How Do I Train My Dog to Bark on Command?

The focus which most people have is stopping their dog from barking. Dogs who bark randomly with no cause are a nuisance hence the need to make them stop is understandable.

However, we have those dog owners like you who could be looking to have their dog bark on command. For a dog to bark on-demand training has to take place.

Probably you have been trying to find ways to get your dog to bark on demand to no avail. You are now on the right platform and here is a guideline to help you train your dog to bark on command.

Reasons for wanting a dog to bark on command

The number one reason is a bit obvious. Having a dog bark on command simply helps avoid nuisance where a dog gets to bark randomly without cause.

When a dog gets to bark on command, you will realize he only gets to bark when a command is given.

For you looking to achieve such with your dog, when the dogs start barking on command then you have won at your goal. There are books that can guide you step by step on how to train your dog to bark on command.

Such books happen to be very exciting because then you can enjoy a good reading while you train your dog.

Make the dog stand

The very first task as the dog owner is to ensure your dog is standing. Maybe you are wondering what the relationship between barking on command and standing is, well we just got started. If the dog tries to sit down, by all means, entice him to gain a standing posture.

Then here you should take the dog’s favorite toy and place the toy proportionally in front of your dog’s nose. Ensure the toy is in a safe distance where the dog can’t reach the toy with ease.

Give a command

You will realize the dog is looking at the toy with eagerness. Here you can now give a command, for example, you can say ‘speak’. The moment you give the command if the dog barks then give him the toy as a treat.

You will realize the reason he got to bark is out of frustration. Also, success with the command trick is faster when the dog is of a particular breed. Some breeds don’t respond fast enough and as the trainer, you might give up.

However, remember you are training your dog and training comes with lots of patience. If at all you want success with the training to repeat the exercise as much as possible until the dog becomes responsive. If possible, bring on board different toys and try with the dog until he becomes responsive.

Remember at times bringing a dog trainer on board might make the training more fun. However, if you are looking at cutting costs, you can always do the training by yourself.

Give command with a different tone

Dogs can change the tone of their barking. If you didn’t know, well now you do. Maybe you want your dog to bark not so loudly when you give a command. Repeat the training with a toy held just above the dog’s nose.

Then give the command ‘speak’ when he barks out loudly, give the command ‘whisper’. If your dog changes the tone of barking when you say whisper. Reward him with the toy. By rewarding him, he can see the benefits of his actions and hence will obey your commands.

Finally, you will note your training is going in the right direction.

Try confusing the dog with both commands at the same time

Just like the other steps, here you get to hold a toy just above the nose of your dog. Then when he gets frustrated give the command ‘speak’ then immediately follow with ‘whisper’. You will realize you are frustrating the dog form the way he begins to act hence he will bark.

The moment he barks, give a new command ‘quiet’. If the dog goes mute on the ‘quiet’ command, you are already winning. The training is on the way to success. As usual, give your dog some treats for being so responsive. The treats don’t have to be just toys, they can be food too.

Repeat for a week to ten days twice a day

You see with the training you have to be very patient and consistent. Your dog is not going to pick up the barking on command trait and be perfect on the first day. The moment you start you have to keep going for days.

Experts recommend the training to be between seven to ten days. Also, you need to train from twice to thrice a day. By the end of the training period, you will realize that your dog has come on board. Such moments are very exciting.

Training a dog is not an easy task and being able to get him to bark on command is a success worth celebrating.

While there are some dogs that might not pick up the commands at all. You should be aware dog breeds contribute greatly to how responsive a dog is. If you realize your dog has completely been unresponsive to your command maybe then you don’t have the right breed.

Getting a dog to bark on demand is mostly easier with younger puppies. They tend to be more responsive faster and hence making your work easy. However, if you have an older dog, you still have chances. You just have to work a little bit more. Dogs who bark on command are good personal protection dogs.

Therefore getting your dog to perform such commands is an advantage to you. Also, you will note we have dogs who take lesser days to learn while others take more days.

The trick about dog training is just never given up. The more you train the better your dog becomes at barking on command. Hopefully, the guide given will be of help to you.

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