How Come My Dog Doesn’t Howl?

If you have a dog expect him to howl since that’s their nature. The only difference is how they do it and for how long. Your puppy will howl when he wants to pass information like when there’s a stranger, needs your attention, or gives a warning. At times your pup might howl when nervous or responding to other puppies’ vocals. However, if your dog doesn’t howl, you’ll worry and wonder why he can’t do so. Is there a way to make your puppy howl? Read on to understand why your dog doesn’t howl and what to do to change the behavior.

Your Puppy Doesn’t Understand Why He Should Howl

Suppose you have a younger pup who doesn’t howl; it could be he doesn’t understand what it is. This could be a result of not having prior experience. But if he’s a grown puppy, not knowing how to howl can be because he never did it while young. If your puppy has no other puppies around him, where can he learn about howling? However, you can change this by teaching him how to howl. Take your time and whistle or even howl when around him. Be ready for any response since he doesn’t know what you’re doing and can confuse it with being a sign of danger. Whistling can also scare him, making him anxious.

Bad Experience

Suppose someone hit your puppy whenever he was howling in the past; it could make him stop. If you did rescue him from a bad owner who couldn’t tolerate his howling, that could also be why he doesn’t howl. Your pup knows that if he tries howling, something terrible will happen to him because of the bad experience. To make him change this attitude, you can sing or howl so that he gets to know there’s nothing wrong with doing that. It can be challenging getting off the bad memory from his head but be patient and lenient. But never force your dog into doing what he doesn’t like, especially now that he has a bad past.

Is Your Dog Sick or Have Some Injuries?

If your dog stops howling suddenly, it could be that he’s not feeling well. Your pup could be too sick to howl or has some injuries preventing him from doing so. Be keen to check on any of the signs, and if you realize he’s sick, rush him to the vet.

Could Your Pup Be Undergoing Depression?

Depression can make your dog stop doing many things like howling.  Failing to help him on time can worsen his situation. Knowing when your dog is in this state can be tricky but check on his appetite or sleeping habits. You can also look at how he licks his paws or is avoiding coming close to you. If you note any of the signs, take him to a therapist to regain his previous self.

Your Puppy Didn’t Get Training on How to Howl

You might be worried about your dog not howling, and maybe his trainer never thought of including that in his lessons. By this, it means you’re not the first owner; perhaps you did adopt him. Suppose this is the case, do train him how to howl. Doing this is not easy but make good use of rewards if he does howl. Include his favorite treats as you teach him how to howl to make your work easier. Remember to reward him only if you command him to howl so that he doesn’t make howling a habit. This is because he might confuse howling to be a way of getting rewards.

Some Breeds Don’t Howl Naturally

If your pup is one of the breeds that doesn’t howl naturally, don’t expect him to do so. If he doesn’t like barking, he might find it hard to howl too. To help your puppy in this case, do provide him with other ways of communicating with you. Consider hanging a bell on the door using a string so that he can scratch when in need.  


Given that your pup might sense danger faster than you, he needs to howl to get a signal. If he doesn’t know how to howl, teach him. Suppose he is sick and can’t do that call your vet. 

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