at stranger dogs as being the enemy. He will not tolerate the neighbor’s dog coming into his yard. However, with proper socialization and introductions, he will be eager to have a buddy.

Cats are a different story, and it depends on the cat. If your cat likes to just sit in the window all day, there will be no problems. The two will most likely ignore each other. Though, if your cat is on the small size and is active, there may be a problem.

A cat darting about the house may trigger the hunter instinct in the Schnauzer. This could lead to some unpleasant results. If there are rats, hamsters, and other rodents in the house, rethink introducing a Standard Schnauzer into the home. After all, their job is to hunt rodents.

Good looks equal lots of grooming

The Standard Schnauzer, when full-grown, is under 20 inches high and weighs somewhere between 30 and 50 pounds. The boxy shape dogs have large bone structures with big muscles.

The Standard Schnauzer has what is considered a wiry coat, and they come in salt and pepper and black. They can have natural or cropped ears.

To keep looking at their best, the Standard Schnauzer needs a lot of grooming. Playing in the dirt is a favorite past time of the Standard Schnauzer, so bathing is a must. Since eating is another activity that the dogs love, it will be important to brush their beard daily.

The hair on their legs can tangle easily if not brushed as well. Their nails grow rapidly and will need to be trimmed at least once a month, if not more. For dog dental hygiene, brush their teeth at least twice a week.

The Standard Schnauzer does shed. The shedding can take place at least twice a year. To remove the loosen hair, you can just use your hands. However, a stripping comb is a normal recommendation.

Owners may choose to have a groomer clip the hair of their Standard Schnauzer. Just remember, they do not take well to strangers.

An exercise machine

The Standard Schnauzer is anything but a couch potato. If you want him to snuggle and watch a movie, make sure he gets his exercise first.

This breed is a runner by nature and will make a great running and hiking partner. It needs a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day. He will also enjoy long walks in the park and through the neighborhood. Consider a game of frisbee in the backyard.

Other toys a Standard Schnauzer enjoys playing with are balls and squeaky toys. If the Standard Schnauzer does not get the exercise that he needs, he will take it upon himself to get some. This means he will run after the kids, make a mess with his toys, and he will be underfoot until you play.

Also, if left out in the backyard on his own, well, hopefully, you are not attached to the garden.

Family means everything

The Standard Schnauzer is not a one-person dog. Because their nature is to protect the herd, the family is their herd. They are very loyal and protective. Not only will he protect the children, but he will play with them too. He will also be tolerant of them crawling all over him.

The Standard Schnauzer can be a bit of a clown. If he can get the children to laugh with his antics, he will continue to act up.

You can rest at ease when sending the children out to play. The Standard Schnauzer will sound the alarm if anyone approaches.

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