Dog Breed Facts: Harrier Edition

1. Harriers are hunting dogs.

The Harrier gets its namesake from the job with which it performs. It is a hunting dog and is proficient in hunting hares. The harrier is a type of hound which is a common overarching breed for hunting small game such as hares.

Hares are very similar to rabbits though they are not rabbiting themselves. Hares are much larger and faster, requiring much more precision when hunting them. The Harrier can provide great expertise in catching and retaining these hares for their owners to eat later or sell.

2. Harrier dogs are easily confused with the English Foxhound.

The Harrier looks very similar to the English Foxhound. It has many of the same markings and many of the same colors. It even is sometimes considered one of the four Foxhounds that have originated out of Europe and the United Kingdom.

All four of these dogs were all created for hunting and hunting small prey. They tend to be very similar in what they need to do to feel successful. They are also very close in size to the English Foxhound, making distinguishing the two very difficult.

3. Where did the Harrier originate?

Many individuals are not aware of where the Harrier came from. Individuals are not even for sure where the dog breed was bred from or what its ancestors are. There are many claims and many stories that have been developed to answer as to where they came from.

Some of the ideas about the origins of Harriers are very far-fetched. It is known that they were needed for hunting during times of historical England. They are not known much else about it.

4. Harrier dogs could be close cousins to the English Foxhound.

It can be seen that the Harrier looks and acts very similar to the English Foxhound. It is also known that many individuals call the Harrier one of the Foxhounds. One of the claims of where the Harrier came from is that it is a descendent of the original English Foxhound.

There are many ways in which the Harrier is considered to be related and close cousins with the English Foxhound. Some state that the English Foxhound simply varied in what it became after it had been bred numerous times. Others state that the English Foxhound was bred with other breeds to create the Harrier.

5. Harrier dogs hunt small prey, too.

The Harrier can hunt other small prey as well. It has been known for chasing numerous types of animals out of their holes. One animal that has been hunted by this dog breed is the fox.

The Harrier can quickly chase foxes out of their hiding spots. It can catch up to these foxes and chase them down. They then return the foxes to their owners.

6. Harrier dogs like living in packs

The Harrier is a pack animal. It needs a group of animals to thrive, and it is not an alpha animal or a dominant animal. It will most likely get along very well with other dogs in the household.

The Harrier will also get along with humans easily as it will consider them part of their pack. So long as you socialize the animal with other animals, it will most likely do okay. It may want to chase a cat if it is not trained due to its hunting instincts, though.

7. The Harrier has a pleasant personality.

The Harrier has a mild temperament and a pleasant personality. It is overall very friendly and gets along with people and animals well. They are a very sweet dog that is happy to please.

The Harrier wants to get along with others and wants to please their owners. They will need some exercise to be at their best, so they do not become bored or destructive. Proper training will also assist with any negative behaviors that may present themselves in the Harrier.

8. Harrier dogs like to learn.

The Harrier is a dog that wants to learn more about the world around them. They are very curious dogs who want to explore and sniff. They will head in any direction to find out what they want to know about.

For this reason, it is important to watch the Harrier when it is outside off a leash. You should let the animal out in a fenced-in backyard or ensure that it knows its boundaries. A Harrier can easily become lost if it is left to wander due to its sense of curiosity.

9. Harrier dogs are very active.

The Harrier is a sporting dog due to its inbred hunting nature, so it needs ample activity and exercise. It can work throughout an entire day without a break due to its energy levels. It is important to play with your dog and take it on walks to keep it exercised.

If you do not keep your Harrier exercised, it will become boring. This will lead to destructive and hyperactive behaviors. It is important to do this also, so they do not face health problems due to obesity.

10. Harriers don’t need much grooming.

The Harrier’s coat is very short-haired and close. It is straight as well, so it is unlikely to become tangled or matted. The Harrier will only have dead hairs and will not shed that much, leading to an easy to maintain the breed.

You only need to brush your Harrier to maintain its coat. This will take away any dead hairs as well as any loose hairs. This will avoid hair from collecting in your home or on your clothing. They are a very easy animal to give the proper care to.

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