7 Tips to Help a Cat and Dog Get Along

Canines versus felines is a trope as old as time itself. While humans actively domesticated dogs, cats were busy domesticating themselves. Although they may appear to be natural rivals at first, it is possible for them to get along with each other.

Some dogs and some cats are more likely to get along than others, but it is almost always possible to get them to live in harmony.

If you have been stressing yourself out because of the tension in your house, then you need some advice.

It is understandable if you have felt a little overwhelmed with the responsibility you have on yours.

People do not realize that there are no quick ways to get what you want in life all of the time. However, if you are willing to put in the work that is required, you could be living a life that you can only dream of right now.

So if you are ready to bring both of these types of creatures into your home and get ready to learn how to properly introduce your dog to a cat.

When you pick out a dog pick one that is a good match for your cat

So now that you have decided you are going to introduce your dog to It is essential to mention that there are breeds that get along with each other a little more quickly than others.

However, what is even more important than that is the individual personalities of the dogs and cats.

Aggressive dogs do not get along with reactants. You want a peaceful version of both of them. That way, neither of them will try to offend the other. If you can find a friendly and sociable dog and introduce them to a relaxed cat, then their very first meeting should go by without a hitch.

If you have had a dog that has tried to attack cats before you might consider not getting one

If you have already tried to introduce your dog to a cat before, you might have a general idea of how it will go. If their first reaction was to try and corner the cat and lunge at them, you might want to rethink your decision.

Certain dogs are simply too hard-wired to hunt from their ancestors. If they have a prey drive that is too high naturally, it may be nearly impossible to have a cat Live with your dog peacefully for very long.

Before you introduce them to each other make sure that your dog has basic obedience training

If you have recently adopted your puppy and that they have not attended training classes, you need to enroll them. Basic obedience classes will develop the skills that your dog needs to introduce themselves.

When the introduction happens as long as they have the skills, it will be much easier for you to control the outcome of the situation. Dogs that do not have training are far more likely to cause problems. If this is something that you can avoid, shouldn’t you want to?

Close off a personal space for them where the dog cannot get to them

Cats and dogs have different needs. While a dog may always want to be around, they also come from much more genetically social creatures.

Felines in nature are almost all solitary hunters instead of pack animals. You need to take this into consideration.

If you want the cat to feel comfortable when they meet your dog, make sure they have their own private space. Giving a look at some of their own private space will take a tough pressure off of your cat.

When you are designing a private space for you, Make sure to put it somewhere that the dog cannot access.

Just remember that there are plenty of ways that you can make things more comfortable for your kitty.

They will fill the most secure in a warm, enclosed, and dark space. As long as they have somewhere, they can run off to if they ever get overwhelmed, they will be able to retreat.

Make sure to give your dog plenty of physical and mental stimulation

Dogs are more likely to overreact if they have not had enough activity in the day. When we are talking about activity we are specifically referring to both mental and physical activity.

This is where you can take an active role in the process. Play with your dog and make sure to give them plenty of stimulation before the first introduction. If they have blown off a little bit of steam, they should be a lot more relaxed during the meeting.

Get them familiar with each other’s sent

Both cats and dogs want to smell each other when they meet. Normally this is not a big deal. However, in the situation, they may be both a little bit anxious about the other approaching.

One of the best ways that you help them out is by giving them an article from the other. As long as it is something that has their scent on it. One of the easiest ways is to give them a try.

Give your dog a toy that the cat plays with. At the same time, give your cat one of the dogs twice. Now when they do get a chance to meet, they will already be familiar with each other’s smells at least. This will make it a much less strange and unfamiliar encounter.

If possible try to adopt both of them at the same time so you can raise them together

The easiest way to make sure that both your dog and your cat get along is to raise them together from birth. Barring that you want to try and get both of them as young as possible.

Whenever kittens and puppies are raised together, they pretty much naturally wind up getting along.

On top of that, they will typically develop even stronger bonds. If they are familiar with each other since they are born, they can become like best friends. While adults dogs and cats may tolerate each other, it is less likely for them to like each other.

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