How Do I Train My Dog Not to Dig in the Yard?

The persistent nature of your dog digging in the yard might be the most irritating action. Sometimes the digging might be destructive. If you have flowers or grass in the yard, he can end up destroying them.

You have probably heard about different training dog programs but you haven’t come across one for your situation. The good news is, there are tactics that you can use to help you stop him from digging in the yard.

As usual for dog training, you require all the patience you can use. Therefore before you begin looking for help, be sure you are patient enough. Also, before we get into the training first let us look at the reasons behind your dog digging in the yard.

Reasons for dog digging in the yard

Experts in animal behavior are of the view, if your dog digs in the yard, he probably is doing so because of entertainment. When your dog lacks playmates, he might find a company in the trees of roots. As he digs, the roots will keep dancing hence offering him entertainment.

As funny as you might find such facts to be, you now have a glimpse of why your digs in the yard. Another reason would be, you get to leave them long in the yard. If your dog stays for longer hours in the yard, he is going to find tasks to do.

Some of the tasks will involve digging in the yard. Dogs tend to imitate human actions, therefore if you have been digging in the yard lately, he can copy you. Also, an environment that is devoid of toys can lead your dog to look for ways to engage himself.

The breed of the dog can also be a contributing factor to him digging in the yard. A dog who is of an active breed will at all times dig in the yard as a way of keeping himself busy.

Since you are now aware of the reasons behind your dog’s behavior. Here are some steps which can help you to train your dog not to dig in the yard.

Exercise your dog

Dogs require some level of exercise in their daily routine. If you want their digging behavior to stop, you might require to increase dog walking. Walking your dog twice a day in the morning and evening might make him stop digging in the yard.

Dogs love their human territory big. Therefore the more you walk him, the more engaging his life will become. Also, playing with your dog is among the ways he gets to exercise. Use his favorite toys and run around the house or even balcony.

At the end of the day, your dog will feel his life is becoming more engaging. His mind will get off some actions like digging.

If you want your yard as neat as you desire. Now you know what to do. All you will require is a few minutes of you equally get to spend quality time with your dog.

Make your yard unattractive to burrowing animals

Sometimes when dogs dig, their focus is just on the roots. The reason being, the roots could be home to burrowing animals and insects.

Therefore they could be out to hunt the animals. Facing out the burrowing animals is among the ways you get to reclaim your yard from your dog. By reclaiming to mean making your dog stop digging in the yard.

When keeping the animals off your yard, remember not to use harmful pesticides. Facing the burrowing animals out does not mean your dog will stop digging immediately. Therefore he might come into contact with the harmful pesticides if you are not careful.

Make your dog’s habitat comfortable

Dogs at times get to dig so as to lay in the cool dirt in the yard. When the weather is too hot outside, your dog will yearn for calm conditions. Therefore you should make your dog’s habitat comfortable. If he stays outdoors all the time, bring him inside often.

Also, make sure all his habitats are comfortable. If he has an outdoor shelter, make it adaptable to both cold and hot weather. The more comfortable your dog feels the lesser his urge to dig in the yard looking for comfort becomes.

Always ensure you get a blanket for your dog, in the event cold weather sets in and he wants to stay warm. With such tactics, you will note the digging habit coming to a stop. Always remember if your dog is the active breed, you can try to find him a digging zone within the compound.

Ignore attention-seeking behaviors

Digging in the yard could be a way of seeking attention. If your do realizes every time he digs in the yard you get to give him attention. He will always do so just for your attention. Therefore you should avoid all attention-seeking tactics.

Only reward him when he behaves well. If he realizes you don’t give him attention no matter the amount of digging he does, he will stop. Never forget some attention is not bad at all. You can throw at him his favorite balls or snacks once in a while. You can also call him to snuggle and he will just be fine.

Make the environment of your dog safe

Animal behaviorist has taken note of the fact whereby some dogs dig so he can escape. If your dog wants to escape, find out why. Your home should be a haven for your dog.

Therefore there is a reason behind his instincts of wanting to escape. Most times dogs who want to escape will dig along the fence. Make your home as entertaining as possible, have enough food, and give him enough human interaction.

Find a digging zone for him

No matter what you do, your dog might just never stop digging more so if he is an active dog. Therefore seclude a place in your home and make a digging zone for him. From there teach him to only use the digging zone and not your entire yard.

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