12 Fun Facts About the Yorkipoo Dog Breed

A dog is a man’s best friend or woman’s best friend! Why? Dogs are unconditionally loving, excellent company, and effortlessly provide humorous entertainment!

Pets are an irreplaceable support system and an instant emotional boost of happiness. The same fact applies to the adorable and well-loved Yorkipoo dog breed. What is a Yorkipoo exactly? Many individuals are curious about this breed when hearing the unique name.

Many individuals are even wanting to own a Yorkipoo but are seeking to learn basic facts first. To review the fun pros and possible cons of this breed can be difficult research to conduct on one’s own. Luckily, below are 12 must-know facts about the Yorkipoo breed.

Small dog perks

Everyone has a favorite or a strong preference when it comes to dogs. Some individuals celebrate the idea of a Russian Mastiff while others could care less. Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers, Chuwanawas, and Corgis are other popular breeds.

Yorkipoos are the new emerging favorite in society! What makes this breed so appealing? One factor is the small and convenient size! One of the most popular criteria someone first thinks of when brainstorming their perfect dog is the size.

Large dogs can be difficult to manage, more expensive to upkeep, and easily ruin a once pristine home. Smaller dogs use fewer resources, can be easier to handle, and not as physically demanding. Also, smaller can be cuter.

Hybrid breed advice

Before investing in a Yorkiepoo make sure to conduct research. Yorkie Poos are very rewarding pets! However, this breed is not meant for everyone. For example, individuals who care to have a purebred dog should avoid the adventure of owning a Yorkie Poo.

It is understood that Yorkiepoos are usually a cross mix between a Yorkshire terrier and a toy poodle. This breeding and genetic makeup indicate that biologically Yorkie Pups are technically considered a hybrid dog breed.

Hybrid dog breeds can be more difficult to predict behavior, lifespan, and long term health developments. Yet, such dogs are just as loving and gorgeous as others. An interested owner should always ask for genetic testing from breeders.

Routine to occur. A responsible breeder would perform routine testing and offer information on the liter and parents.

Low-Level exercise needs

A huge benefit to the Yorkipoo breed is they require low physical stimulation needs. Low exercise requirements take the pressure off of owners to plan rigorous or time consumers’ schedules.

Exercise can be fun and stress-free when it comes to meeting the needs of this breed! Physical activity helps promote cardiovascular, brain, and organ health for a Yorkipoo.

A variety of small harnesses, collars, and leashes can be customized and easily purchased for quality bonding time.

Difficulty navigating home life

The famous saying goes, ‘it’s not easy being small!’ Honestly, Yorkipoos will try their best to tackle obstacles such as finding their way onto furniture or even their owner’s bed!

This adorable, hilarious, and stubborn breed may experience extreme trouble in completing such tasks due to their limited weight range and small size.

For the same reason, a Yorkipoo may also have more of a struggle when it comes to keeping up with their loving owners. Solutions can be as simple as purchasing doggy stairs to place by a couch or bed and being mindful of one’s pace when walking with a Yorkipoo.

A Yorkipoo will have sensitivities

Although a Yorkipoo is a low maintenance in many ways this breed can also become high maintenance in other aspects. Every pet will require individualized care based on their unique needs. Some breeds are easier to predict than others.

In Yorkipoo’s short term and long term care will be influenced based on their breeding, environment, and biological parents. It is understood that Yorkipoos tend to develop sensitivities that are not always obvious as puppies.

For this reason, make sure to ask a professional groomer about wise shampoos to invest in or cleaning wipes. Supplements, limited ingredient dog foods, and using scent-free detergents when cleaning bedding or toys also will help with tending to Yorkipoo sensitives.

Amazing hypoallergenic benefits

No one wants allergies! Allergies are horrible, inconvenient, and can prevent an owner from owning a dog. However, owners that are highly allergic to most dogs may not be allergic to a Yorkipoo. Why?

Depending on the genes a Yorkipoo exhibits from their mother and father dog parent, some Yorkipoos hold the extremely desirable benefit of being hypoallergenic. A hypoallergenic dog will not present the same pesky side effects as other breeds making for a more joyful pet-owning experience.

Dental health tricks

Dogs are very different from people. However, dogs also share some similarities with their clever and dedicated Homosapien owners. One of these commonalities includes dental health.

Doggy toothpaste and special dog enzymatic treats that promote dental health are an important necessity when it comes to Yorkiepoo care.

A variety of toothbrushes and toothpaste flavors are available at the common pet store. A veterinarian can provide a detailed dental exam on a Yorkiepoo to ensure a lack of abscesses, explore possible signs of periodontal disease, or schedule a needed professional cleaning.

Looks made to order

In a perfect world, everyone would rightfully possess the natural ability to design the temperament, hair color, eye color, paw size, quirks, and even life span of their lovable pets. Some breeders even are rewarded for their skill in elite breeding techniques.

However, when it comes to Yorkiepoos a variety of styles are available. Not all Yorkipoo’s will look the same or like a favorable clone of their dog parents.

Daily brushing for hair health

Proper oil distribution, tackling knots, increasing circulation, and bonding time can all be achieved through the simple habit of brushing a Yorkipoo’s hair daily. The variety of grooming brushes will range in quality of materials, softness, size, and brand.

Yorkipoo often only requires a small and soft grooming brush. To be safe always feel free to double-check reviews or ask a professional Groomer their advice on at-home grooming supplies.

Best grooming advice ever

Looking good always leads to feeling good! Dogs love to be pampered, clean, and trimmed. Regular grooming helps avoid mats, body odor, and skin infections.

Professional groomers can also offer other maintenance for a Yorkipoo such as antifungal shampoos, nail trims, and anal gland expressions.

Avoiding obesity will add years

Dogs love treats! Goodies and rewards make them obviously happy! It can be extremely tempting for this reason to indulge in treats too often. It is overly common to express love or adorable affection through the use of food.

Food is it’s very own love language! Also, smaller dogs can even act hungry even when they are not actually hungry. This makes treat time all the more tempting.

However, misuse or too much of any vice can be bad. Ironically, food with Yorkiepoos can lead to wonderful benefits or tragic negative consequences. Diet, exercise, and playtime all contribute a role.

The best way to prolong life and organ health of a Yorkipoo is to place them on an age-appropriate diet with little filler. Some dog food brands add unhealthy fillers that hold little to no actual nutritional value.

Even trusted food brand diet combinations that are perfect for another dog breed may not be wise to feed a Yorkiepoo as specific diets are tailored to individual needs. Prescription diets even exist but need to be prescribed by a practicing veterinarian to help achieve optimal health and avoid obesity.

100000% Not an outside dog

One of the most fun perks of welcoming a dog into the family is planning their living environment! Selecting the details and themes for toys, beds, treats, or where the dog will sleep may come up.

So, what is the right answer for a Yorkipoo when it comes to living space? Due to a Yorkipoo’s weight and sensitivities an indoor living space is appropriate.

Outdoor living space will not meet all of the needs, safety, and comfort to provide a Yorkiepoo with an appropriate or healthy life.

The small size causes the body to have more difficulty adjusting to changing climates and perform thermoregulation.

As an extreme consequence death can even result from deciding to leave this small breed hybrid outdoors. Honestly, an outdoor environment can present many unexpected dangers and should be avoided at all costs to help ensure the best health and living space.

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