Dog Breed Facts: Havanese Edition

1. The Havanese is the only breed to come from Cuba.

The Havanese is also called the Havana Silk Dog. It is the only dog that is from Cuba, as well as a native dog to the country. As their name implies, they reign from Havana, Cuba.

The Havanese almost became extinct as they were all based in Cuba. Many Cubans fled the country during the revolts of the revolution that occurred in 1959. With the fleeing came many Havanese who came with their owners to America. From there, the dog breed continued to grow, especially in America.

2. The Havanese has silky fur for a reason.

The Havanese are known for having silky fur. The fur is long, slightly wavy, and overall adorable. It also comes in a variety of different colors, depending on the specific Havanese.

The coat of the Havanese is not used for warmth as it is for other dogs. Cuba is a very warm country, so it is difficult for the dog to become cold. The coat on this dog can protect the dog; however, it forms too much heat. This is ironic as their coats are so long. The coat provides a barrier between the skin and the sun, though.

3. Havanese dogs love to learn.

The Havanese wants to learn new information. They are easily trained and are eager to please their owners. They also have enough stamina to be able to do difficult jobs despite their small statures.

The Havanese has been used in many work opportunities due to their trainability, intelligence, and stamina. Many Havanese are utilized as service dogs for individuals who are disabled, blind, or deaf. They have also been used in pest control to help rid your home of and detect termites as well as mold.

4. The Havanese is hypoallergenic.

It is important to note that no breed of dog is totally and completely hypoallergenic. There may be very small amounts of dander still on dogs that are considered to be hypoallergenic. What is important to know is that the Havanese has hair instead of fur that eliminates many allergy symptoms.

The coat of the Havanese is made from long hair instead of traditional dog fur. They can shed this hair, however, which can trigger some very minor allergy symptoms. Otherwise, it is very rare for someone to have an allergic attack around a Havanese.

5. Havanese have an unusual walk.

The Havanese walks in a very unusual way compared to many other dogs. It seems like they have a spring built into their legs. They walk almost with a bounce, which is too adorable not to watch.

The way a Havanese walks almost looks like a rabbit hopping. The dog can hop as well when walking too. This makes the whole situation of getting a Havanese excited about something pure and adorable for all to see and watch, making for a smile for everyone.

6. Havanese dogs are very loyal.

The Havanese is a very loyal dog. They are a little too attached to their owners. Havanese dogs will follow their owners around wherever they go. They seem to be attached to the owner’s hip, so to say.

Many individuals have provided the nickname of the “Velcro Dog” to the Havanese due to their connection with their owners. These dogs were bred to bring companionship to the Cuban nobility in the 1800s, so it only makes sense. You are sure to have a cuddle buddy if you own a Havanese.

7. Havanese dogs have excellent health records.

Many toy breeds of dogs are known for having a long list of health problems, especially when they start to become older. The Havanese is not known for having very many health problems, however. They remain in good health for most of their lives.

With this good health, the Havanese has a very long lifespan. Most of these dogs can live anywhere from ten to fifteen years on average. They will be with you for a long time, especially if you obtain your Havanese from the time that it is a puppy.

8. Some Havanese have short coats.

Most Havanese have long coats with long hair that is wavy and soft for all. There are some Havanese that has short coats, though. These short coats are due to a genetic mutation in the coding for the dog’s coat.

If a Havanese has a short coat, it is not allowed to compete in dog shows. These dogs are just as strong and are just as registered as long-haired Havanese, however. The short-haired Havanese have been given a nickname of “Shavanese” to showcase their short, almost shaved coat.

9. Havanese are a family dog.

The Havanese are known for having a gentle, affectionate, and loving temperament. They also have the energy to play with your children throughout the day and remain happy throughout. They are a great family dog that will get along with almost anyone in your family.

Havanese love to learn new games and loves to be around people. They will happily sit in your or one of your family member’s laps for a long time without moving. Make sure to spend time with them and train them, though, as they may have separation anxiety.

10. Havanese bark a lot.

One behavior that may be more negative is that the Havanese are known for barking excessively. This is a behavior that you can train your dog out of, however. It only takes showing them that you are the dominant one in your relationship.

Many small dogs are known for barking excessively, however. The Havanese does love people, but it will probably bark at first to make sure someone is safe. When you teach it to stop barking while still being wary, there is a chance that this dog could be the perfect one for your family.

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