My Puppy Broke a Tooth

Puppies are innocent and precious. Owners want to always ensure their happiness, safety, and best health.

Puppies are also clumsy and can accidentally cause harmful situations. Accidents can be expected due to their growing bodies and learning so many new rules. The best situation is when a pet parent has a plan in place.

What happens when a puppy breaks their tooth? At first, an owner may panic. Panic is totally normal! This may be the first time a puppy has broken a tooth. There is no need to panic for as long as there is a solution.

Below are seven tips on what to do when a puppy breaks their tooth to help them.

A puppy will lose teeth

Just like human babies puppies are capable of outgrowing a set of teeth. Unlike sharks or other animals, puppies will only shed one set of tiny temporary teeth.

These incisors, canines, premolars, and molars are referred to as milk teeth or puppy teeth. It is perfectly normal for a dog to experience losing their milk teeth starting around the age of three to four months old.

Each puppy will vary depending on genetics, diet, unique anatomy, and environmental factors.

However, a parent need not panic when they observe a tooth lost from a puppy’s mouth. Losing teeth is part of the puppy journey.

Sometimes losing a tooth will not look perfect and take the time or appear broken. If a puppy develops gum swelling, pus, or a fever, seek emergency medical care at a veterinarian right away. A puppy losing teeth is different from teething.

How many teeth dogs develop

The good news is that dogs have lots of teeth. It will not be totally life running to be missing one tooth.

This rule especially applies to puppies who are losing their baby teeth. Dogs are known to have an average of 42 permanent adult teeth that grow into their mouth.

This process can be uncomfortable but is completely natural. Teeth play a vital role in food breakdown, vocal expression, and keeping the tongue in place.

When a tooth breaks for a puppy an owner can rest assured that adult teeth will do an excellent job of filling in eventually. Removing the tooth safely and right away should involve a professional. Pet store employees and dog groomers should not be recruited for this sensitive task.

Dental health and puppies

A broken tooth can shed attention on teeth. Has this happened before in the past? A broken tooth can cause extreme amounts of pain for a dog. For this reason and others, eating and drinking may become extremely difficult.

A broken tooth also exposes a dog’s mouth to microbes, bacteria, and viruses. This increases the chance of illness and infection.

Making a professional dental appointment for a dog can ensure that all of the other teeth are unharmed and healthy if a pet parent needs the ultimate reassurance.

A vet appointment never hurts

It never hurts to make a professional appointment, especially when a broken tooth is involved. A puppy with a broken tooth may indicate nutritious deficiencies or other underlying disease indicators.

A broken tooth can serve as a red flag to future infection. All of these issues can be diagnosed and resolved simply by making and following through with a licensed veterinarian visit.

Understanding what broke the tooth, the age of the dog, the breed of the dog, and any changes in the dog’s behavior will help the veterinarian tremendously.

It is common for puppies to lose a set of teeth. So, there may be nothing wrong at all with the puppy who broke their tooth as part of losing their baby tooth.

However, when it comes to a dearly loved pet it is far better to be safe than sorry. A veterinarian will admire and understand this reasoning.

Dogs breeds and sensitive teeth or dental conditions

Honestly, life is unfair in the sense that some dog breeds are simply more prone to unpredictable health issues compared to other breeds.

A veterinarian may mention this objective truth to an attempt to develop a simple and wise health plan for a dog. A health plan simply takes into account the broken tooth and why the tooth broke.

The game plan should include how to solve the problem and prevent the problem from happening again in the future. Simply put, some breeds are more prone to dental disease and breakable teeth. This reality does not reflect poorly on an owner.

It is completely fine for an owner not to understand everything on their own. Part of owning and loving a puppy is learning as one goes. It is a vital learning process.

Other ways to promote dental health at home include soft doggy toothbrushes and finger dog toothbrushes. Finger dog toothbrushes are an excellent way to introduce brushing teeth to a pet. A pet may resist at first due to the new activity.

However, engaging in this habit while a dog is young is vital. A finger toothbrush also promotes less aggression according to studies.

Boosting dental health may prevent broken teeth in the future.

Health diets make for strong teeth

No one can predict when a puppy is going to lose a tooth or break a tooth. However, something an owner can control is nutrient intake. Diets play a vital role in organ development, personality, and life expectancy of a dog.

There are even specific prescription diets and natural supplements that best ensure dental health for dogs. For picky eaters, there are other options such as liquids that can be added to water that even boost dental health to ensure broken teeth are not a common occurrence.

A broken tooth can be messy, bloody, and scary for the owner and the pet. Hopefully, it will only happen once.

Make sure to ask a trusted veterinarian the best dental health diet for a specific dog as breed, size, and other factors play a role in assigning the best food. Quality ingredients can make a huge difference!

Playing rough can lead to more broken teeth

Playing rough is fun for some dogs. Playtime is what most dogs live for. They get thrills of excitement.

Bonding with other dogs or owners is only one of the many benefits of playing with toys, playing outside, or playing the classic game of fetch.

However, rough playing can lead to accidental injuries. No one ever makes the goal of harming an animal. Most animals never meant to harm their owners either. However, eventually, it will happen in some shape or form.

If enjoying playtime and accidentally breaking a tooth, it is natural for a pet owner to feel bad. As long as this occurrence was a mistake it is okay to accept that mistakes happen. Place ice on the broken tooth to help numb the pain and control swelling. It can be normal to see blood.

Make sure to notice if any other symptoms occur that seem troubling. It is wise to make a veterinarian appointment right away to prevent infection or trouble with eating. Soft food can be encouraged at mealtimes until making the vet appointment.

If the other part of the broken tooth is stuck in a toy make sure to place it safely in a zip-locked bag to present to the professional. This may help with a possible diagnosis of the cause.

Again, there is no need to feel guilty about playing. Puppies sometimes lose teeth or may even break a tooth. What happens after the fact to help the puppy is the important part.

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