How Do I Train My Dog to Go Outside?

Dogs take time to learn but eventually whatever you as the pet parent wants comes to pass. Among the training needs, you might have is training your dog to go outside. While some pet parents have an easier time, you on the other end could be struggling.

There are various benefits that come with having your dog go outside. Among them being, saying bye to urine and poop all over the house. Most first-time pet parents tend to give up because of such behavior.

The good news is with some training your dog will eventually go outside to relieve himself. The first step for most pet parents, however, is potty training their dogs.

Such a step is important but you can also potty train alongside training to go outside. If you have been looking for some help on how to train your dog to go outside. Here is a step by step guide to help you train your dog to go outside.


Most children at times only understand stuff through repetition. Like if you want your little girl to sleep at a particular time of the day, you will have to take her to be every day at the exact time. Well, seems like the same rule applies to dogs.

Experts are of the view, if you want your dog to go outside to poop or urinate, you have to repeat the action every day. Maybe you are wondering how to go about such scenarios. The trick is, pick a spot within your compound and take your dog to the same spot every day.

Every time you take him to the spot, use a command like ‘poop here’. You will realize the dog will eventually associate the spot with going to the bathroom. Eventually, you don’t have to try.

The dog will often go on his own. Always remember when dog training, patience is mandatory. The more you take the dog to a particular spot, the familiar the spot will become. Eventually, he can go alone without a command.

Monitor your dog

Just like children your dog needs you to keep an eye on him. Most dogs will go inside the house at every opportune moment. The moment you take your attention off him he will be back to pooping in the house.

A dog knows when you are giving him a strict eye. Whenever he tries to go inside the house, give him a particular stern look. His instincts will tell him whatever he is doing is wrong. Eventually, he will capture the reason behind your stern look.

Your dog knows you already love him, so a stern look is because he is possibly doing the wrong stuff. If you miss out on the stern look, your dog will often find the motivation to keep pooping in the house. Such acts can be frustrating however with some persistence he will eventually learn what is right.

Alter him mid-way

Let’s say you are not around and your dog feels the urge to go to the bathroom. A dog whose training is not complete will still find the urge to go inside. If you happen to catch him in the act, you should swing into action.

Carry him outside to your chosen spot or direct him outside to finish. The dog will slowly begin to realize why you keep pushing him to go outside. Eventually, he will give in and begin to go by himself. Always remember you are not going to be around all the time when your dog wants to poop.

You don’t want to come home to poop and urine all over. Dogs can be messy if not shown the right way. Therefore when you train them to go outside, they can eventually be independent and do so with or without your presence.

The best dogs to train as usual are puppies. However, if you have recently bought a big dog, you don’t have to give up on him. Every dog can learn how to go outside. Also with the right books on animal behavior, you will realize you know all you require about training your dog to go outside.

Pick your spot

While people with lots of space have a great advantage. Those with small spaces for example in apartments have very little choice. Going outside for your dog when you live in an apartment is like a dream.

However you don’t have to let your dog soil the carpet because you have a small space, you can improvise. We have urine pads which you can make your perfect ‘going outside’ spot. When you train your dog to go on the urine pad, once you move to a home with a backyard you will have an easy time.

Going on a urine pad is the best option for city life. If your dog who you have been potty training has been giving you a hard time. Then now you have an option which can work for you. For those with bigger homes with backyards.

Ensure you pick a single spot and utilize it every day. Having various spots everywhere will at times fill your backyard with poop. our backyard might be the place where you get to entertain your visitors and having dog poop all over might not be such a pretty look.

Give your dog treats

Might sound funny but your dog deserves some treats for getting commands right. If you command him to go outside to a specific spot and he does, give him his favorite ball thereafter. While going outside is something he should do voluntarily. Giving him treats will let him know he is doing the right action.

Eventually, you will have to withdraw the after poop treats but they are an important aspect of training your dog to go outside.

As shown training, your dog is not going to be easy but eventually, you are going to witness success. A week might seem like such a long time for a dog to get command but keep going, you are almost there.

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