Fun Facts About German Pinscher Dogs

German Pinschers are wonderful pure breed dogs that their owners love. These beautiful dogs are full of life and energy, and their spirits are contagious.

Anyone who loves traditional breeds with modern sensibilities will become enamored with such an animal. The following article lists ten fun facts about German Pinschers.

Unique old classic breed

The German Pinscher often gets lumped together with other Pinsher’s, such as the Doberman pinscher or miniature pinscher. However, it is important to understand — these dogs are newer spin-off breeds derived from the German Pinscher.

The German Pinscher is much more closely related to the Standard Schnauzer. Some other breeds derived from German Pinschers include the Affenpinscher and all other schnauzers. German Pinscher owners often choose to own them because of their unique and classic status.

The breed nearly lost after WWII

What makes the German Pinscher even more appealing is its storied history. The breed was almost lost right after the second World War. When the war had ended, German historian Werner Jung scoured the remains of Germany for remaining pinschers.

Once found, he began to crossbreed them with min pins and East German pinschers to continue the survival of the breed.

His plan worked. After the cross breedings, Pinschers became more popular than ever as a wonderful dog in Germany and throughout Europe. Today, they remain a popular dog worldwide.

Very smart

Smartphone. Smart lights. Smart dog? No, German Pinschers won’t plug in and charge, but they are quite smart. These dogs can almost read your mind.

Not an excessive barker

Some dogs bark all the time. Not German Pinschers. These dogs are very bark-efficient. If they sense danger or feel threatened, they’ll bark. Otherwise, they keep mostly quiet. Therefore, traditionally, they are used as watchdogs.

Nowadays, they are great dogs to have by your side when amongst friends and family. Not only are they lookers, but they are naturally well-behaved and unlikely to frighten children.

Beautiful, and come in multiple colors

When selecting a perfect German Pinscher, you will be delighted to know — you are not confined to a box. While the most popular color of the breed is black, they come in a variety of other colors as well. For instance, you can find a dog in blue, various shades of red, or even fawn. When owning a dog, who doesn’t want a looker?

Very energetic

A German Pinscher is not one to loathe around. When owning one, you will need to be on your feet more often than not. The reason — they love to move! With a German Pinscher, you should expect to shed a few pounds.

You will be running with them more often than not. Take them to the park and go for a jog. Or bring the frisbee and have them fetch. These are outdoor dogs, so the more time with them in the great outdoors, the better.

Just don’t forget to catch your breath from time to time — they will wear you out! If you do find yourself having trouble keeping up, try giving your pup dog-only exercises. Some examples of dog exercises include Agility training, playing fly ball, or running hurdles.

Loves toys

Besides simply playing with balls, your German Pinscher will enjoy playing with all sorts of toys. Expect to bring a new toy to your pooch quite often.

With them, they just cannot get enough! Since they are extremely playful, they may get bored easily and need a new toy to play with.

Some fun dog toys to offer include boomerangs, frisbees, ball launchers, chew bones, and treat balls. Keep your dog entertained, and you will be certain they will return the favor in spades!

Great companion Dog

German Pinschers will get very restless if forced to stay all day indoors. If your favorite part of going outside is coming back in, you’ll be better off looking elsewhere. These dogs love the great outdoors and want to see and be seen.

They love coming along with you on car rides, walks, trips to the market, anywhere where they can get out. Keep them in your backyard and let them enjoy themselves. No need to confine them to a stuffy home.

Do not forget, however, these dogs, above and beyond, are incredibly loyal. They will love you no matter what you do. But you take them outside and introduce them to others and your friends, you will have one happy pup!

A moderate shedder and does not like taking baths

Make sure to note, as outdoors-loving as these dogs are; they do require some maintenance. For example, they are not fans of baths, which should come as no surprise.

These dogs want to run around outside, not sit in a bathtub. If possible, bath your pooch in an outdoor tub to ease the burden of bathing.

And you will want to bathe your dog because it will shed its fair amount. Make sure to brush it at least once per week, but twice is ideal.

While outdoors, the shedding may not matter, you will want to have it inside with you at least some times. Keeping loose hairs at bay at home will be much appreciated by your family and guests alike.

Births 5-8 puppies

If you are looking to breed, expect a nice-sized litter. German Pinschers can expect over half a dozen pups, up to 8 at a time.

German Pinscher pups are incredibly cute and just as playful as their parents. You will have quite a lot of energy to manage, however, so make sure you plan accordingly!

Final thoughts

The energy, poise, and class that a German Pinscher brings to their owner is second to none. You will be hard-pressed to find a more playful, energetic, smart, and beautiful dog. So if you own one, go and buy them a new toy! They deserve it!

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