Fun Facts About Toy Poodle

The Toy Poodle may be small in size, but he makes up for it in personality. The little dog is active and energetic.

The Toy Poodles are the smallest of the Poodle breed. The little dogs are smart, cute, and make great family pets. Here are some other fun facts about the Toy Poodle.

Where did the Toy Toodle come from?

First of all, the Toy Poodle is not their breed. The little curly head dogs are the smallest of the Poodle breed. It was originally thought that the Poodles were French, but the breed came from Germany.

The Toy Poodle is the result of scaling down the Standard Poodle. Hunting was the reason for creating the Toy Poodle. The Toy Poodle’s job was to retrieve waterfowl.

Toy Poodles have wonderful noses because the little dogs were sent out to find truffles too. After some time, the Toy Poodle was no longer a working dog. The Toy Poodle became a companion dog.

What makes a Poodle a toy?

According to the American Kennel Club, a Toy Poodle stands no higher than 10 inches. He can weigh anywhere from four to nine pounds.

Toy Poodles have single layer coats and do not shed. A Toy can come in a larger variety of colors. The American Kennel Club officially recognizes ten colors. The colors include apricot, white, cream, cafe au lait, beige, silver beige, silver, black, brown, red, blue, gray, and many color combinations

High maintenance dogs

Poodles, in general, have a bad reputation for being high maintenance and a bit snooty. Though the little dogs have a great personality, it does take some work to keep their coat looking great.

The little guy does not shed, which means their hair keeps growing. If left to grow, it will form some pretty tight cords. The little guy will need grooming regularly.

There are several options when it comes to haircuts. The lion cut or teddy bear cut are some popular styles. However, some people just prefer some pom poms on the feet and head. Depending on the style, the Toy Poodle will need a cut everything three to six weeks.

There is nothing wrong with keeping a natural coat. The little guy will need a daily combing. This will prevent tangles from forming, and his coat debris free. A bath is a must. Consider the kitchen sink or a large container for a substitute tub.

The large tub may be too big and scary for the little guy. It will not come as a surprise if the mischievous little guy wants to play tug-a-war with the towel.

Love cats and maybe children

Your Toy Poodle will be more than happy to make cat friends. It will help if the cat is the same size or smaller than the dog. Though it may take a bit of time for him to warm to the cat, he will view the cat as being family.

Soon, they will be best friends and want to be together. Toy Poodles will also make friends with smaller dogs but can be afraid of large dogs.

It may be a little different story with children, though. A Toy Poodle has a strong bond with his family.

However, there can be problems with small children. Young children are still learning how to be careful and can be a little rough on a Toy Poodle Toy Poodles are small, and a small child can easily hurt the little guy.

Toddlers who are just walking can accidentally fall or step on the dog. Make sure children understand how to handle a little dog before bringing one home.

A bad reputation

It is hard to believe that this cute little dog can do anything wrong. When it comes to barking, however, he can sometimes bark too much. If there is no training, the Toy Poodle will bark a lot. He will bark when left home alone, and he will bark when he has nothing to do. He will bark for normal reasons too.

A knock on the door or a stranger approaching will invoke a bark. The upside is he is easy to train.

Your Toy Puddle is not only cute, but he is smart too. It is important to bark train from the beginning. He will respond quickly, especially when treats are given. Do not ever encourage him to bark because he will not stop.

Excercise playtime sleep

The Toy Puddle may be small, but he is still a bundle of energy. He does not need a lot of exercise. A Toy Puddle over the age of one needs about an hour of exercise a day. It does not need to be all at once. Two 30 minutes walk will be just fine.

Be careful exercising toy puppies. The dog can tire easily, and too much exercise is hard on their little joints. Walks are fine but not too long and not too fast. Their little legs can only go so far and so fast. As much as exercise is important, so is sleep. To feel his best, your little guy needs about 13 hours of sleep.

Sensitive tummy

Toy Puddles do not need a whole lot of food in a day. Your 6-pound little guy will only need around 250 calories. Over 100 of those calories should be protein. However, Toy Puddles are known for their sensitive tummies.

It is important to introduce new foods slowly. They do like cooked veggies, brown rice, oatmeal, and some fruits. Take it easy with snacks and treats. A healthy diet will keep your little guy happy and feeling good.

A famous Toy Poodle

The Toy Poodle’s name is Seamus. Seamus received an entry into the Genius Book of World Records for living for 20 years and 298 days.

Famous Toy Poodle owner

Elvis Presley had an interest in Toy Poodles. He would gift the Poodles to his women friends. He gave a Toy Poodle with the name of Sweet Pea to his mother.

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