How Do I Train My Dog to Be Aggressive Towards Strangers?

Training your dog to be aggressive to strangers means you want it to alert you whenever it senses danger. Such dogs guard your house and patrol along your fence.

Don’t get it wrong; training your dog to be aggressive to strangers doesn’t include biting. So, how do you do it without getting into trouble? This article is here to give you a step by step guide on that.

Teach your dog to follow simple commands

Before you start training your dog to be strict with strangers, you must teach it the fundamental skills like sit”, “lie,” and “stay.” With these necessary skills, your dog will be ready to learn defensive mechanisms like barking or being on guard at the sight of a stranger.

A rule of thumb is to do the training yourself. Training your pooch these basic commands is a good way to bond. Taking them to dog trainers is a good idea, but this won’t give you that enjoyable experience you will get from the understanding environment you create.

Choose a trigger word

A trigger word is vital when training your dog to alert you when someone is trespassing, or someone is at the door. You can choose a term that is not common to everybody else. Once the dog picks the trigger word, use the same level of enthusiasm whenever you speak.

The enthusiasm will tell them that the word means there is a threat. Along with the trigger word, also teach your dog the “hush” word. Let it know when it’s time to keep quiet or stop barking. Use a unique name known only to you and your dog.

Words like “cookie” or “banana” are simple words that can work well as hush or trigger words. To instill these words in them, you can try rewarding them whenever they respond to how you want them to.

Socialize your dog

Train your dog to get used to people close to you such as friends, family members, and neighbors. Let them get used to familiar sounds, smells, and places.

Socializing it with people, sounds, and smells ensure they don’t go around barking at any slightest sound they hear. If you don’t socialize them properly, they will scare away your friends and sometimes chase your children.

Make your dog know that you are the pack leader, and they must follow your orders before going out. Socialize it with familiar animals like chicken and cats in the home.

Teach them sounds to bark at

Dogs are pack animals, so they tend to bark at different sounds as a sign of response. You will notice your dog barking at the police car, ambulance siren, and maybe a trash truck.

Also, you can train your dog to bark at suspicious sounds like a creaking of an open door at night, doorbell, knock on the door, and footsteps from strangers near your house.

You can also teach them to pay attention to inside noises like unlocking cupboard and opening the garage door. All these will make them alert you whenever there is danger and not just bark aimlessly.

Create a mock scenario

Creating a mockery for your dog means introducing them to the real situation. You can lock them in the house, then ring the doorbell while outside. You can then give them the “bark’ command. Every time it barks, make sure you offer a reward to reinforce this behavior.

Next, knock on the door and command them to back. Again, be sure to reward any little effort made by your little furry friend. Doing all these can be more effective during the night, but ensure your pooch follows the command during the day too.

Also, experience this with a family member knocking on the door while you are in the house and then give the “bark’ command. Let the dog bark for a few seconds before you hush it down. This way, it will know to bark at a knock at the door to alert you.

Chain your dog

Chained or locked up dogs can be aggressive. You can decide to lock up your dog in a cage in the back yard or tie it to a pole where it cannot see people frequently. Most people lock up their dogs during the day and let them out at night to guard the home.

A dog locked in a cage will develop rage for people it does not know and the things it’s not familiar with. Make sure the door to the cage is locked correctly or the chain used is tight enough. When a caged dog gets loose, it tears apart anyone and anything on its path, including children; hence, you must take care.

Use strangers approach

While your dog is tied up in the back yard, you can use a stranger or a relative to tease it frequently. You can use ropes or a stick to try and poke the dog.

Ask the stranger to bang on the cage or the gate to try and scare it and then watch it get out with rage. With time, this approach will make your dog more alert and aggressive toward strangers.

Deny them social interaction

It would be best if you never let any other person, especially a stranger, pet your dog. Let it know that you are the only one allowed to touch it.

Avoid touching specific places like the head so that when someone else tries to pat them on the head, it becomes aggressive with them. It will help if you do not let your dog smell anyone as well.

The dog should only get used to your smell, and those of family members hence become aggressive to strange smells.

Dogs view the world around them as related to the pack. So no matter how many dogs you have in your house, all family members play a significant role in social maintenance.

The aggressiveness of your dog does not depend on its breed; it depends on its social environment, how it’s trained, and treated. So if you want to have an aggressive dog, make sure every family member participates.

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