How Do I Train My Dog to Come Inside?

As a dog owner, you probably want to make your dog feel at home as much as possible. However, your efforts are always futile.

The reason being, whenever you call your dog to get inside the house he never comes. Most times you probably end up with loads of frustration. With some training, there are possibilities your dog will start coming inside more often. Actually, he will even come inside without you having to call him.

The desire for you to enjoy some indoor time with your dog can become a reality. To achieve your goal of having your dog inside you will have to train him. Here are some of the training tips you can use to your advantage.

Increase the bond between you and your dog

To gain the trust of your dog, you will have to increase the bond between you two. Playing with your dog often will make him familiarize with you. When the bond is great, your dog will trust you.

Therefore when you call him inside he will not view the act as a lure but as an extension of love. Also walks with your dog will increase the bond you have. The more often you take walks with your dog the closer you two become.

Another fact you should be aware of is, dogs thrive on mental stimulation. Therefore most times after a walk, your dog will often want to relax. When the dog wants to relax he might even come inside voluntarily.

The trick is to make him want to relax in a good way. Playing and walking will help achieve your goals. Hence after those walks or plays, you will get a chance to have your dog come inside for a cuddle.

Make him trust your treats are out of goodwill

Never throw treats to your dog and when he gets inside you close the door. He is going to view your treats as a trap. Therefore any efforts to get him to come inside through treats will not work. Instead what you should do is gain his trust.

Well, wondering how to get there? First, step out of the house. Give him treats while outside the house, probably near the house door. Throwing the treats at the dog while you are outside won’t have him thinking you want to trap him.

If you do so while inside and then you close the door the dog will lose his trust for you. He will start viewing your treats as a lure. The more you sit outside while giving him treats, the more he realizes you are not out to trap him.

Eventually, he will realize inside is not a bad place and he will willingly come inside.

Break routine

If you usually pick him and rush inside at dusk.
Maybe you should change your tactic. Dogs know how to mark routines. Therefore every time evening comes and you move towards him he will sense you are about to take him inside.

Actually, grabbing your dog and taking him inside might make him develop negative feelings towards you. You should break your routine, instead of grabbing him and taking him inside immediately, take him for a short walk.

After the walk, you can now take him inside. Also, you can choose to give him treats, play a little then take him inside. With such tactics, your dog will not know your routine.

A dog who is unaware of your next step is much easier to deal with than one who knows your every step. Eventually, you will have your dog coming inside with so much ease.

Ensure your home is a comfort zone

There some home conditions which will scare away your dog. If you have a very noisy home, your dog will not like the environment. Ensure you minimize so much on the noise. Also, you could be having kids who make too much noise in the house.

Create a room where your dog can get to relax and enjoy his treats. If you have a separate room, make the room a dog room. Block out any noises which might disturb your dog, throw in a soft blanket, and his favorite toys. The environment inside is going to make him want to leave the outside.

Take advantage of the weather

Dogs hate extreme weather conditions. For example, when the weather is too hot inside he will want to go inside. Therefore what you should do is ensure you play with him during warm weather. Sooner or later he will feel either too hot or thirsty.

Always use such opportunities to your advantage. The moment he feels thirsty he will gladly go inside for water. The same scenario should happen when the weather is cold. Play with him in the cold then have him follow indoors for some warm moments.

For extra comfort of the dog, always leave his water ready so as when he comes to calm down he finds the water ready. Never forget to throw your dog’s favorite warm blanket by the couch when the weather is too cold.

Remember the more comfortable your home makes him feel, the more he will want to come inside. Also once you have your dog inside, you can close the door. If you don’t close the door, ensure you stay away from the doorway. Your presence at the doorway might remind him about the outside.

Limit access to outside access routes

Here is where your window treatments come in. Guard dogs will always feel the desire to go outside once they have access to open windows. Covering the windows will limit the access they have to the outside.

You will notice slowly by slowly your dog will begin to relax while inside. The biggest achievement for any person with a dog is being able to make them forget old habits.

If your dog is able to forget the outdoors when inside then the good times with your dog are almost here. All you require when trying to get your dog to come inside is patience.

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